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  1. Other than Christina's meltdown in her wedding dress in the end and Richard finding out the baby was his, I did not like ONE thing about the finale. It was such a downer. Again with the Meredith/Derek drama, and Izzy/George/Callie is just too stupid....Izzy only wants George because he's not available. I hope next seasons premiere episode is an exciting one, so that I can stay interested in this show.
  2. What is Derek's problem with Meredith now? He HAD to have her, knowing full well how *dark and twisty* she was....now it's annoying him to no end and he's ignoring her? Especially with her stepmother just having died and her father disowning her? He's an ASS, and I hope if he hooks up with that bar tramp next season (I heard she was offered 13 episodes) that she does NOT take him back. Ever.
  3. Great episode.....I thought Meredith's story with her father/stepmother was the strongest part of the episode. George and Izzy though, YUCK!
  4. I am SO not liking Izzy right now....she has NO right to talk to George like that about Callie. Even if he is grieving his father and maybe realizes later on down the line he made a mistage in marrying Callie, right now she is what he needs. I just think Izzy is jealous George has someone else now. Last nights episode was ok, I was glad to see Meredith finally realize her life WAS worth living and wanted to be with Derek. And it was great to have Denny back to help her realize that. And the fact that Ellis told Meredith she was *anything but ordinary* before she died was good, Meredith needed that in order to move on.
  5. Running With Scissors (loved it) The Departed (strange ending, but great movie....loved the cast) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (still a Val Kilmer fan) American Dreamz (not so great but my 12 yo enjoyed it) The Last Kiss (good movie) We've all been sick at my house so thats basically all we've been doing is watching movies.
  6. What's this about McDreamy dying? Is that the talk going on? How would he possibly even die? I could see Ellis dying, she has been sick. Another GREAT episode! I loved how everyone was coming together to save Meredith.
  7. I am soooo glad it's Thursday! Can't wait to see how they figure out Meredith is missing and who finds her....and will it be in time?
  8. I am loving this season, but didn't much care for tonites episode. It was kind of all over the place. But I did enjoy Alex and Addison.
  9. Love reading your posts Jean, especially your DWTS ones.

    Very entertaining! :)

  10. kelli_blue can't wait to see Dr. Torres SLAM Dr. Grey into the wall next week!
  11. I was glad Meredith turned Mark down and started over with Derek at the end. I loved the camping scenes with Alex and George *trying* to fight each other. I was so glad George realized somethings amiss with Burkes hand.....looks like he'll question Christina about it next week. Callie and Addison worked well together but how sad about the couple who had to deliver the stillborn baby.
  12. I'm really hoping they hook up this season, they've got great chemistry together! Definitely! And I bet Meredith won't go there with McSteamy....she'd really be a HO if she did and McDreamy would never want her back then.
  13. Derek's behavior is so confusing to me.....he's all over the place with Meredith, with Addison. Is he mad cuz he was played? Does he want Addison back? And why wasn't he happy Meredith said she broke up with Finn? I suppose now we go back to the chase with those two....Meredith dating someone else with Derek jealsous. I'm tired of this endless circle. Other than that, I loved the episode. There are so many different things happening each show with the characters, I LOVE that. It's never boring, that's for sure.
  14. OMG, I *knew* I recognized him from somewhere! Too bad he died though. Another great episode. I loved how George was jealous of Callie's supposed sexy black undies incident, how Meredith decided to date both Finn & McDreamy, how Alex bedded the patient in the bathroom and I laughed at Izzy and her muffins. I'm soooo glad McSteamy showed up to take Addison's pain away. If I'm not mistaken, Derrick looked relieved!
  15. Love, love, LOVED it! It was everything that I hoped it would be and more. It's my new favorite Thursday night show, surpassing even Survivor!!
  16. The Breakup......not a bad movie, but the ending was a letdown. To bad, because I usually like all of Vince and Jen's movies.
  17. I felt the same way. I'm happy with the outcome, both took EXCELLENT pictures!!
  18. It's about time Brooke got the boot! The judges gave her many, many chances and she just couldn't get the posing/modeling thing down. She's just too timid. I just LOVE Joanie, I sure hope she wins!!
  19. I'm so loving Joanie....she OWNED that challenge....I couldn't believe they gave the prize to Jade! It looks like next week she gets her *snaggeltooth* fixed. Yeah! I hope she wins!!
  20. The Longest Yard....I just love Adam Sandler, he's such a great doofus!
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