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AMC: Wednesday

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Welcome to All My Children's Wednesday's Discussion



Today on All My Children...

-Erica makes up an illness to gain Jack’s sympathy

-Colby discovers that she is being followed—by her dad’s bodyguards!

-Colby and Sean try to work things out

-Ryan’s true love now is Annie, which he reminds Greenlee again.

Lets go back into time..


So, Let the Discussion Begin!
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OMG..Erica looks incredible..Jack looks HOT..I can't wait until they start mixing it up in that hospital room :lol:

Oh Lord..Now Josh and Joe are playing along..All to reunite two soulmates..YAY!

Aww.Jack looks so scared that she is really hurt :wub: He is going to get her good when he figures out she is playing him. Can't Wait.. :lol:

Love the ballet exit by Tad :lol:

ROFL..The dream...and the lightbulb goes off over Jack's head :lol: They are so great together. Susan and Walt 's comedic timing is spot on..I bet Jack goes and gets someone to help him convince Erica her test results are bad. I can't wait to see her reaction

Doesn't anyone notice that for all Erica's protests about wanting a divorce she has never taken off her ring? :lol:

I love Sean and Colby :wub:

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LOL at Pam catching Erica walking around. I know some of y'all here don't really like the Erica/Jack/Tad stuff - but I'm absolutely loving it. It showcases veteran characters with a love story, and it throws in a comical side to the show, which is what AMC needs after all the doom and gloom of 2006/early 2007. Watching Tad and Erica have fun and working together to get Jack to come to Erica is priceless, and totally something Erica would do. She knows she loves Jack, but she won't admit it - she has to make it be Jack coming back to her. That's just Erica - I love it!

Nice seeing Livia and Joe today too.

Enjoyed the Del/Amanda banter - and the JR/Amanda stuff should be good too, I've really enjoyed them together lately.

I could care less about the Ryan/Greenlee stuff - where is my Sean/Colby???

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Damn - how much does that suck for Annie, walking in on Ryan and Greenlee half-naked, playing and laughing with Spike? haha - I must admit, Ryan looked really hot playing with Spike shirtless. Too bad he had to open his mouth...

Amanda is so going to get herself in trouble...and Kendall warned her! I'm glad that Kendall reminded her and the audience that JR did almost kill her when he was driving drunk...

Thoughts on the previews:

Wow - Amanda and Zach - they rarely have scenes together alone (have they ever?) - and I saw something spark in that clip between those two. This could be good - I love how they might be striking a deal, or trying to play each other over. This could be interesting!

Did Josh get a buzz? I couldn't tell exactly, but it looked like he got a major haircut. I love Greenlee/Josh together, so hopefully I'll enjoy the Greenlee stuff tomorrow.

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I actually thought today was better then others.

Erica/Jackson: They were greta today. Erica was fake dreaming about her loosing Jackson. That was really funny. :D I also like that they both care about each other. I also hope that they do get back with each other. It's push-and-pull with them, but I am loving it!

Colby/Sean: They are really cute! They care about each other some much!!

Ryan/Greenlee: Today, (I can't believe I am saying this) Greenlee was tolarable. She was actually owning up to her mistakes. Also she is not whining! FINALLY! How long will this act last? I guess we will have to find out! LOL

Poor Annie. She had to walk in to Ryan/Greenlee. I would smack Greenlee! Ryan did look HOT today!!!!

No Lily/Ava today. :(

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yoiu actually beleive her? I dont trust her one bit. She showed yesterday with Annie that she's still a jealous, spiteful witch. I think she's playing nice and saying all the right things for Ryan and Kendall's benefit. She doesnt beleive her BS. I wish that those two had walked in on her as she tried to bully Annie and see that she hasnt changed at all

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