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Days: June 8, 2007

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Mine too! Hmmm... I'm in Illinois.

Anyway, I did get to see it an hour earlier on another affiliate.

Not a lot of action but major movement in storylines.

Shawn knows Willow is dead and they are doing another DNA test to determine if the baby was his. Very nice of Bo and Hope to say they would pay for a service for Willow. But then Shawn stated he would pay for it. Just how does he plan to do that.

Doug has the key to his old place and Doug, Julie and Bope are going to the tunnels in just "hours".

Bo, HOpe, Shawn and Ciara had some really cute moments. Like a real family.

Lucas is being demanding with Sami, he is concerned about her. Hope thinks that he should give her a break. Interesting. Lucas mentioning Colleen in front of Bo, Julie, and Doug was funny because they all just stood there with their mouths open then it cut to commercial.

Phelle talked to a man that saw a woman disguised with a baby that looks like Claire. He said there was a USAdorbale sticker on the woman's bag and when they goggle it, Phelle find out it is a pagent and it's in Chicago, they are off on a trip. It was interesting that Belle said she felt safe at Philips home. She said considering what was going on just months ago.

I really expected Shelle to be overjoyed that Willow was dead. I am really glad it was not written that way.

I really hated the flashbacks to Sami and EJ in the ambulance. How many times are we going to see that. They aired it Wednesday, started the show with it Thursday, and flashbacked today. They also flashbacked to Bo asking Shawn Sr about Colleen. Are we reliving Chelsea hitting Zach all over again. :rolleyes:

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LOVED the Hope/Lucas scene. Someone needed to tell him to cool it. But then he just screams again. Oy. I get he's frustrated, but come on. There are other ways for him to react. Come on Hoagie, he didn't react typically at the wedding reception. Don't have him acting typically now! It's not interesting.

The flashbacks were a major oy. Unneccessary to the nth degree.

It was nice to see Sami make it clear how much she doens't trust EJ. This makes their scenes all the more interesting. Someone else said once, but their banter reminds me of Tony and Anna.

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Nixsoaps, pretty sure we have the same NBC affiliate. LOL.

Thankfully the show is back on. Bo's flashback after Lucas mentioned Colleen was annoying. For one thing, it wasn't necessary. We the viewers know who Colleen is, and if we didn't we would have found out after the commercial, plus I'm pretty sure the scene that played out in the flashback was not the same one we saw when Bo asking Shawn about Colleen actually happened. So annoying.

"Whatever you do, don't let Sami get wind of this" What a jerk. Even if as he was saying it apparently Lucas finally learned how to use his inside voice now that he's not around Sami. Yay for Hope sticking up for Sami, again.

Online baby beauty pageant? WTF? Is it sponsored by NAMBLA or some To Catch a Predator sting?

Great EJ-Sami stuff as always. I love how they each know exactly what to do to get under the other one's skin and her being all pissed, then running after him and him strolling back in with the wheelchair and her even more pissed and him just putting his hands on her shoulders was hilarious.

The end note with Lucas was OK. But I REALLY wanted him to smash something because we got all that smashing yesterday and all I could think of when he was reading it was that Sex and the City episode where Berger leaves Carrie the Post-It note breakup and Carrie's response is to knock over the vase of carnations.

This was kind of a snoozer for a Friday cliffhanger IMO compared to the other action packed, emotionally charged stuff we've had recently, but I forgive them because the show has been so good otherwise lately and I can see they are setting up more action and drama ahead.

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Yuk. Pre-emption for tennis. I'll try to catch it at 1 or 2 in the morning, but if it isn't on, at least, I've enjoyed reading your input here.

I want Phelle together, too and for Claire to be Philip's biological child the way it should be as well.

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