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B&B: Spoilers For Week Of May 21 + Casting Rumors

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Stephanie takes desperate measures to stop Brooke clearing Nick

Stephanie points a gun at Brooke and locks her up, to stop her going to the police :o

Nick's trial starts, and he is found guilty of Shane's murder

But Ridge's conscience gets the better of him, and he hands himself over to the authorities.

Casting news: A 30 year old male doctor will be cast - Bridget's new love interest.


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4 letters: M-A-R-K.

I still cannot believe that Brad dropped the Bridget/Mark/CJ-triangle back in the day and never cashed on it later on.

As for the rumor: So 'CBS SiD' printed another online hoax - what gives? Sheila on B&B is extremely fine with me but only as a longer commitment... These days I don't see it in the works.

EDIT: I already curse myself for reading the spoilers. The show is good right now and with this moment of surprise I could enjoy it even more. Memo to self: avoid future spoilers. :)

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The casting notice makes it clear they want a name actor with strong credits. Just wasting more money on stunt casting when they could spend that more on love interests for Thorne, Felicia, Donna, etc. But of course Phoebe needs a FOURTH love interest and Bridget's stunt casting so there isn't any money.

Another thing in SID is that Winsor Harmon has signed on for four more years. He said he's happy on the backburner because he had such a great story last year. He said he's being paid to be on vacation. Poor guy doesn't realize thats what he'll be doing the next four years. :lol:

Last thing, Sheila isn't coming back. The article says maybe, but that it isn't likely. Brad Bell said he'd be bringing back old characters to celebrate 20 years, but Sheila wasn't included at the big party nor has she been mentioned. Frankly, I doubt any past characters will be returning.

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