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AMC: Thursday

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Welcome to Thursday's Discussion of All My Children



Today on All My Children...

-A very tiny baby is born to Kendall.

-Spike continues to be in serious condition.

-Krystal tries to keep her concern for Adam a secret.

Still Missing these Openings

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the all my children fans should be thrilled. this week is just one stunning show after another. Whatever else happens in the next six months, Emmy time should be quite good to everyone in Pine Valley in 2008 based on these four episodes.

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DAMN! AMC is on fire this week! I hope this can continue for a looooong time. :D

Lish better get an emmy nom!

I like that Erica is there for Kendell! :wub:

ETA:I am liking the Krystal/Adam scenes because Krystal still cares about him. :wub:

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Awww. Adam is sweet! Calling the Hospital saying to Mr and Mrs. Slater that "His thoughts and prayers are with them" :wub:

I like the Jackson/Greenlee scenes. Jackson made it tolarable.

Erica is on fire. I felt bad for her when Kendell and Zack were lecturing her.

Kendell crying for her baby made me cry! :(

ETA: Another great ending! Zack and Baby Slater together. :(

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Really good episode, the last half of the episode was better than the first half.

Loved Erica taking care of Kendall (heh, to her removing the ugly cap, so Erica). Loved Erica doing the "wrong" thing and Kendall going off on her (Erica meant well, but you know not good timing). Loved Erica looking into the room at Kendall knowing she probably shouldn't go in until the sedation fully takes effect. Gosh, today reminded me of how much I miss Kendall and Erica's whole relationship thing.

The Josh and Zach scenes were really sweet - that miracles speech was beautiful. Josh's scenes with the Lavery's were good as well. CE plays Josh the "doc"/brother/b-i-l well (he was flat the rest of this week, but he stepped up today).

Liked Aidan dashing Jack's hopes. Hell I even liked the Jack/Greenlee scenes even though I wanted to slap either-or at moments.

Ryan and family were good as well.

Adam calling in to the hospital. Wow.

Personally, my fave episode of the week.

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