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DAYS: SOD spoilers for next week; Bryan D interview

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SOD tidbits.........

HOTN: Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison and Shelle

Interview with Bryan Dattilo

VCR alert:

1/11-John's voice calls Marlena to the balcony and she nearly falls. She rushes to the balcony and feels his arms around her.

1/12 Shelle go to court to fight for Claire and Philip shows up

What will happen:

-Lexie is called to ID the killer

-Steve has another episode and attacks

-Stephanie announces she is taking a job in Dayton

-Bonnie and Conner sneak into the morgue

Sound off: Viewer loved the 'Steve Remembers' scenes but wants more of them


CDN TV Guide spoilers for January 19th

The plan to kidnap Claire is set in motion. Steve tries to convince EJ to return to Salem.


Some highlights of the Bryan interview

He still gets carded

He collects shot glasses, but not like Kyle Brandt who has 50 (Bryan has 20)

A quote (talking about still being on the show after two major recent cast cuts):

"It's weird to be the last man standing. I never thought I would actually be that person. It's hard not to feel sad after people leave, but at the same time, you know eventually someone's going to get let go somewhere. When I was let go--God bless everyone there-and I have a great time with everyone I work with-but when you're off, you're off. The pace of that show moves so quick and the work environment there is so rapid that they don't really have time to miss you,"

He enjoys the Sami/Lucas dynamic. Their popularity continues to amaze him. "I knew that our chemistry and dynamic was there and I knew it wasn't really hit on where it should have been last time around"

"In that aspect I guess I am kind of surprised people wanted us to be together. As much as I thought it could have been good, it's kind of cool to see it and think 'I told you so' . That's a good feeling. I ain't going to lie to you about that."

Regarding Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas: He says it didn't work because it was forced, rushed and thrown together. He likes Christie and Austin a lot. He just didn't see where the story was going so it was hard "to lock in and do what I do".

He talks about being a divorced parent- he shares custody. He is a child of a divorced couple who never talked. So he and his ex make sure to joke around with each other and make it positive. For example, he tells Gabe

"tell your mommy that you love her".

He wants to have more kids. He doesn't know 'how or when or what' but Gabe does want a little sister.

Bryan is dating someone named Elizabeth and it's going very well. He says she understands his moods, which is important if you're going to be with him. He's Italian and has a temper. She's good about letting it pass, letting him feel like an idiot and coming back to apologize.

Bryan says he is a good boyfriend. He's faithful, honest and he loves her.

He had trouble being faithful in the past but he's getting older and has a son now. "There's only so many relationships you can screw up. You've got to get it right eventually".

There are a couple of things he would love to change about his character (doesn't say what) but he's feeling satisfied. He would love to stick around at Days.


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Thanks, Ademption. I've been looking forward to these reviews.

I love Bryan as Lucas. It was nice to read his interview and I hope that he stays around a long time.

When I read HOTN and it says BB, MM Shelle.......I can sort of believe it. Actually their story is hot now, but some, like me still don't find a love story here. It's really sad and more like living out a duty.

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Thanks. I'm sure that I pissed off people with some of my comments but what can you do? Did you notice Daniel Coleridge hasn't come back to reply to my comment as well as others? I guess he couldn't take the heat!! LOL!! ;)

Here's some more spoilers for next week that I haven't seen elsewhere.....

Daytime Dial Spoilers

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Abby deduced that Nick is Billie's mystery lover. Bo was alarmed by Steve's behavior and urged him to seek psychiatric help. A bandaged Philip surprised everyone as he was wheeled into the courtroom for Claire's hearing. Bonnie and her son Connor stole evidence that could tie her to a murder. Tek prepared to identify EJ as the perpetrator in John's shooting. Willow, courtesy of Victor, made a court appearance to testify against Shawn.

Watch For: Steve attacks EJ in a bar. Shawn and Belle kidnap Claire


I think the Bonnie and Abby spoilers are new....

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    • Glad Tsitsipas and Rune lost.  Tsitsipas needs to tell his dad bye bye. I see his argument with his mother made her a no show in Paris.. Lol
    • He's handsome too. However, I'd just prefer they kill Jax off at this point. Jax really became pointless (to me) after being married to Skye. He was OK with Courtney originally, but they quickly sacrificed him for Courtney/Nicholas. And I never bought Jax with Carly. Yes, Ingo and Laura had off-the-charts chemistry, but Jax was always a placeholder for Jason & Sonny. 
    • Carly, just smack your scumbag daughter right in her disgusting face 

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      Why does Joss have like unlimited guarantees? She’s been in 6 of the last 7 episodes Btw, a lot of people are gonna owe Ned an apology when this is all said and done. 
    • It'd be the greatest thing to happen to GH since whats-their-names went on the run from Frank Smith.
    • Speaking of Phil's murder, did anyone here watch the story in "real time"?  Was the reveal shocking, or was it underwhelming?  Given what I know about the storyline, I question whether I would have found the denouement satisfying.  I feel like "Who Killed Phil Brewer?" was one of those stories that demanded a huge, shocking twist, like "Surprise!  Phil actually killed himself!".
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