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Who is the queen/ King of Plastic Surgery?

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Everone seemed to have problem, guessing who hadn`t made any plastic Surgery, i really didn`t think that was so hard, but lets do the easy ones, naming the men and women of daytime soaps who are king/ queen of Plastic Surgery.


100& number 1. Hunter Tylo (Forgot, she really is the queen, once she was pretty, and beautiful)

1. Deidre Hall

2. Susan Lucci

3. Lauren Koslow

4. Melody Thomas Scott

5. Jackie Zeman

6. Suzanne Rogers

7. Susan Seaforth Hayes

8. Tanya Boyd

9. Renee Jones

10. Diahnn Caroll


1. Doug Hayes

( It`s harder to come up with men right know.

Now Come on lets name a few, it`s not harsh to the actors, they are the one who chose to do it!:

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