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  1. Wasn't Julia Duffy of Newhart fame on this soap ? I think she played the daughter of Liz Hubbard's character.
  2. I agree that the interview was not that great. He was having a lot of problems by that point. I wish he hadn't gotten sick and was still here writing the show. He's probably turning in his grave at what they have done to Y&R and it's history. The Kay Alden interview was better in giving a little more detail about history, characters, actors etc.....One thing I seem to remember though was she said Melody Thomas Scott joined the show around 1976, but she didn't come on till February 1979.
  3. I agree. I noticed even as early as 1994 Bill was starting to have problems. In the 50 Years Of Soaps celebration there was a short interview talking about the Jennifer Brooks mastectomy story from 1975 and Bill was kind of stammering when discussing it.
  4. I saw an interview with Bill Bell a long time ago where he said he wrote Kay Chancellor months in advance and knew she would debut in November and Laurie Brooks in December 1973. Since soaps tape in advance, maybe Jeanne taped her first scenes in October. The Daytime TV mags use to be published every few months, so I assume Jeanne was written about in late 1973 (probably December) and the magazine was published and hit stores in Jan 1974. One thing I noticed in the Bill Bell interview for the Academy, he was asked the question about pulling the show off the air after a few months because he didn't get the instant ratings. They told him Jeanne Cooper said that and he said no offense to Jeanne that was bull and he never intended that and knew the show would be a hit by the following year. Then I read an old 1976 article later where he said he DID intend to pull the show at first......I say Bill either forgot, didn't want to remember he said that, or didn't remember due to his alzheimers. In the interview he looked uncomfortable and was having trouble in certain spots remembering some things.
  5. I went back and read that part in the book and she just say's Phillip was played by John Considine who was promptly replaced. She said she didn't think to ask why. In an interview about the book, she said the thing about them running lines and she was told no need to do that he was no longer playing Phillip. I would really like to know why they replaced him. Since it has been 40 years, we will probably never know unless John Considine tells the story himself.
  6. The funny thing about her saying he was fired her first day is I know for a fact I saw a scene with her and Considine in the Chancellor living room. She had long hair at the time. Maybe since it had been so long she forgot. It didn't look like a screen test, but an actual scene from an episode. They were talking and I seem to recall she had a glass in her hand.
  7. Yes she does. There is a chapter called co-stars toward the end and she gives her thougths on them. They are mainly the ones in the current cast like Braeden, MTS, Jess, Doug Davidson etc.........She talks about when they came on the show and her relationship with them. It's a great book.
  8. I assume that Kay and Jenn knew each other since they were from GC society. I remember reading a synopsis from 1976 that talked about Bill and Liz remarrying and that Stu and Jenn gave them a gift of a honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Kay was mentioned as being upset because she had fallen for Bill Foster herself. It would be interesting to find some stuff of them interacting. I do remember one cast photo on the stairs and Jeanne is standing next to Dorothy Green. I read Jeanne Cooper's new book and she talked about her first day on the Y&R set. She said the cast came out to greet her and welcome her to the show. She said she was touched by how nice everyone was and was afraid she wouldn't be able to remember all their names. She said she then heard a familiar voice and looked up and across the room William Gray Espy (Snapper # 1) greeted her with a big hug. She said they had met and become friends on a movie they did the year before with Raquel Welch. She had gotten him a massage because since he wasn't the main star of the film, the higher ups ignored him.He was doing some physical stuff playing a hockey player. She said William turned to everyone and said "this woman can get things done that you wouldn't believe". She then said one cast member that instantly caught her attention was a little spitfire named Brenda Dickson. She later talked about how Brenda and her first didn't get along and then later became friends. Brenda was showing up late and acting like a Diva. Her stories were hilarious. She said she asked Brenda in one rehearsal to pick up a coat and Brenda took an attitude and acted as if she had asked her to wash and kiss her ass......LOL Jeanne also mentioned that when she showed up on the first day, she met John Considine (Phillip # 1) and they started running lines, when John Conboy(I think it was) walked up and said there is no need to do that, he will no longer be playing Phillip. She said she felt so horrible for him that they had fired him on the spot like that. She also discussed being close friends with Julianna McCarthy (Liz). As far as the other 70's cast members, she talked about how sweet they all were and how Y&R became a safe haven for her when her marriage was falling apart. Later in the book she talks about being close with a number of cast member particularly Terry Lester.
  9. One thing about the early days of Y&R, did Katherine ever interact with Jennifer Brooks ? I have seen group cast photos of them together, but never the two by themselves or any storyline synopsis of Kay & Jenn. I was always curious if Dorothy Green and Jeanne Cooper had a good off screen relationship since they were both old school actresses that did a ton of movie and tv work before Y&R.
  10. I think Krista Tesreau (original Mindy GL) would have been a good Patty Williams recast on Y&R instead of that mess we wound up with.
  11. One can hope they get a new opening. They need something classic old school.
  12. The old background music was awesome. I wish Y&R did pretty much wipe it from the show. It really set the tone for the show. I also loved the old line drawing sketch openings. With Y&R's 40th anniversary coming up, they should have had the white background brought back with the Y&R logo being drawn and as the sketches start coming across the screen, they would turn into a real live shots of the actors and then at the end the live shots would freeze and turn back into a group photo line drawings with the title and logo at the end.
  13. The Rex & Leanna relationship was a hoot. Leanna was a great campy character. I still remember when she tried to kill Ashley for marrying Dr. Lassiter (Played by Rod Arrants). I never understood why they killed him off the doctor either. Eileen Davidson said she loved working with Rod and wish they hadn't killed him off. After his death Eileen left the show and Brenda Epperson replaced her. I agree about the early Nikki footage. It seems like 1973-1982 material from the show is hard to find. There are tons of stuff from other soaps like GH, OLTL on you tube from that time period, but not Y&R. I saw the 3 1975 episodes and some short scenes and clips, but no other full length episodes at all. I wish some complete Nikki & Greg episodes and Victor & Julia episodes would surface.
  14. WOW !!!. thanks for those promos CarlD2, especialy that one from 1979 of Nikki. Nick Reed tried to rape her after he became enraged of her relationship with Greg Foster. She and Greg married shortly after this in the Brooks house. I bet it was a little odd for Melody later when Quinn Redeker came back to play Rex Sterling after having played Nikki's father a few years before. One of the few mistakes Bill Bell made was killing off Rex. He was the best husband Katherine had. Jeanne Cooper even said this in interviews. On the show they always have her raving about her love of Phillip, who in reality didn't want her. Bill Bell said another regret was not keeping Tom Selleck on the show.
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