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  1. I have been watching the final season of the old 60's sitcom Hazel. I read that Ray Fulmer who played Steve Baxter that final season was on Somerset. Fulmer also played the role of Lee Gantry on Guiding Light in the late 60's/early 70's. Lynn Borden who played Fulmer's wife Barbara Baxter on Hazel is listed as having a role on General Hospital in the early 60's.
  2. 1979-83 period also included the 1981 storyline of Victor going psycho over Julia and building the bomb shelter in basement and locking Michael in. I think they also had him serve him rats on a platter like Baby Jane. Eve Howard also turned up to try and kill Victor in 1983 and Victor faked his death.
  3. Those vintage Nikki clips are great. I cracked up when Addison was doing his heart attack and final collapse in the hotel room. Someone posted that it reminded them of something that Harvey Korman would have done of the Carol Burnett Show......LOL According to IMDB ,Paul Savior who played Walter Addison is a soap veteran appearing on several shows dating back to Love of Life in the 60's.
  4. A while back when the 1974 Y&R episode was posted there were several people asking who was the actress who played Katherine's maid Teresa. Today I was watching a 1970 episode of Adam-12 and she popped up. Her name is Ann Morrison. IMDB lists she died in 1978. In the A-12 episode she played a woman who's house is broken into. It turns out it was a member of her bridge groups son. The son was played by Butch Patrick and his mother was played by GH's Norma Connolly who had a theft raquet going to keep up her ritzy lifefestyle. Also according to IMDB Ann played a character named Mrs. Nelson on GH in 1971.
  5. According to the cast list, Tom at this time was played by Paul "O'Keefe who was Ross on the Patty Duke Show. I also noticed Dan was being played by Stephen Mines. Stephen played Moondoggie on the 1965-66 series Gidget with Sally Field. I saw that Mines is on eBay selling autograph photos from his career and wood crafted items he makes in his workshop. Someone should email him and ask about his time on ATWT.
  6. I remember years ago seeing a black and white christmas flashback when Ellen was remembering David. Maybe that episode is still intact somewhere.
  7. I ran across this trailer for a 1969 canadian film called 'Explosion" starring a very young Gordon Thomson. Don Stroud also appears. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=lzx5fZfElL8
  8. I know it's kind of freaky. People looked so much older back then. Most of the cast at that time were in their 20's and they looked so much older and sophisticated than what 20 somethings do now. Robert Colbert who played Stuart was 42 when the show started. Dorothy Green who played Jennifer was 11 years older than Bob. Speaking of Donnelly Rhodes, I remember seeing the scene where Kay was drunk and signed the divorce papers and noticed he has this Kennedy accent thing going on. I remember he had a line that went " Kay, I told you when I telephoned you".....and I could picture one of the Kennedy's saying something like that.
  9. That's how Considine words it in his book. I know Kay was said to of first appeared in November 73, I just wonder who the Chancellors interacted with prior to Jill. Did they just appear in sole scenes together as a couple with their marriage on the rocks or did they have dealings with other characters like the Brooks ? In the January 1974 filmed episode Jill talks about having done Kay's hair after the other girl had problems with her, but I doubt 2 or more months had elapsed sine they first met.
  10. I did a little research and found out why John Considine was released from Y&R as the original Phillip Chancellor. I found out he had written an autobiography of his life and looked at the preview sample on amazon. He said when Jeanne was cast (who he referred to as the fabulous Jeanne Cooper and the anchor that has kept Y&R going), they thought he looked way too young to be her husband and started applying heavy makeup to him look older. He said within weeks they gave him his walking papers. He said he had never been fired from a job and it hurt him to lose Y&R. He then tells an amusing story of being cast on Bright Promise. He said another actor who he refused to name on the show convinced him to smoke pot before taping in his dressing room. They were taping live and he had a scene in the lab where he was telling another character the latin names of the rodents. He said when he got to the last name he couldn't remember and started to mentally freak out. He said he almost said cunnilingus as the name because the word kept popping in his head. He said he made up name and got through the scene some how....LOL After that he said he never use any mind altering substance again before a performance. He did mention Tony Geary was on the show with him ( I wonder if he was the pot pusher hmmmm).
  11. You are not the only one that has watched this multiple times. I love the background music, especially the theme playing when Jill is looking at the magazine daydreaming before Hazel comes in. I could put that on a loop and listen to it over and over. I remember them using most of the 70's themes on up to the 90's. It's a shame they got stupid and dumped them. I started watching the show as a child around 1979/80. The opening credits with the sketches was used up till 1988 when artist Sandy DeVore retired and they switched to the live action shots. They have kept Sandy's Y&R logo that debuted around 1984. I wondered that too if the Brooks wanted to help the Fosters. I know Stuart wanted to help Snapper & Chris many times, but Snapper's pride wouldn't let him accept charity. Stuart & Snapper were often at odds due to the fact that Snapper fathered Sally's baby out of wedlock. Stuart also felt that Greg was the better match for his daughter Chris and encouraged him to persue her several times over the years. There was a stupid soryline in the early 80's where Chris wanted new furniture and Stuart gave Chris the money to redecorate. Snapper had a fit and I think she wound up having to take everything back. Stuart also suggested one time she and Snapper move into the Brooks home and he get himself a place to live. Snapper told him to shove it.
