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Days: Here comes the next supercouple

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OMG Max and Morgan are so cute together and have amazing chemistry together. I am now on the M&M Bandwagon but that doesn't mean i don't like stephanie because i do. I love Stephanie, i want her to stay single until she finds the right guy for her and i am hoping Sheffer explores a philip and stephanie pairing, it would be fun.

Main, i am so loving Morgan Hollingsworth, so far she is a great character. She is the second best character sheffer brought on next to Nick Fallon. I hope Days keep Morgan and dump Jett Carver. Morgan has alot of depth and i like it. She is sweet, caring and many more good stuff, she can be a spoiled brat but who isn't. Morgan and Max can be a great couple, and they are getting off to a great start. Its not forced like MABBY was.

Max and Morgan has everything to be a great couple on days, Kristen Renton and Darrin Brooks has amazing chemistry together. Same with Shelley and Darin, if they were not related(which it doesnt bother me), they would be a great couple too.

Max Brady, the badboy Brady and Morgan Hollingsworth, the spoiled rich girl. OMG Such a great story. Maybe after this sorority story, they can build on Morgan and give her even more depth. Even bring in her family or something. People are always complaining they want more people who isnt a brady/dimera or horton. they brought Morgan in and look, idk i read alot on different boards and almost everyone is loving her.

With Stephanie, i say pair her up with Philip. It gets him away from SHELLE and have his own love life. I would so root for a philip and stephanie pairing. PAYLA'S daughter and victor's son, omg such great potential of stories.

Max and Morgan can be the next Bo and Hope. I would love for Sheffer to continue to go down the path of a Max/Morgan pairing, he has such a great thing here, sheffer better not ruin it or i will kick his ass. I want some fun playful scenes between max and morgan. PLEASE SHEFFER, DON'T STOP WITH A M&M pairing, u have a great thing here. DAYS GIVE KRISTEN A CONTRACT NOW.

I hope Max comes to Morgan's rescue in the serial rapist story. PLEASE KEEP MORGAN, Chelsea/Stephanie/Morgan. An awesome team and would kick some butt.

Morgan is the best character u brought on Sheffer since Nick Fallon, DONT SCREW THIS ONE UP.

So who agrees that Max and Morgan make a great couple.

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For the last time.......

If you want to make a thread dedicated to a certain actor/actress/character, then do so in the Love/Hate area: http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/index.php?showforum=13

If you create a thread here, then anyone can respond. If you do it in the Love/Hate area, the rule is no anti-posts in a pro thread, and no pro-posts in an anti thread.

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