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DAYS: James Scott's theory on the paternity...

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...of Sami's baby.

From "Soap Opera Digest."

So, who's the daddy? James Scott has a humorous theory of his own:

"They will finally do a test, and they're going to find out that it's a DiMera child," he begins. "But then in a month, Lucas is going to find out that Sami switched the test results around. So, they're going to have to do another test. And then this time, it's going to be Lucas's child. But then a year from then, you're going to find out that EJ anticipated them switching it around and oh, he switched it first and, in fact, altered the child's DNA using a microwave. But really, is it his child? You see, the child that Sami has taken away is a clone. And so EJ has secretly been having a loving relationship with his son, who he's breeding to be the next source of evil on this planet. And Sami and Lucas think they have this son and EJ's not bothering them. They think that's great, and it turns out in the end that they just have some kid that fell off the back of a lorry." He jokingly adds, "Hogan, please don't be mad at me for giving all that away."

He's hysterical! Not to mention irresistably hot.

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I like James Scott but I'm slowly growing very tired of EJ having a hand in EVERY STORY. And you can't turn on episode without him being in your face. They need to tone EJ down because he's bordering on the cartoonish.

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