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Lisa De Cazotte blurb from SOD (paraphrased)

Chad has been leading a secret love life that has been going on even before Vendetta started. He feels guilty for his actions, but has deep desire and passion for his mysterious lover and refuses to give it up.

Via Soapcentral

Chad meets up with his "mysterious lover" for another secret rendevous.

Katherine pushes Sheridan to fight for Luis.

Luis and Sheridan share a steamy kiss.

A confused Theresa has sex with Ethan.

Jared and Gwen team up.

Fancy and Noah reconnect with each other.

Ethan and Jared get into a physical confrontation.

In a fit of rage, Fox tries to kill Miguel.

Tabitha heads to Saturn?

Theresa is surprissed by Ethan's confesion.

Jared tells Theresa he is falling in love with her.

Julian makes Jared an indecent proposal.

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A confused Theresa having sex with Ethan?!!! WTF?!!! This ruins all the progress she was making. I want Jaresa damnit!!!

SHUIS is ok but the Theresa ones stink and the Chad story is so predictable now.

Passions better be careful. They have had me hooked all summer but lately I am starting to lose interest a bit.

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Ugh... Can't JER just let Theresa be happy with a good guy who'll love her for who she is instead of an abusive [!@#$%^&*] or a possible rat?

One thing I'm not following JER's logic... Why would Jared even consider an "indecent proposal" from Julian when *gasp* Theresa's got more money?

I can tolerate the sex thing because Theresa really does think she's with Jared, as with today's US episode. Besides, Ethan's gonna piss her off again anyway.

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I disagree. This Theresa/Ethan thing will just lead to more pain and distance between them.

Sheridan and Luis kissing means nothing. Sheridan will not leave Chris until the truth about him is revealed. There's no way that will happen until at least November sweeps. Theresa and Ethan kissed many times, but he never left Gwen for her. Same here. If anything, Sheridan playing mind games with Luis probably will push him more away from her.

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Well, I don't think these are bad spoilers like some of you seemed to think, but they are chock full of WTF moments!

"Katherine pushes Sheridan to fight for Luis."

I can't STAND this !@#$%^&*] for not wanting her grand daughter (Fancy) happy.

"Luis and Sheridan share a steamy kiss."

No, no, no!!! You KNOW this is newly written material and JER just threw this in because he got worried after seeing NBC.com's official Shuis vs. Lucy poll--where LUCY won, in an unprecedented coupling against a defined supercouple.

"A confused Theresa has sex with Ethan."

Okay, how in the WORLD do you not know who is penetrating you?

"Fancy and Noah reconnect with each other."

Foah are SO lame! Dear God, JER, you hit the jackpot with Lucy! What on earth!!

"Ethan and Jared get into a physical confrontation."

Hopefully it's between the sheets.

"Julian makes Jared an indecent proposal."

Jared better prove he's "good" and not take it.

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It's Passions, baby.

Of course he won't, until he finds out that Theresa and Ethan slept together.

Overall: meh. Call me when someone commits arson.

Edited because "will" and "won't" are, surprisingly enough, not the same. Who knew.

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Thank God Jared doesn't accept.

The spoilers are ok but it goes back to the whole destined couple thing, which is fine for Shuis but in ET's case it is a regression for Theresa. However, now that I know both are drunk and Theresa clearly is confused it makes it a little better but I still hate Ethan and that scum being in bed with her makes me sick.

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