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DAYS: SOD Spoilers

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Article on fan uproar over the bedding sent in for J&M being used for S&K. The show confirms that it was what was sent in and that no harm was meant. When gifts that are particularly attractive are sent they try to incorporate them into the show.

The article also states that fans’ ire is being further raised due to the lack of airtime for Drake but Corday says that Drake is still a part of the show and that this storyline will not last forever. Patience.

Coming: Joy Bisco and Franc Ross as a father and daughter Shelle encounter while on the run.

VCR alert: 3/16 Celeste warns Sami that Stefano is obsessed with her baby.

Sneak peak:

Willow sets Bope’s house on fire. On EJ’s orders Willow breaks into their home to burglarize it. She swipes jewelry but the candle she is holding accidentally sets a curtain on fire. Willow takes off but leaves Chelsea’s hairbrush so that Chelsea is set up to take the fall.

Hope is upstairs changing Ciara and Bo calls to say Chelsea is on her way over. Ciara hears something and yells so Hope goes downstairs and finds a huge fire. She calls the fire department and Bo. Bo and Billie who have been together discussing Chelsea race to the house.

Billie wonders if Chelsea did it because they had a huge fight about Billie having sex with Nick. Hope doesn’t believe it but when Bo notes that the fire looks like an amature set it they think its her rather than EJ.

Bope struggle with the possibility. Hope goes back and forth because there is no real evidence that its Chelsea. Of course, Willow would make more sense since she burned down Shawn’s apartment.

Its only a matter of time before Hope will realize that.

Sami’s back to scheming.

Sami agrees to have an amnio but never intends to go through with it. She asks Nick to fake the report saying that Lucas is the father. Although she knows its only a matter of time before EJ is back on her case.

Its Only My Opinion by Caroline Hinsey

She can’t believe Shelle jumped ship with Claire in their arms. She wants J&M, Bope & S&K back in Salem and have them interact with their children. Enough of the tarot cards, skeletons and gauze on lens love scenes. The elements are all in place, just tell the real story.

HOTN: MBE, SN Steve & Kayla

Stephanie Sloane reports on her set visit. I’ll type that up later.

What will happen:

-Sami is forced to agree to an amnio

-Shelle and Claire land on an island

-Sami asks Chelsea to be a bridesmaid

-EJ learns disappointing news regarding Stefano’s health

Sound Off:

Letter from someone upset about how Mimi’s departure was written.


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I count myself a John and Marlena fan but not a rabid one. They have many years on Days and gained the right to have a following and would be missed for sure. I wouldn't mind John and Marlena being separated and allowed to go their separate ways. To me they are better alone.

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I will just repeat what I said in the other SOD thread...

I love J&M but man people need to get over this. The show made a mistake and I hope they crackdown and discourage people from sending items like that in unless it is directly to the actors. That way the actors could hold on to it. To expect the show to keep track of all that stuff is ridiculous. They have enough to do without having to worry about keeping track of a bedroom set for a specific couple. I agree with Jean...it was sent to the show and it can be always used again for J&M. Complain about them being backburner but to complain about the bedroom set is just...whatever. I just hate seeing some fanbasers blame this on Steve and Kayla on on Hogan. They didn't do anything. How are they supposed to know? Hell, how is half the Days crew supposed to know. They have so much to do just to tape an episode. They probably just used it and didn't realize until after the fact. People make mistakes.

Now, the spoilers sound great. I do hope they name the baby somewhere in all this. I like that things are moving now on the Sami front. I feel horrible for Chelsea. Great to see Bo and Hope active again. This should please some people.

I am also happy to see Joy Bisco will be on Days for a bit. I remember liking her on PC after not liking her at first. That should be good.

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Sneak Peeks

Week of March 12

Hope rails at Billie for sleeping with Nick.

Shawn and Belle meet Gabriella, who has designs on Shawn.

Willow sets Bo and Hope's house on fire.

Nick comes to Chelsea's aid.

EJ gets bad news re: Stefano's health.

Can't Miss - Thurs. Mar. 15 - Steve escapes from the mental hospital and heads straight for Billie (has a pic of Steve grabbing Billie's arm)

Week of March 19

EJ confronts Billie

Steve tries to pull a fast one on Kayla.

Roman questions Chelsea about the fire.

Kate offers to throw Sami a bridal shower.

Public Opinion has a letter from an angry John & Marlena fan over "SheetGate" The pic above it is of Steve and Kayla kissing


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Oh, PUH-LEEZE, I'm with King on this one. Who cares if the bedroom set was used for Stayla and not Jarlena? Frankly, if I were part of the party that sent that, I'd just be damned impressed to see that part of MY CONTRIBUTION ended up on NATIONAL TELEVISION. i mean, that's pretty darn cool! Who'd care how they used it? I mean, unless they used it for a gangbang rape scene, I'm pretty sure I'd be elated!!

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This is one of the few times I agree completely with you JSF. :)

Seriously, this campaign is getting a lot of attention. I honestly don't think the show intentionally put the JM comforter set in a SK scene, but they did. it was a mistake, nothing more. It shouldn't be made to be a slap in the face against the fans of Drake and Dee. I'm sure they think the same.

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And you know, who is to say that they won't use it for a John and Marlena love scene somewhere down the line...You know they re-use sheets and comforters all the time...Maybe they just felt bad leaving it in the packaging...

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