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  1. PLEASE GET RID OF TESSA. The woman playing the role is beyond awful to watch. Already tired of Sharon and Ray having sex.
  2. It just feels so weird that Tonya Lee Williams will not be returning.
  3. YES nuNate lol what do you mean? I must've missed this
  4. I actually had no clue she was travelling that far, but reading your previous post, it definitely puts a better perspective.
  5. I have to say New Nate looks much better than the current one. https://www.instagram.com/seandominic55/?hl=en Loved Sandra Nelson
  6. Wouldn't say she was tremendous, but the writers did her no favour.
  7. Damn. Now Victoria Rowell is definitely never coming back.
  8. I think AMC/OLTL owns this thread. I wasn't a regular viewer, but the show did a great job. Loved Heather Tom as Kelly.
  9. The JT story did start off well. I'm personally not going to take that back. JT was off the canvas long enough for the story to work. However, when they decided to speed it up and "kill off JT," it went off the rails. I feel sorry that Thad Luckinbill had to come back for this though. He was excellent throughout the initial story.
  10. Holy crap the classic cues are making up like 90% of my enjoyment lol. The ones used in the hospital, and the ones with the silliness with Kerry/Jack were great.
  11. I binged Titans on Netflix. Not sure how I feel about it.
  12. The Run Ro is hilarious. Obviously what they did was not, but this cracked me up.
  13. Erika looked good here. Wish there was more of her in this
  14. Great news! Just write him better please. Lol I agree that we DO NOT need GR back. Kevin can stay gone
  15. I definitely agree with that. I believe Devon holds owns the entire building. The Rosales haven't annoyed me as much as when they first came on this week. My problem was that they were forced on to GC in ludicrous scenarios and the writing was unbearable. Now, it's a bit better. If they were introduced better, those scenes with Mia and Rey breakup would have been more impactful.
  16. I would love to see the original Newman ranch and Chancellor estate again. IMO, those were timeless sets and should have never been destroyed. I even prefer Neil/Dru's apartment to that boring space Devon is in.
  17. She seems like a confident actress and good person, but pairing her with Jack did her no favours IMO
  18. I really don't care much for Lola at all. I too miss the darker court room set.
  19. Catching up on the show, and the musical scores has totally elevated the material. The scenes with Christine interrogating Phylis, and that score that was used. Daaamn I missed it. LOVED MTS episode tribute. Very well done. I wasn't expecting that at all.
  20. Yeah Y&R is going to have to go all out and make sure the writing is top notch (as it should be) since all eyes will be watching. I’m loving the outpouring of love and support for Kristoff.
  21. The music in today's episode makes these stupid stories somewhat bearable. Y&R's classic score is unbeatable. Also, that end montage with KSJ just floored me. Can't believe he's gone. 😞
  22. That CG clip was all sorts of cuteness! Also, damn how I miss THIS Y&R. The music, writing, acting, and that apartment, I loved it.
  23. Too soon, and unnecessary. Part of the success of Y&R IMO was that a lot of the core actors remained on the show. They became family. Recasting KSJ would be a slap in the face.
  24. WORD. That scene between Neil/Olivia, so sad. TLW is such an amazing actress and continues to be a great person. If anyone needs to return, it's her. I know a lot of people didn't like it (for good reason), but I also miss seeing Neil's apartment. The sets were so much richer. Lastly, that Sabryn Genet tweet surprised me. I've always said she is one character that should come back.
  25. I came here just to say that. 100% agree. Today was tolerable.
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