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Days: 14 New HQ Cast Photo's

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Thanks for posting.

Kristian Alfonso looks gorgeous as ever as does Julie Pinson, but what are they trying to do to poor Lauren Koslow? The hair, that outfit and jewelry is just BAD. Isn't it bad enough the stinker of a storyline they give Kate?

I wish I could get into the young guy's storyline as I think they all look pretty good in these pics too, although IMO Marcus Patrick looks a little better in some of the other pics that came out recently. LOL.

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It's a shame they couldn't have waited until after Trevor Donovan got his hair cut. He has his "Ken" doll look in those pictures.

Everyone looks great, especially Julie Pinson. I've suddenly fallen in love with this woman. I love her long hair.

Lauren Koslow's looking hot too.

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