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DAYS Wednesday: 5/9/07

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I will start a Lumi wedding week thread, I will! *Fist shake*

Superficial note as I watch: anyone else sick of all the orange? Not just this episode but the show overall. Every day is so orange. Variation of orange plus variation of neutral, every single day. Peach, beige, taupe, burnt freaking sienna, the look of this show just exhausts and depresses me. I flip over to AMC in commercial break and I see -- red! green! blue! I want to send Days some freaking flood lamps.

And also superficially: I'm glad they're not using the lame background music for the wedding.

The camera cuts between storylines at the beginning of the show were pretty neat.

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The [!@#$%^&*]'s about to hit the fan!!

This is easily one of the best episodes of the year. The dialog is great, the acting is on par and just...the show feels alive again!!

I <3 Alison Sweeney.

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"Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to kill Bo Brady" -- dunh dunh DUNH!

Like the little look Billie gave Kate while she's hanging back by the bar.

So Bill's alive huh? Nice touch that they remembered Eric and Bill.

Way cute montage of Lumi -- the hopscotch scene! It lives!

Marlena's very perceptive with the date thing on the picture of EJ and Sami. I like Kate's line about the luck of the Irish. Looks like a strong dramatic finish here.

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I hate you Kate!! You evil bitch! You're just lonely so you try to hurt everyone around you!!

Great episode. I freakin love this show. I cannot wait until tomorrow.

I love the way they did the previews. You don't know exactly what happens at the reception and I love it!

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Where to begin???

*Elvis walking down the aisle interspersed with shots of Steve fighting the goons was a great editing technique, IMO. It was powerful symbolism since Steve & Sami are the two characters' who Elvis has caused the most severe turmoil. Both scenes represented their struggles reaching a kind of climax. I thought it was intelligent to tie them together in this fashion. I also liked how all the guests turned to glare at Elvis as he walked down the aisle. Great dramatic moment!

*Loved Sami tripping & Lucas catching her. Remember when she tripped after the Stan wedding and no one caught her? Again, powerful symbolism.

*Bagpipes playing Amazing Grace & LUMI's first dance to a Celtic song. What a pleasure to hear something classical on DAYS versus the regular cheesy background tunes.

*Sami to Kate: can I call you mom now? :lol:

*Lucas reciting the Irish prayer. Very sweet, heartfelt (non plot-driven) moment. Loved that.

*Lucas thanking Maggie for helping turn his life around. I love that the writers remembered to acknowledge this relationship. That lady has practically been a second mother to him.

*Love that Marlena was in charge of the slideshow and the warmth conveyed in her speech (The plugs could have been a bit more subtle, LOL).

*Eric and Bill mentions were a nice touch

*They used pics of Bryan/Ali in the slideshow! You could tell that the cast enjoyed that, LOL.

*The montage!!! OMG, the montage!!!!! Old-school LUMI!!! Excellent choice of clips and song. For those wondering about the timeframe of the various scenes:

-Hopscotch (the HOLY GRAIL of old school LUMI)- May 1993

-Spring Fling- May 1993

-Titan Photo Lab- Feb 1995 (night Will was conceived)

-Flour fight- Aug 03

-"Home to Me' dance- Oct 03

-Ticklefight- January 04

*The dreaded PICTURE! I loved how they worked it in with no hint or foreshadowing beforehand. One moment you're watching a romantic montage and then...BAM!

*Another great cliffhanger ending (and a fade-out!)

My only real gripe about this ep. is that the actual ceremony was a bit rushed. I would have liked longer and more personalized vows and feel they could have cut some of the Nick/Stephanie/Chelsea material to this end. That being said, the post-wedding stuff pretty much compensated for this.

I said yesterday was a good mix of drama/romance. Well, today was virtually the PERFECT mix. I liked the structure of the episode: the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes had all the excitement/suspense and the middle was full of more character-driven "moments". Having an ensemble cast (vets included) present on one set also gave the show much more of a Sweeps-like feel. And like BJ said, the better music makes a huge difference.

Congrats to the whole cast & crew for today. It may not have been a lavsh 80's type wedding but it was a great spectacle nonetheless. Fingers crossed that DAYS gets a ratings boost from this. For once, I can say they genuinely deserve it. Can't wait for the rest of the week!!!

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