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-JT to Professor Korbel in the hallway at GCU: "You know if I didn't know any better I'd think your following me Professor." Korbel: "I work here, what's your excuse?"

-Nikki to Vicki in the Newman boardroom: "What if I don't have a shot at winning?" Vicki: "Of course you do!"

-David Chow to Victor in Victor's office: "Are you pulling your support from Jack?"


-Lily to JT in the hallway at GCU: "If you were just here just to follow Colleen and Adrian around, then that would be harassment." JT: "Oh no."

-William Bardwell standing and talking to Katherine who's sitting at a table at the GCAC Restaurant: "As your friend, I'm advising you to hire a good attorney." >:(

-Daniel to Amber in Daniel's apartment: "I don't want to post my picture and you know that." Amber: "No one is gonna see it."


-David Chow to Jack and Victor in Victor's office: "I have been working overtime on our strategy." Victor: "Promote Jack Abbott the best way you can without tearing down my wife."

-Brad to Colleen in the Abbott livingroom: "You have to learn that your actions have consequences."

-Sharon to Phyllis in what looks like the hallway at Newman: "Back off Phyllis." Phyllis: "Or what?"

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