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  1. Finally at last Part 3 in the Brooke/Adam/Dixie gaslighting saga. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5qFk7VWva4QPDP8jlFtXBh?si=DrHQcpybQ4SnlE8O9_8Ziw
  2. agreed! I always felt nene and kandi rivalry mirrors that of Erica And Brooke without the men.
  3. His other show married to medicine has a very family feel to it. i believe they did in the last year when cosgrove started dating Madison. this. It makes me so mad looking at old episodes, so many wasted opportunities.
  4. Yea I noticed that too! It’s a shame because I feel she has a lot to say. I was a bit confused when she said she left and got offered a part on Port Charles. And if she mentions that movie theater moment one more time lol.
  5. they posted it a hour ago 😘 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CA01_V4pJo7/?igshid=1epcxjd3i6z9m
  6. The Debbi interview just ended. I caught the last 7 minutes. Hope he post it to his page like he did with Vincent’s.
  7. The story of soaps wanna talk about a show for and about women then it’s all my children imo. They should have been the contemporary leaders of what was going on with women in the everyday world. Regarding their homes, the workplace, the medical world, etc https://youtu.be/X9V8n0xtb90 Whatever I did definitely would’ve played on everything she said in this clip @2:30-3:45. I would have enjoyed to see her let loose and head down spiral as the town’s drunk. I Would have married everybody around her and played on that hurt and jealous inside her , maybe even return her teenage bad girl ways. I also honestly would have kept her around Ryan, she need to be with someone younger for awhile. They aged her by pairing her with Adam. They didn’t need any new villains, Liza was their resident baddie who never really grew up imo. She could have hired a Dixie lookalike just to taunt tad (cough) “Di Henry” (cough). As for Fusion, I wanted that to be her new baby. I mean Mia and Greenlee left anyway. We could’ve gotten Liza vs.Erica in business. We also can bring Brooke into the mix with her magazine maybe she’s giving Fusion too much good press and Erica hates it. Ryan secretly working for her as she promises to make him the next Adam Chandler. I would have her go after Jackson because I can’t stand him with Erica. she deserved a true romance finally after so many years. C’mon Marian found true love before her and she set front row to that marriage that’s gotta hurt! What do you give a women who had it all, everything besides the guy that dumped her. So sad she probably would’ve saved that show and they didn’t want that. I liked this one. Happy to see Missy and Josh. Rebecca really thinks people like greenlee and Ryan ?!
  8. he was more reserved than usual imo. well he certainly didn’t lie about this LOL. Even though this is/was my favorite soap. You gotta admit it was a mess and uneven as early as Bianca baby switch. I never could understand how writer after writer just couldn’t get this show right! I remember liking the place all the major stock characters were in around this time too! Liza especially, her character was begging to be moved into a new direction and thought the fusion storyline was the beginning of they she just leaves.
  9. Agreed! She was surely missed too. They could’ve asked his more storyline Questions too. Mines too! But I can tell Jacob is a bit uncomfortable. These things end too Quick lmaobvs.
  10. What better show to give the superstar treatment of reunions than my Golden Soap Opera. Loved both episodes, with Episode two just a bit higher for me. I wish the entire teeN set of 82/83 was apart of this group.
  11. now this is a my kinda reunion 😘 If only they brought tamera on as Laura this wedding would have been epic and ushered Brooke back to the canvas etc.
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