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Y&R/OLTL/Days:SOW Cover

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SOW Cover:

Y&R: BUSTED! Victor Sees Nikki and David's Kiss (big pic of Melody Thomas Scott)

Sweet Revenge (pics of Sharon and Phyllis)


pics of:

Nathan Fillion (Joey)

James DePaiva (Max)

John Loprieno (Cord)

Dan Gauthier (Kevin)

DOOL STAR SHOCKS FANS! (pic of Drake H. - refers to his comments at a fan event about having 6 mths left on contract & that at some point everyone is going to leave the show)


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I don't get why Drake is being so vague about saying he's going to leave. Instead of talking about himself leaving, he says that "everyone" will leave at some point. Well that's a very vague assumption. Of course, the show is going to end at some time, hopefully way passed 2009, and people will leave, but I don't know... I just don't get what he's saying. It's like he is trying to put it out there without actually putting it out there.

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Nathan Fillion is coming back? That seems odd, he's doing fairly successfully - I can't understand why he'd come back to OLTL even for a guest stint in what I assume is the 10,000th Asa funeral episode.

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