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Y&R: 18 years at #1

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You go, girl, with the fuschia and the buttons straining against your cleavage and the kick-ass pose. Y&R don't know what they've lost!


Hello, my name is Sharon and I need to fire my stylist for not finishing the color process on my hair. Oh, and for not cutting it. Because now I look like Jewel.


Jerry Douglas popped in after a day on the golf course.



LOL, I love how MS is doing her best Bewitched impression with her nose.


Ugh. Newbies. And go get a haircut, Toilet-Brush.


Oh, yes, please DO pose again and again and again for us, Amber. It's not like you're not filling up airtime as it is. Plus it gives me another chance to laugh at your summer camisole/furry snow boots outfit.


This is Mr. Melody Thomas Scott, apparantly -- Ed the EP.


RRWAOL. So stern. So schoolmasterish. So Swoop. Swoon.

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Barbara Bloom, Head of CBS Daytime.


Who's this? Steven Kent, Sony TV spokeswhore. Whatever.


Lynn Marie Latham, who writes for a show called GeNots City Landing.




Oh, here she is again. Wow, that sucking you're doing on your finger is way sexy. Reminds me of Dr. Evil doing that pinkie thing in Austin Powers.


Damn, Colleen looks about 20 years older than Korbel. Still love Adrienne Leon, though.


MS makes me want to sort of hug her in every pic. Woah -- work those boobs, Tracey.


No. WORDS. Except: *that* shirt makes me want to break out into a chorus of "I am what I am."


Quick! Mount him!


Where did JC's arm go? :blink:

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I think I just got an idea for the next Y&R SL featuring our new Male Lead, Don Diamont. Brad... David... brothers? Cue scene where they thigh-wrestle each other. That's how they know they are brothers, see. Because of their powerful killing thighs.


What's a Johnson?



Lee Phillip Bell (co-creator of Y&R) and MTS.

One can never have too many diamante headbands and leopard print, no?

LOL, I saw Lee Philip Bell and thought it was Susan Flannery for a moment. Then I saw that poodle she's carrying and thought "Zapato's chew-toy?"


The cast. Where's VictuhNooman?

Victoria Rowell kinda standing aways to one side. Just sayin'.

CLB about to play "Giddyup!" with the dude who plays Kane. Seriously!

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Christian, Christian - what were you thinking!? Why is Michelle Stafford doing crazy - REALLY scrary - looks in ever picture???

To Sharon Case: Honey, I'm not a violent person but in exchange - for let's say a kiss - I'll beat that hairdresser up for you. Just drop me a line...

BTW: Not only Mr. Mumbles is suspiciously missing from this cast gathering. Actually everyone who kept Y&R on top for 18 years is missing: No Eric Braeden, no Jess Walton but StupidAustralianSonImport (Will the insanity never end!?), no Jeanne Cooper - only Peter Bergman was there. These were IMO the pillars of Y&R in the last 2 decades and beyond. Mostly newbies are pictured - plus JeffreyDud some other stinkers which have overstayed their welcome by a long time. (Talking 'bout you FauxVictoria & Will Stiffwell!) And Cat, I still have a soft spot for Miss Ambrosia, but the kind of writing on Y&R is pissing me off, too.

Any word why Jerry Douglas was there? Yet another dreadful ghost sighting to come, please not!

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LOL, Cheap. Not this week, though -- Y&R hit something like 4.6 in HH. There's no way LML can be fired after a showing like that.

sheilaforever, I wondered about Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper, too. Doesn't seem fair that JC (on Y&R since 1976), JW (since 1987) and EB (since 1980) -- and all major, frontburner actors -- not partake of a little cake.

And if Jerry Douglas was invited, why not Eileen Davidson? After all, she's going to B&B, another CBS/Bell soap.

Ugh, don't get me started about JT. Mind you, at least TL has been on the show a good 6-8 years. The dude who plays Kane looks nice and is clearly popular with his co-stars, but a front row position in the cast photo? Dude's only been on for, like, 2 weeks!

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Also re: Michelle Stafford's "crazy" faces, I don't mean to be casting aspertions on the great MS and I'm only assuming her but... sometimes when you can't wrinkle your forehead like that, it means you've been seeing Dr. Botox.

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