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  1. Finally on Cassie’s death. After finally seeing Cassie as a child because of the classics and how hard they fought to get Cassie, it’s really well done and super sad. All three actors: Case, Morrow, and Grimes delivered amazingly. I’m not as down on Morrow as most people, but this is easily the best work of his career. That haunting version of Nadia’s theme after she flatlines...chills. And I know Nick and Sharon love their other kids, but they REALLLLLY loved Cassie. I hate that it was the catalyst to PHICK, who is probably my least favorite soap pairing.
  2. It really is nothing but a B team now outside of Shannon. The trailer did nothing for me.
  3. Nobody mentioned Peter Bergman grew the swoop back out?! I saw a screenshot on my DVR. Watching the classics I couldn’t believe what an amazing head of hair that man had in the 80’s and 90’s.
  4. I wanted to also add that Sami in town without EJ, has proven what a noose around her neck that pairing was. She finally feels like Sami for the first time since Sami found about EJ and Abby's affair. Good god I could not dislike Nu-Claire more if I tried. And of course they brrought her out to prop Ben.
  5. I have to say I've been binging the show the last two days, and Days really is firing on all cylinders right now. I haven't enjoyed it this much in months. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sami was ABSOLUTELY the spark the show needed. I would love to see John and Marlena's hospital bills. They're literally in there for weeks at a time every two months.
  6. RHOP Wendy came in way too hot. It wasn’t cute.
  7. I was first exposed to her when Y&R was airing the classics and while I love Eileen, I was instantly drawn to Brenda. Would happily welcome a return if Eileen won’t commit. Ashley needs to be on canvas.
  8. Omg yes! At least a year! Lucas belongs on canvas and now Kate has two of her baby boys.
  9. Love that the show has had Hope finally mention Zack. I feel like it's been years since we've heard any mention of him. That was such a powerful storyline. Why the hell did Ciara come out of the bathroom
  10. I can't say enough good things about bringing Sami back and immediately putting her back up against Nicole. The rivalry has also revitalized Nicole immensely from the sobbing mess they had made her for years. It's also a natural rivalry that's been going on for what 20 years? These two should NEVER be friendly ever. I just need some more Kate and Sami and I'll be as happy can be. Also love having JKJ back as Phillip, as he's really the only actor I actually consider Phillip. Kyle Brandt was TERRIBLE, and the less we say about JPL as Phillip the better.
  11. Brandi isn’t wrong but she’s bitter she’s not getting a diamond yet again.
  12. Jan with Heather Lindell?! Omg!! JJ is back?!! I groaned at seeing lifeless Marci Miller as Abby. I dunno why the show didn’t do everything they could to keep Kate Mansi.
  13. They really did a disservice completely ignoring the Will and Chad relationship for what seems like years at this point
  14. I loved Dorinda saying not that thin to Ramona. I loved it because Ramona is on the same cast with god damn Luann, who has aged far better and more naturally and looks incredible, and somehow has convinced herself she’s the best looking person in the cast.
  15. They really do. Making Amanda so damn boring though was a huge mistake.
  16. I forgot Joey is in prison for one murder, while Ben got to get married.
  17. I’ve never cared about Tripp at all.
  18. This is excellent news. Sami has been the perfect spark of energy the show needed.
  19. Holy sh.it this just made my damn day.
  20. They were never really friends. Mutual hatred of someone doesn’t equal a real bond.
  21. I’m so heartbroken about ChiChi. She always came across as so genuine and kind. 34 is way too young.
  22. I don’t have much else to add except Brandi is SO desperate to get back on this show it’s pathetic. And the rest of the cast knows it, they don’t even like her but are so happy she can help with the Denise takedown to try and keep their hands clean which is backfiring. If Bravo actually rewards Brandi by giving her her diamond back for this bull, I will not be watching. I can happily walk away from RHOBH. RHONY: Dorinda has to go. Her inability to take any accountability at all is disturbing and not fun to watch. How could anyone get enjoyment out of a cast having to walk on eggshells around one cast member’s rage? Like Dorinda somehow made me support fuc.kin Ramona whom I loathe.
  23. It really is a shame that because Kyle is a producer, she was able to completely spew this bulls.hit that Brandi never lies ever. I’m so happy this dumbass season is over.
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