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I might meet Jensen Ackels and Jared Padalecki!


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Yeah so I was gonna go to the ATWT Fanclub Luncheon this year had it all planned out etc but have not sent out for tickets yet. Anyway the other day I was browsing the CW message boards and apperenlty there is going to be this Fangoria Event/Convention that will be held in the NJ/NYC area and the poeple who run it are gonna try and get Jensen(Dean Winchester) and Jared(Sam Winchester) to be there. For those who don't know they are on the hit CW Show "Supernatural". Jared was supposed to attend the Fangoria event in chicago but could not make it due to scheduling conflicts tso that is why they are going to try and get him and Jensen to go to the Sececaus NJ one. I am really excited because like I love them. I really hope they are able to go and if not maybe I will talk my mom into letting me to go to Kings Dominion if they have that this year.

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