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  1. All this shade 😂🤣😭. Hurry up reunion and season 12.
  2. The internet presence and press this season. I would've bet my last the ratings was larger than this. Definitely julie lol.
  3. Well all that power gets lost when you have the gays in yet another aids/h.i.v storyline
  4. I don't believe pratt is still involved with this show.
  5. Not feeling the direction this show is going in. Only think I like is Fallon and Michael together that's it!
  6. Nah I'm still bored lol but andre is forever bae
  7. Why? What did the co-creator do the soap fans? I haven't really visited the board that often since all my children ended. Yea, I love her too and especially in this role. Are you enjoying her this way? I thought Patti was hilarious lmao.
  8. My cast: bring everyone back besides shaunnie lol. Add two new girls. I can can not stand Kristen and agree with everything Queen OG said about her at the reunion. She wants to be the new Jennifer! as ridiculous Jackie can be I always loved her. Glad she was able to show another side of herself this season hope it keeps up.
  9. I can not believe nobody is talking about this show; it’s ten times the show Empire is TODAY! The music is so so good 🎧🎶. I hope they continue to focus on Star as a solo artist. I like her better that way, it just feels right. It is her journey that brought me to the show in the first place. Hopefully they make Noah the father of her baby they could add much more drama later on. So glad Alex and Simone decided to go there separate ways. I love Simone and Angel as an couple so that’s the only reason I’m not here for her sleeping with Mateo’s wife. Hate they put Alex and Derek back together. She doesn’t deserve him. not sure if I like what happened to Derek’s grandmother but it was shocking. looking forward to all the midtown changes. Carlotta is a true boss, she gonna turn it around. this rivalry between Carlotta and her sister Cassie is just heating up and I’m excited. I’m getting Sydney/Jane(melrose place) vibes from them. whomever decided to make Queen latifah, Patti Labelle, and Brandy Norwood family needs a raise. Genius casting imo. They look good together, They work so well together. Chemistry is A1. Patti gave me the funniest line of the episode in the opening scene. Brandy as a villainous was also an genius move. I do not think she’s ever played a bad guy, it’s so fun seeing her this way. Get your Abby Fairgate on girl.....
  10. It was ok! I just do not care anymore. It has no spark. They wasted too many characters for far too long. Andre’s journey is the only thing I’m sticking around for.
  11. They just needs to leave this show alone. They’re going to keep tempering Until something happens to ruin the legacy.
  12. Do you know off hand which year did. Donna write Another World?
  13. I am sooooo glad you're enjoying the show. I do not see enough knots landing talk anymore. Most people in my offline life have forgotten this show compared to dynasty and dallas. I'm a huge sid/don Murray supporter so season 3 was a hard one for me to get through. Lilimae is in my top 5 fave characters from the series but i never been too crazy about karen. Funny story about ur mom/gram i was raised by a domineering mother which is why karen irritated me so much. Anyhow i am looking forward to ur reactions from season 3 cliffhanger & season 4 mystery starring my second favorite character ciji. Happy viewing!
  14. The show really gets going this season. How are you liking the show so far? Which of the characters/couples are you feeing the most?
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