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DAYS: Monday, February 19th

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Great Steve/Kayla episode. He was classic Steve today, with some beautifully romantic lines, especially the one about the "Big Dude" and opening his heart to a girl named Kayla. Kudos to the scriptwriter and SN for some wonderful and well-acted dialogue.

Although I had a little bit of a problem with EJ parking Stephano in a warehouse (he couldn't get the keys to the DiMeara mansion?), I thought those scenes were creepily brilliant. We're getting little clues about EJ's back story, and I'm very intrigued about where this story is going since I'm (mostly) spoiler free.

Keep Abby away from the garage! This girl is so beautiful; she should never, ever have grease smears on that lovely face. Why hasn't the Salem U semester started yet? I would be happy if I never had to see that garage set again!

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Well, it's no secret what I am watching for and I have to comment when it's a great Steve

and Kayla day...and it was! :D

Between this episode and previous episodes where we saw Kayla *finally* getting pissed

(and threatening EJ)..I am starting to feel like Hogan understands my favorites...it's a good

feeling, though I don't think he (yet) understands too many others on this show.

My favorite episode since they returned to the show is still Steve getting his memory back,

and Kayla finally accepting that it's true. But this episode is probably my second favorite :)

I got all tingly watching it.... Here are some favorite lines that had me all gooey ...and there were lots!

Steve: I'm telling you...you put any woman through what I have done to you lately, they would have run for the hills. But not you. You stay. And you fight. If I didn't have you, I couldn't survive what's going on right now. Those Dimeras...they can come after me all they want. It doesn't matter. I took it then, I could take some more. But what I couldn't take...I couldn't take losing you again Sweetness. You're my life.


Kayla: You are not going to lose me. I'm not going anywhere

Steve: Maybe you're the one that needs a mental hospital then

Kayla: You know I am not a woman who would give her man ultimatums

Steve: I know that, baby

Kayla: No you don't. Because you say you're waiting to lose me. I'm sorry but that's a coward's way of daring me to make the first move....You want me to say, you check in to that mental ward or I am leaving you for good.

Steve: Is that what you really think?

Kayla: Ya...ya. Absolutely. It's so that you can go off and be this lone injured wolf, feeling guilty about walking out of here...Well you know what? I am not going to give you that kind of luxury. You want to give up on yourself? Then fine...go pack yourself a bag and get on the next train and just disappear. But don't expect me to pack that bag for you or to open the door, because I have NEVER given up on you in my entire life and I am not going to start now!


Kayla (fervently): Listen to me. I am not going anywhere. I am going to be in that bedroom every single night, and I want you there, by my side, right next to me. Whatever is haunting you, I love the man you are NOW. Please c'mon. C'mon baby.

Steve (taking her in his arms, and crying): I'm scared Sweetness...I'm really scared.


Kayla tells Steve that if he survived what the Dimeras did to him, how they victimized him, he can survive these memories he is having.

Steve: You're asking me to check back into that hospital?

Kayla: I'm asking you to attack this head on. Just be STEVE.

That's all. Steven Earl Johnson.


I think this was my favorite though. SOOOOOOOOOO sweet.

Steve: You know...someday, when I'm facing 'the Big Dude'. <----

or whoever it is who tallies up the scores here on earth...

they're going to ask me 'Steven Earl Johnson...what was the finest

thing you ever did?' And I'm going to say, 'One time, I let down my guard,

and I let a girl named Kayla love me' . I don't know if that answer is going to get me into heaven, but I don't care. This is heaven.

(they kiss)

Steve: Your lips are heaven.


