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  1. Thanks for the info. Gwen sleeping in her office sounds off the wall and the entire plot complicated. I figured he was short lived since he didn't have a whole lot from DOOL posted. I mainly remember him being one of those teen stars that made the guest rounds like Clark Brandon and Greg Bradford who's careers were short lived and now long forgotten.
  2. Your right, it was one clip. I thought it was two since they were different scenes strung together. The other clips listed are from his other TV appearances. That clip from that movie he did with Jennifer Jason Leigh in a bad wig is 80's after school specials at it's campiest.
  3. LOL at being grossed out. Yes, she and Nick would of been good. I never understood why the show didn't just put Bob & Kim together after Dan's death instead of putting her with Nick and him with Miranda.
  4. I saw an old episode of The Facts Of Life and saw the boy Jo was studying/going out with was played by Shawn Stevens. I looked him up ( I look up just about every actor on old shows to see what their up to now) and found a recent article about him. He is a Mormon and talked about his career and how he left it behind in the late 80's. He said he was interested in coming back to acting. He has grown children and grand children now. He has a you tube page where he has posted some of his work including 2 segments of when he was on DOOL circa 1982. I never watched Days (was always a Y&R/CBS soap watcher), but the clips had him arguing with his sister who appeared to be some sort of a trouble maker. She was calling his character Oliver. What was the storyline about and was it short lived ?
  5. Whit was played by Robert Horton who was a popular TV star in the 50's/60's western series Wagon Train. I have seen reruns of the show. Women back then considered him hot stuff. Yeah, that stuff with Craig was weird and over the top. I was just a kid back then and it drove me up the wall. Here is a pic of a young Robert Horton aka Whit McColl
  6. I agree. The makeup they were using looked horrible as well. It has an almost reddish purple tint to it. In the 80's it got better with the sets and makeup. I can see why Y&R in the 70's shocked viewers with it lavishly decorated sets, flashy wardrobe and background music. A lot of soaps were still using organ music. I saw the 1974 episodes of GH and it came across kind of old fashioned and a bit cheesy. Compare it to the 1975 Y&R episode and it's like a whole new soap universe. Now days Y&R is considered the old fashioned soap.
  7. I remember Teri and liked her too. She was playing Frannie when they introduced Marcy (Marisa Tomei). I will give credit to Julianne for not forgetting her soap roots. Meg Ryan is pathetic for dissing the show. I read an interview one time with Michael Park and he said he was doing a stage show and met Meg. He commented he was on ATWT her old stomping grounds. He said she looked like she could run right through him.....LOL Lindsey Frost reminded me of Lindsay Wagner.
  8. Your not going to believe this, but I was going to post the exact same thing about Lisa going after David. That would have been an awesome storyline. Don screwing Ellen is too funny. Who did you have in mind as the recast ? Conard Fowkes was good as Don. Ed Fry who played Larry did a series of commercials with Mary Ellen Stuart (Frannie) for Rooms To Go for close to 15 years. I really liked Mary Ellen as Frannie. I didn't care for Julianne Moore at all. I still don't like her all that much as an actress and never thought she was attractive.
  9. The actress playing Betsy's friend is actress Diane Franklin. She was a popular 80's actress. She did a hilarious movie called Better Off Dead with John Cusack. She played a exchange student from France and was staying with a weird overweight boy and his mom. She was struck on John's character who lived across the street. There was a school dance scene where the overweight boy was slinging her around like a rag doll on the dance floor.....LOL
  10. A few random thoughts: I never liked Yvonne Perry or the Roseanna character at all. I couldn't believe she won an award after being on for a short time. I got fed up with the show and stopped watching around 1998. I always thought Hillary B. Smith was an excellent Margo, but didn't care for Ellen Dolan all that much. Glynnis O'Connor was just gross as Margo. Most viewers feel Hal was the best mate for Barbara, but I liked her best with Gunnar. It seems like the show didn't know what to do with Babs brother Rick Ryan. It would of been interesting to see what he would have been like if he had remained on the show. I loved Bob and Kim. I always remember that scene where Kim was crying and telling Bob she always loved him from the minute she laid eyes on him and that she never stopped. She also confessed how she set up their meeting when they had the affair years earlier.
  11. Speaking of Justin Deas, I remember one time reading an interview with Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) where she was discussing her early days on the show and and she said something like Margaret Colin was my Margo and Justin Deas was my Tom. Ok, she is right about Colin as Margo, but her romance was with Tom Tammi's version of Tom Hughes. I don't recall her being involved with Jusin Deas Tom. By the time he came on, she was married to James and he cheated on her with Margo. Then Gunnar came into the picture and he and Babs fell in love.
  12. I think the actor playing Tom (Tom Tammi) in the 1979 clip would have made a good recast for Snapper on Y&R. He resembles William Gray Espy. David Hasselhoff was annoying.
