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  1. This is all true. I don’t know if it was something about the story that was a turn off or was it the vibe had already changed. I personally didn’t like having Janet/Natalie, Stuart/Adam, and Ted/Tad on canvas all at the same time. I personally enjoyed that Goldie storyline at least the first half and Erica being trapped in the mansion. ohh, I had so much hope for the continuation of Ginger Smith’s AMC. She got the show and proved the perfect Ep going forward.
  2. What I find most interesting about the Natalie in the well storyline. Is that it brought in a whole new group of fans while also turning a small group of fans away. I known a few people who felt a story like that didn’t belong in pine valley and found it ridiculous for some many sets of twins to running around all at once a few years later. yes, that was my show. Ginger Smith kinda brought some of that magic back in the 2013 Hulu reboot that I adored.
  3. What set AMC apart imo was its odd mix of themes. They would tackle some Douglas Sirk family melodrama, lighthearted teen romance, serious social issue drama, Comedy and a gothic mystery happening in all one episode. I always thought of AMC as the unconventional soap. Full of quirky characters (Billy Clyde), unusual characters (Noah), every storyline had heart, every character was connected to an major family. The show doesn’t start relying on all the soap tricks into the 90s and nothing too dark happens until the late 90s and early 2000s. And if one soap was all about women and their struggle
  4. Best news I heard all year. I’m not tripping about that premise any real fan and/or talented writer can make that engaging. I’m excited and patiently waiting for the reveal of the cast. Amc was such a special brand of soap that had many different themes combined together, I can honestly see many more reboots coming in the years to come. I’m still waiting on a streaming service to do a Erica Kane rags to riches story, or modernize the young romances of Nina/Cliff, Angie/Jesse, etc. I personally would do a anthology that way I could change up the cast and theme each season. For the
  5. Oh, so sad to hear this news. Thanks for posting.
  6. That was a really nice reunion I definitely enjoyed it more than I expected. Brian was my favorite of Haley boyfriends. I can’t help but get sad while watching these lil reunions not just because the show is gone but amc really wastes their last decade on tv, i have way too many woulda coulda shoulda’s when I think of these characters. I’m cracking up at all these who’s Hunter? Questions Lmao. My man Daniel Colvin was the perfect scene stealing douce. I just looked up the pics and AJ and Hunter 4ever......
  7. Aj definitely should’ve had a fling with a curious Hunter. I saw Rob Wilson’s Pete as a mixture of Opal, Palmer and Tad.
  8. I don’t think they should have recast Silver. Even though we only saw very little of her, I liked vibe and look of the original actress who played Silver. I saw her eventually becoming a threat to Erica for men, fame and fortune. Forget boring Jeremy, Silver was needed for the Travis/Erica/Jackson triangle. Silver could have been saved if the writer’s wanted to but they make everything so easy for Erica.
  9. Really? WoW. I remember loving some of the sets and even the fashion way into 2005-06. The town always had a classy middle class style to it.
  10. Look what I saw on Facebook this morning. Let’s hope hope and pray we see some old favorites, I doubt it. ALL MY CHILDREN FANS! Cameron Mathison announced on his Hallmark network show, 'Home & Family,' that he had finished shooting an 'All My Children' reunion with many of his old costars and friends. It was a two day shoot. Check his show and the show's page sporadically for more details. He said that he would let everyone know when it will be coming out! Stay tuned! #SoapsRule #AMC - Tricia Anne V. Yes, I just watched an episode from 1983 and sh
  11. You guy’s make some valid points about the reunions, Julia Barr and Ray McDonald. I know it’s probably have already been discussed, but how is it that Lynne Thigpen played a Noah’s aunt and Angie’s aunt and the show didn’t make them related? thanks for posting this. I’m about to take a look at it, Kate’s one of my favorites. TPTB also screwed her once they made Ross rape Natalie instead of giving them the super couple treatment. Part 5 (finale) in the Dixie/Adam/Brooke Gaslighting saga.
  12. No I don’t think Julia Barr nor Kelly was apart of that. This could be true I’m definitely getting Constance McCashion vibes.
  13. Yes I understand this was more about Kelly but Julia was not included in the Entertainment weekly reunion or the home & away one from 2017 or even on the view when the show ended.
  14. Why is Jula Barr always mia during reunions? It’s bothering me.
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