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AMC Headwriter Switch

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Why hasn't ABC made a formal announcement about McTavish's replacement? It seems very odd that after all the months of fan unrest, rumor and gossip that ABC would want to let their fans know who will steer the show. It would also show some respect to the writers taking over the mess McTavish left behind.

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It's not unusual for networks to take time to announce a new headwriter, however.

McTavish was fired in April 1995. Lorraine Broderick was not announced as new HW until August of that year, Agnes wrote by herself in the interim.

Jean Passanante leaves at the end of May 2001, Richard Culliton not announced as taking over until a month later.

Culliton fired early October 2002, Rayfield/Cascio don't begin writing as HWs until January 2003.

Addie Walsh et. al. interim head write ATWT when Black/Stern are fired, and when Jessica Klein is fired. There was a 3-4 month break between Jessica Klein and Broderick's material.

And I could go on.

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