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ATWT: The Positives and Negatives of Show

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More Lucinda Walsh on our screens.

Scott Bryce is back as Craig.

A Possible Luke/Noah pairing.

We are seeing more Susan as well

Maura West is back

Jade hasn't been seen in a while.


Kack/Kaka....Katie and Jack as a couple.

Way too much Jennifer Landon

Cleo must get off our screens.

Still bad storytelling.....Lucinda trying to poison Craig. Let them fight it out in the boardroom not by other means.

I know I have more. But I am drawing a blank.

What are your positives and negatives of the show?

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Luke and Noah getting more airtime(hoping anyway)

The vets getting more airtime

better balance of storylines

The fact that Carly is home

The fact that business is being used again for storylines

The great acting and storylines of the young kids Parker, Faith, JJ, Sage.


The fact that Gwen has been on the show for 3 years and never went a month below 12 airdates and her storyline has never moved from point a to point b, same for Will.

The fact that Cleo is still in town and was even created

The fact that Katie is on nearly every single day

The fact that they are shoving Jack and Katie down our throats to try to make us like them(not working I hate them together)

The fact that the neverending Craig/Meg/Paul crap never ends

The fact that Luke is hardly ever seen anymore

The fact that Austin Peck was ever hired

The fact that JP can't come up with a original storyline to save her life

The fact that the only teen to go to jail for there crimes was Casey after having to watch two teens screaming for months on end and neither of them payed for anything.

The fact that nearly the whole town lives at Emma's farmhouse, and we never even got an explanation of what happened to Lily and Holdens house

The fact that Jade went missing almost a month ago without a reason of where she went

The fact that Jade has been on for over a year and we still really don't know much about her past

The fact that they made Jade Rose's daughter but have not mentioned a word about it since then

The fact that they make Henry and Vienna a couple but never show them

The fact that pretty much the only love scenes we ever see are Gwen and Will and nobody else(other than Katie and Jack kissing daily over and over again)

The fact that Barbara Ryan has just about gone totally missing from the cast

The fact that there is very little interaction with different characters or Family members

The fact that Adam is now a rapist

I am sure I missed some

And just because my positives are so short does not mean I don't think things are better because two months ago there were zero positives.

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LOL...I was just thinking last week we haven't had a "ATWT sucks" thread since Maura returned. :P


better use of Lucinda, Susan

returns of Scott Bryce and Maura West

picking up Luke's story


The superb acting of 'tweens Parker, Faith, JJ and Sage


WHERE is Barbara??????

Jack and Katie SUCK

way too much Gwen and Cleo (and there's NO point in Cleo's story at all...)

I hate that Lucinda tried to murder Craig. And Meg makes no sense at all.

Not thrilled by the porn star/hooker Duo of Ali&Em

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Oh, come on...you know it's true. :lol: There used to be more discussion about the show in "what's wrong threads" than in the daily threads for the week combined.

LOL...I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that dress on TC was horrible. I thought it was bad on Friday...we got a full-length shot today. It. was. just. criminal. Somehow it managed to make her look flat, fat and stout.

*note* Add "bad/questionable wardrobe" to the "negatives" on my list. Some is good...most is just really bad.

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Carly returns


Scott Bryce has done a great job as Craig (having not seen him before)


Aside from Henry and Vienna, there isn't one pairing I like. Katie/Jack, Paul/Meg, and Dusty/Emily do nada for me.

Where is Barbara? And why has she STILL not been told onscreen about her granddaughter dying?

Paul's psychic visions. Really? Him hallucinating James I could have stood by and cheered for, but ESPaul? No.

Emily is a hooker/Ali is a porn star.

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The only good things I can think of to associate with ATWT is, Cady McClain's return as Rosanna, Scot Bryce back as Craig....certain vets being shown more but still in ridiculous, out of character plots.

For the most part this show is a trainwreck. Jack and Katie? Like wtf is that?

I am waiting to pass judgement on Luke's new storyline. Every other facet of Luke's story since he came out has been all promises and talk, and really no return.

So with Jean writing, I am really not that optimistic.

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I am betting Jean will pull a Laura English and make Katie go psycho when Jack returns to Carly.....

For those of you who don't get the reference. Jean Passanante when she was writing AMC decided against the popular pairing of Leo and Greenlee..... and paired Leo up with a dying Laura who was in need of a heart. Laura and Leo wed and after she got the heart transplant they went on to live their life. But Laura went nuts, suspected Greenlee and Leo of cheating (when nothing remotely was going on) and did everything in her power to take Greenlee down.

Wasn't until Richard Culliton took over that Laura and Leo (thankfully) were quickly ended and Leo returned to Greenlee.

The bad thing about it was, Laura showed no signs of psychosis until this point in time. LOL I just see similarities in this Jack/Katie fiasco....

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