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ATWT: SID Spoilers from Aug 7th issue

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A Rosanna & Craig Reunion?

Cady McClain is returning to ATWT as Rosanna on Monday, July 30, but she'll be acting opposite a new Craig... well, new to her, at least! "I've never worked with her," says Scott Bryce, who recently took back the role he created back in the '80s. "Luckily, I've got Chris Goutman and Vivian Gundaker, who are great supports and the founts of information and history on the show. So I can ask, 'What happened?' It's a bizarre thing. It's like a person with amnesia." Of course seeing as how what Craig did to Rosanna while Bryce wasn't playing the role was pretty awful, she's probably not going to be happy to see him again!

The Butler Did it!

That's Yancy Butler playing Ava, the mysterious and dangerous woman who abducted JJ with the help of her henchman Silas. Butler is best known for her role as the lead in the Sci-Fi action seriest Witchblade, with ATWT being her first experience in daytime television. Butler began her run on July 19, and if the explosive events of this week are any indication, her stay in Oakdale will be more than memorable!

After several weeks off camera, ATWT's Roger Howarth returns to the canvas on Friday, July 27, when a very much alive Paul surfaces in a hospital.


As if being Mrs. Montgomery hasn't been enough of a trial for Meg, Craig has yet another challenge for his bride on Wed, July 25. Will she buckle under the pressure? Barbara's world turns upside down on Friday, July 27, when she receives some shocking news - but is it good news or bad? And the Snyder marriage takes another hit on Tues, July 31, when Lily makes another error in judgement. Will Holden be able to forgive his wife this time?

In Depth Preview

Jack's Son is Kidnapped!

This week on ATWT, Jack's attempts to put his relationship with Carly behind him hit the skids as the estranged pair are drawn together when JJ goes missing!

Jack is on his knees preparing to propose to Katie when Carly interrupts with news that JJ has been abducted. After hearing from the kidnappers, Jack learns that JJ won't be harmed as long as he turns over a key, but he has no idea what they're talking about!

Katie agrees to stay behind and wait for the cops while Carly accompanies Jack to the farm, where they discover the music box. When Katie finally arrives, she hears Carly badmouthing her and offers to leave, but Jack says he needs her at his side.

Ava and Silas have JJ stashed away at a construction site, and when Vienna and Henry check out the location for their business, Silas prevents the boy from alerting them. Ava worries that Jack might not actually have the key and decides they should ask for ransom instead.

Brad comes home from a night on the town to congratulate Jack and Katie on their engagement and is shocked to learn it was postponed because of JJ's abduction. When Jack heads off to question a witness who saw JJ talking to a woman, Carly takes the opportunity to blame Katie for making JJ feel neglected by Jack and therefore vulnerable to the kidnappers.

When Jack calls Carly to the station, Brad steps in and surprisingly comforts Katie. Jack tells Carly about the ransom demand but insists that they shouldn't give the kidnappers what they want. As Jack has the note tested, Carly decides to defy her ex-husband and ask Lily for the ransom money.

But even if Carly gives Ava the cash she's after, will that be enough to ensure JJ's safe return? And will the crisis bring Jack and Carly back together or tear them apart forever?

Hottest Stories

This week on ATWT, Meg is still Mrs. Montgomery, but how long can Craig keep her at his side? "That's the driving force for Craig," explains his portrayer, Scott Bryce. "And that's sort of what's so sad about him. He wants family, love and stability. And he goes about it in a 180-degree opposite way of what he should be doing." Which means that Craigs feelings for Meg are true, and more intense than she could possibly imagine, which promises a rocky road ahead. "He's obsessed with her," the actor says, "and when he becomes obsessed with something, particularly women, it's his biggest downfall. That's his Achilles' heel. He projects all that love onto, "I will do everything to make you happy and we're going to have stability.' And now we're standing in an earthquake while he's looking for stabilitity." So watch your step!

Katie doesn't like what Jack has to tell her!

A determined Carly takes matters into her own hands

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