  12. I forgot to ask, since Kay made her debut in November 1973, did she interact with any of the other characters on the show prior to meeting Jill ? Did Kay know the Brooks at this point ? I think it would have been interesting had she been friends with Jennifer.
  13. Alphanguy74 Thank you so much for this awesome episode. I love everything about it. Hearing the vintage lush background music makes me sad they no longer use it on the show. Little did Kay know that the minute Jill stepped foot in her home, her life would never be the same again. I wonder why they replaced John Considine as Phillip ? If he had stayed in the role, they could have gotten his brother Tim to play his brother on the show. I noticed that it being taped live the Mrs.Foster/Mrs.Chancellor flub by Brenda and the music edit when they skipped ahead to the part of the song they wanted to finish the closing scene with Jill.
  14. I hope some more 70's episodes show up. I would love to see Leslie's mental breakdown episodes and Nikki & Greg Fosters 1979 complete wedding in the Brooks house even though I never cared for Wings Hauser. I wonder if Nikki & Greg may have lasted longer if James Houghton had stayed in the role.
  15. Thanks for the classic episode. I agree, Jennifer coming out of it was creepy. The way she was moaning and crying was chilling and Snapper trying to talk to her and pulling her hand off her chest. Dorothy Green should have won an award for her performances during this storyline. I can't believe Bill Bell got rid of her and killed off the character just a few years later. Lorie had her nerve talking to Leslie that way after she caused her to have a mental breakdown. Janice Lynde was so good. Victoria Mallory in the role was mediocre at best. Top notch acting all around.
  16. Isn't the guy playing Lois boyfriend the one who played Pee Wee in the Porky's movies ?
  17. Thanks for the info. Gwen sleeping in her office sounds off the wall and the entire plot complicated. I figured he was short lived since he didn't have a whole lot from DOOL posted. I mainly remember him being one of those teen stars that made the guest rounds like Clark Brandon and Greg Bradford who's careers were short lived and now long forgotten.
  18. Your right, it was one clip. I thought it was two since they were different scenes strung together. The other clips listed are from his other TV appearances. That clip from that movie he did with Jennifer Jason Leigh in a bad wig is 80's after school specials at it's campiest.
  19. LOL at being grossed out. Yes, she and Nick would of been good. I never understood why the show didn't just put Bob & Kim together after Dan's death instead of putting her with Nick and him with Miranda.
  20. I saw an old episode of The Facts Of Life and saw the boy Jo was studying/going out with was played by Shawn Stevens. I looked him up ( I look up just about every actor on old shows to see what their up to now) and found a recent article about him. He is a Mormon and talked about his career and how he left it behind in the late 80's. He said he was interested in coming back to acting. He has grown children and grand children now. He has a you tube page where he has posted some of his work including 2 segments of when he was on DOOL circa 1982. I never watched Days (was always a Y&R/CBS soap watcher), but the clips had him arguing with his sister who appeared to be some sort of a trouble maker. She was calling his character Oliver. What was the storyline about and was it short lived ?
  21. Whit was played by Robert Horton who was a popular TV star in the 50's/60's western series Wagon Train. I have seen reruns of the show. Women back then considered him hot stuff. Yeah, that stuff with Craig was weird and over the top. I was just a kid back then and it drove me up the wall. Here is a pic of a young Robert Horton aka Whit McColl
  22. I agree. The makeup they were using looked horrible as well. It has an almost reddish purple tint to it. In the 80's it got better with the sets and makeup. I can see why Y&R in the 70's shocked viewers with it lavishly decorated sets, flashy wardrobe and background music. A lot of soaps were still using organ music. I saw the 1974 episodes of GH and it came across kind of old fashioned and a bit cheesy. Compare it to the 1975 Y&R episode and it's like a whole new soap universe. Now days Y&R is considered the old fashioned soap.
  23. I remember Teri and liked her too. She was playing Frannie when they introduced Marcy (Marisa Tomei). I will give credit to Julianne for not forgetting her soap roots. Meg Ryan is pathetic for dissing the show. I read an interview one time with Michael Park and he said he was doing a stage show and met Meg. He commented he was on ATWT her old stomping grounds. He said she looked like she could run right through him.....LOL Lindsey Frost reminded me of Lindsay Wagner.
  24. Your not going to believe this, but I was going to post the exact same thing about Lisa going after David. That would have been an awesome storyline. Don screwing Ellen is too funny. Who did you have in mind as the recast ? Conard Fowkes was good as Don. Ed Fry who played Larry did a series of commercials with Mary Ellen Stuart (Frannie) for Rooms To Go for close to 15 years. I really liked Mary Ellen as Frannie. I didn't care for Julianne Moore at all. I still don't like her all that much as an actress and never thought she was attractive.
  25. The actress playing Betsy's friend is actress Diane Franklin. She was a popular 80's actress. She did a hilarious movie called Better Off Dead with John Cusack. She played a exchange student from France and was staying with a weird overweight boy and his mom. She was struck on John's character who lived across the street. There was a school dance scene where the overweight boy was slinging her around like a rag doll on the dance floor.....LOL
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