There was one teensy thing I didn't like. Actually...I hated it. And it was....Kayla's nightgown and robe. She looked like she was wearing a satin potato sack. Yep, got nothin' else to complain about

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I disagree. I think that if Mascolo returned, there would be more for Stefano to do than just "lay there." I don't think we would be seeing anymore of him than we are now, but there would still be something brought to the table. And to see Mascolo and James Scott play off of each other is something I'm dying to see. After reading spoilers and making my speculations, I'm hoping that one day, I do get my wish. :)

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I nearly swooned when EJ told his father that he would play opera music for him and how he remembered him conducting an entire opera when he was growing up. Oh, how I loved those scenes with Stefano back in the day. He was just so elegant and had a truly beautiful streak in him (balanced by the evil streak of course.). The warehouse is too bizarre though. Drafty, lighting, pollutants, it's deplorable and what's up with the creators for having a thing about warehouses? There is only one place that this scene should be and it's the DiMera mansion. Loved EJ as much as Stefano. He has grown so into "the DiMera".

Loved Kayla and Steve today. They have hit their stride and great again in my view.

Chelsea is really in a turmoil. I'm loving Hogan letting us see her reacting and responding through these trials instead of the blowing off, denial and running away from. Love it.

Actually, today was pretty good all around. I want to see tomorrow especially since reading the EE.

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I am watching the show now on SoapNet.

I am like Bree and loving the break from Shelle. I am so tired of them for awhile. Nice break from Philip and Willow too.

Today is the first day since Steve & Kayla returned that I actually like them together. Kayla was nice with EJ but today she has even more spunk with Patch, and I can tolerate them.

I still don't like Stefano being back, but I am learning to deal with it. Not happily but I am. I agree with Keith very much that less is better. IF Mascolo came back I don't see him letting Hogan write him the way he has written Victor lately and taking the backside. Mascolo is too much like Eric Breadan and I don't see him standing for it. He would be speaking out all the time. So I definitely want less is more if Stefano has to be there.

One thing that so far I am very disappointed about is that Hogan missed out on a great scene, and a great nod to history if he has to bring Stefano back (I still don't think he did). But there should have been a scene with Celeste today (but I guess they still don't want to deal with Lexie's accident). But I have always loved that connection between Celeste and Stefano and there should have been a scene with her and her knowing that Stefano was back in Salem. It would have given it more of a gothic feel. It was definitely a let down for me so far.

I agree with DFJ - the warehouse set is awful. That is where I can really tell Days is having budget problems. Some of the sets lately - we have a lot of warehouse stuff. Even the set for Stefano in Italy was bad. The second way is still the missing things like when Victor's mansion is shown we don't see the little characters like his butler, Henderson, and all. Those little touches are definitely missed.

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I agree Steve. That is where you see the budget issues. I miss Henderson and the Dimera Mansion. I can see why they went with the warehouse. EJ is trying to hide him but, then again. the mansion has lots of secret rooms and such so I can't think of why they wouldn't use it. I would rather cut down on those small things then cut more actors though. I too would've liked to see Celeste but whatever.

The EJ/Stefano scenes were very good. Scott handled them beautifully. Loved the opera music and him mentioning his mother and some of his past. I do agree that less of Stefano is more and I have gotten used to the idea that it's time to move on from Stefano and pass the torch to EJ. If Joe returns, fine but, if not, whatever. I do think there would be issues with Joe, like Steve said. Part of what made Stefano great years ago was he was never a character that lived among the people and hung around. He came and went and was never an everyday character. That added to his essence and mystique so I like him popping in from time to time.

Ashley Benson is looking good and I am always a fan of her scenes with Nick and Chelsea. Today she was good with both of them. I like that Chelsea knows that Abby knew about Nick. I also like Nick/Billie and the friendship they have. Pinson and Berris were great. Dr Rebert scares me a bit and I am looking forward to what unfolds with him and Chelsea.

I agree that Steve and Kayla were at their best today. Fiery Kayla is here to stay it seems and I loved her getting tough with Steve. SN and MBE rocked today and we got some romance for them too. The scene where he flashed back to EJ torturing him and then he woke up and gave that creepy look to Kayla was a great scene.

Ok show today. Moved slow but a nice character and story building day. Tomarrow looks really good.

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Well guys we won't see the DiMansion until Maggie shuts down Chez Rouge. since it's the old DiMansion set :lol:

Now that Bonnie is gone, I expect Alice's to shut down and once again become Tuscany. The set designers are going to have a lot of work cut out for them in the future.

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