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CBS Daytime: New Promo

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Shows Nick asking for Sharon. Sharon tells Jack that the last 2 years are a blur for Nick. He thinks they're still together.


Shows Stephanie rejecting Brooke. Telling her she won't accept her back into the family.


Shows the Branson loaction shoot, I believe. Cleo ties Gwen and Jade up to the railroad tracks as a train fastly approaches. Looks like an old scene from a western or better yet, "Popeye The Sailor Man". Gwen shouts "It doesn't have to be like this. Just let us go!" Cleo responds "I'm sorry. I can't do that". As Cleo starts to take off, it shows a train blowing its horn, full speed ahead.


I can't really remember what it was. I think it was Dinah or Reva related. :huh:

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Good Lord (No pun intended).

Says the man who had someone clone his thought-to-be-dead wife. See, this is why I just cannot accept Pastor Josh, he's such a damn hypocrite! I can see him now:

"God says 'Thou shalt not fornicate.' Boy I learned that lesson when I was having sex with my ex-wife while I was engaged to her sister."

Please. Three-quarters of the congregation would evacuate the church.

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Ugh...does anyone know who sings that song that's featured in the "love" promo? It starts out "I'm a wreck, she's a mess, I confess..." something something "bringing me down". I think it's awesome. They usually credit the singer during promos now...but there's not one I saw for this one.

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