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Can't Believe The Democrats Are Already Fighting


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It's really disheartening. I know every candidate is out for themsellves, but the dems so themselves a disserve by viciously tearing into the other.

Obama and hillary are going to come across as very disingenuous if they were to later down the road join forces.

The two are currently the front runners, but with this livel of vilitrol, their perceived weakness (gender, race, inexperience) will ulitmately lead to them canceling each other out. I like both, but I will throw my support behind Edwards because he is running a smarter campaign. It makes no sense to demonize someone in your own party.

Watch the Reps. retain the White House again....sigh....

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So do I.

I love Hillary and Obama respectively, but they are just doing the bidding of the Republicans with the smears. Unfortunately, there is no viable third party. The Ross perot's only serve as spoilers to dissent from the lesser of two evils--a wasted vote, essentially.

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