  13. I read somewhere that William Gray Espy who played the original Snapper Foster on Y&R and Mitch Blake on AW is back living in his hometown of Dothan, Alabama. Supposedly Trish Stewart who played Chris Brooks Foster is living in Hot Springs, Arkansas & Pamela Peters Solow who played Peggy Brooks is living in NY. I saw a bit of the Paley Center interview with the Y&R cast and when Melody Thomas Scott was taking questions, Roberta Leighton who played her sister Casey Reed stood up and asks why doesn't Nikki call her sister and surprised Melody. Melody remarked " I haven't seen or talked to you in years" and said she wanted her number after the show and would call her. Melody kind of acted a bit snotty. She also couldn't name all of Nikki's husbands......LOL Lilibet Stern who played Patty Williams Abbott 1980-1983 now goes by her married name of Lilibet Iken. If you google her you can see how she looks today. She also owns some sort of business.
  14. The weird thing is, a ton of stuff from GH, GL, OLTL, SFT and Days has turned up from early home video recordings from like 1977-1982. I would assume there were people/fans taping Y&R as well at this time.
  15. I get frustrated by the lack of episodes and clips of the 1973-1983 period. I have already seen what is already on you tube. I wish some episodes would surface of Nikki & Greg Foster's marriage, Victor and the dungeon. Leslie Brooks mental break down etc...... I remember a few years ago there was a promo that was missing nearly all of it for Y&R around 1980. It was only uploaded for maybe a month before it was removed. It had a voice over that said something like " In Genoa City a young couples marriage is in trouble" and it was a scene of Nikki and Greg playing pinball and Greg looked skeezy and had on a running jacket unzipped without a shirt on. Nikki had on one of those sun dresses ala Val Ewing from Knots. Nikki was asking Greg why he was acting weird and he had a flashback to a court scene. She went to get something and he was asking himself if Nikki was lying to him. Before the N&G scene there was a quick glimpse of a scene where there was a door slamming and Julia Newman was sitting in fron of the mirror as the sad vintage background music was playing and she dropped her head and started to cry. I assume she and Victor had an argument.
  16. I will always remember this explosive storyline. I still laugh at when Kim asks Bob if he used protection with Susan and Bob say's somwthing like " I didn't exactly go there with a box of condoms and Kim goes into a rant about Susan's past and all the men she's been with and him catching something.....LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8-PGnKPHdA
  17. I wish footage would surface of when Kim arrives and meets Bob from around 1972. When they would show flashbacks, they would only air their early 80's reconnection. I always remember that scene where Kim tells Bob she has always loved him and never stopped.
  18. I have set my DVR for Sale Of The Century. I use to watch it when it was on the air back in the day. I have been watching Press Your Luck and Super Password. It will be nice to see some fresh episodes from those two. I wish they would get some more Dick Clark Pyramid shows. It seems like every week I see the same old episodes with Charlie Seibert, Nipsey Russell or Earl Holliman. They made a career out of just doing these shows.
  19. I'm not saying it is for sure. I was just told that several years ago on another message board. It does have the same kind of layout. The Brooks house was one of the first sets I remember as a small child. The double doors that came into the foyer always stuck in my mind. There was a porthole window near the piano and a stained glass window at the top of staircase. I have a fondness for more traditional style homes and decor. The Williams home is another set I miss seeing. Nikki and Victor's new house is crappy. Someone said the front door reminds them of an 80's dressing room in a department store......LOL
  20. Thanks for the article Carl. It's a shame that Y&R did away with those sets. I think the Forrester house on B&B is the Brooks home set with the windows and doors changed. I always thought it would have been interesting that after the ranch burned, they had Victor buy the old Brooks home and he and Nikki live there. That new place Victor built has no class.
  21. I have never liked Nick or Sharon. I think they have hogged up the air time for decades. Everytime some 30ish character is introduced, they are thrown into that pairs storyline and it's non stop screwing and musical beds. Like they have recently done with Steve Burton and Jessica Collins. I always thought Joshua Morrow's acting sucked like a Hoover.
  22. Wasn't Julia Duffy of Newhart fame on this soap ? I think she played the daughter of Liz Hubbard's character.
  23. I agree that the interview was not that great. He was having a lot of problems by that point. I wish he hadn't gotten sick and was still here writing the show. He's probably turning in his grave at what they have done to Y&R and it's history. The Kay Alden interview was better in giving a little more detail about history, characters, actors etc.....One thing I seem to remember though was she said Melody Thomas Scott joined the show around 1976, but she didn't come on till February 1979.
  24. I agree. I noticed even as early as 1994 Bill was starting to have problems. In the 50 Years Of Soaps celebration there was a short interview talking about the Jennifer Brooks mastectomy story from 1975 and Bill was kind of stammering when discussing it.
  25. I saw an interview with Bill Bell a long time ago where he said he wrote Kay Chancellor months in advance and knew she would debut in November and Laurie Brooks in December 1973. Since soaps tape in advance, maybe Jeanne taped her first scenes in October. The Daytime TV mags use to be published every few months, so I assume Jeanne was written about in late 1973 (probably December) and the magazine was published and hit stores in Jan 1974. One thing I noticed in the Bill Bell interview for the Academy, he was asked the question about pulling the show off the air after a few months because he didn't get the instant ratings. They told him Jeanne Cooper said that and he said no offense to Jeanne that was bull and he never intended that and knew the show would be a hit by the following year. Then I read an old 1976 article later where he said he DID intend to pull the show at first......I say Bill either forgot, didn't want to remember he said that, or didn't remember due to his alzheimers. In the interview he looked uncomfortable and was having trouble in certain spots remembering some things.
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