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Days:CDN TV Guide spoilers for wk of 7/16

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Tony tells Stefano he had EJ killed; Chelsea and Stephanie discover Danielle is married to a man named Mark Prentiss.


Jett lashes out at Chelsea and accuses her of being nosy; EJ helps Bo set a trap for Andre DiMera, who is posing as Tony.


John offers to search the South Pacific for the real Tony DiMera; Sami reads a translated latter to Marlena and Hope.


Sami can't believe EJ's resemblance to his grandfather; EJ tries to make peace with Lucas; John, Marlena and Anna arrive on an unchartered island in search of Tony.


Anna pulls a gun on Tony; Chelsea agrees to spend the night with Nick.

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This sounds fantastic. Tony is in the South Pacific? Wow...and J&M get involved with Anna? This is classic Days IMO.

The balance is looking good too and I love that Anna pulls a gun on Tony.

It also seems like Anna figures out it's not Tony when she kisses him this week. It reminds me alot of the last time Tony/Andre tangled with Anna. It's a good nod to history as Anna has always been smart enough to piece it all together.

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Is that even truth since it was probably Andre who told John about that? I don't remember that story too clearly, but it was just a thought. After all John is known to have another identity several years after the previous one was discovered. :rolleyes:

This all sounds great! At first I didn't think the Andre stuff would be that good but I definately want to watch before I judge due to these spoilers. I LOVE the fact J&M are helping Anna!

So the real Tony is on Friday? Fantastic!

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