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  1. I'm addicted to achievement so the fact that my status is set at "apprentice" when I've posted 1,564 times since 2013 is driving me nuts.  If you hear someone screaming, "I used to be a contract player.." it's me.

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I have 16,000+ posts since 2005 (not counting two years on the "old" board before that), and I'm a "Rookie," so I feel you. I didn't have a single hair on my ass when I first got here, but I'm a Rookie.

    2. Errol


      I'm working on getting this corrected. Hopefully will have a solution soon enough.

    3. j swift

      j swift

      @ErrolThanks for your reply and please note that I am grateful for the community that you've curated.  The status thing does not divert from the entertainment I get from reading so many people's fascinating discourse on the daytime genre.

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