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  1. A new episode of All My Children - The Future is up! It's where Tad and Dixie reunite with Jenny and Kathy!Comments and feedback are welcomed!

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      omg i luvv you.as you can tell..im a fan of TnD [MEK&Cady] <3 ur awesome :I

  2. After Tad pulled the car into the driveway, at there new house The Martin House (1219 Hillcrest Drive) and parked before coming around and opening her door, Dixie misted up a bit at the sight of the house. Walking up to the entrance, she smiled when Tad got the keys out and unlocked the door, but when he walked into the foyer leaving her to follow, she stood pouting on the porch, arms crossed. "Hey..aren't you forgetting something?" - Dixie. "Oh yeah, sorry about baby" - Tad. Tad smiled and laughed a bit. He then got Dixie, closed the car door and picked up Dixie, carrying her into their new house and puts her down. "Well here we are Dixie, OUR new home. Me,ma, and the girls moved in weeks ago so we got everything settled. Lets go into the kitchen and make dinner. I'll do the cesar salad with sweet dressing, you can do the lausugana"- Tad. "Alright..sounds good.." - Dixie. Tad and Dixie walked into the kitchen. Dixie checked the fridge, pantry and cupboards but frowned. "Hmmm..well unless you wanna make a run to the store, doesn't seem like my main course is gonna fly tonight..we could do just, plain old spaghetti if you want?" - Dixie. "That would be a great idea but now may not be a good time since the girls are coming home" - Dixie. "Now, I don't see any canned sauce but..oooh hey I got it!" - Dixie. "What is it?" - Tad. Cutting through the kitchen to the den and then the back door, Dixie went in the yard and noticed Joe's vegetable garden was still intact "Ha, perfect..Turns out your dad's garden was pretty well kept all this time. Looks like we got a pretty main ingredient anyway..." - Dixie. "Well let's get cooking Dixie. I'm liking how this'll turn out" - Tad. Smiling she tossed the tomato in the air gently and caught it, before she went and rinsed it in the sink and afterward, diced it. "How you coming with your dish though, honey?" - Dixie. "My dish is coming along well. Just putting in the curtons, this is gonna taste good Dixie!And the icing on the salad!Yum yum!" Tad spread the dressing all over the salad and curtons. He grabbed the orange and white cheese, including the slicer just slicing the cheese over the salad, curtons and dressing. "Well..take that gorgeous dish of your's and toss it in the fridge Master Chef Martin. This sauce isn't completely finished yet." - Dixie. She said, and put it on low heat and stirred it a bit before walking away from the stove and over to Tad, wrapping her arms around him from behind. "Mmm..you know though who's even more delicious than that salad though.." - Dixie. "Tell me...what is it?" - Tad. She purred, standing on her tiptoes to whisper and nip at his ear a bit. "Care to work up an appetite before dinner...?" - Dixe. "Mmmmm..... sure, I love to give you an appitite" - Tad. Tad picks up Dixie and carry's her upstairs while Dixie kisses him on the neck.Once they're in the bedroom, Tad puts Dixie down on the bed, then closes the door. "This is my favorite part" - Tad. Taking him by surprise long enough to get her sweater off, leaving her in just her tank top and jeans. Smirking at him she settled above him before she kissed his lips, down his jaw until she reached his neck. Massaging his shoulders and chest all the while. "Mmmm..this is my favorite part.." - Dixie. She purred as she dragged her lips down his stomach, while her hands wandered down to his belt buckle and she easily removed his pants. "Oh my Dixie, you're a real pro at all this but I am too" - Tad. Dixie lays down as Tad slowly takes off her tank top and jeans, then he takes off his shorts which makes Dixie smile with pleasure. "Oh I know it.." - Dixie. Dixie purred, but when he settled above her, she got a sly look on her face and flipped him back. Nipping at his chest and kissing his abs, her hands massaged lower and lower still til she heard a groan that just egged her on. "Shhh...." - Dixie. "I'm all yours" - Tad. "Mmmm..perfect.." - Dixie. Dixie teased, coming back up and giving Tad a fiery kiss on the lips before working her way down his frame. Nipping, tasting and teasing him in all the spots she'd spent years discovering, she knew she was driving him mad. Finally though he reached for her and she knew he wanted to kick things into a higher gear. Settling above him they melted into eachother. But when he started moving her head fell back and she sighed. He was teasing her but she needed more. "Ohh, oh Tad...faster.." - Dixie. "Oh Dixie....ah......" - Tad. "Yes..right there..oh!" - Dixie Dixie exclaimed. Using all her strength she pulled Tad up, and wrapping her legs around him they shared a fiery kiss. Still rocking with eachother, her nails dug into his shoulder before she pulled back to breathe, wanting to look in his eyes. "With me..." - Dixie. Sweated up with her hair hanging damp at her shoulders, when he sped up she groaned under the kiss, her legs in a vice grip around him as they were closing in on eachother. "Yes..so close.." - Dixie. She nodded, before taking his lips and repeating his name, egging in on. Then finally they both felt the heat and her head fell back. "Oh God, yes, yes!" - Dixie. Dixie exclaimed. But it took hearing her name before the stars left her eyes and she caught some air. After they both fell back against the pillows, they untangled and she lay draped over him, completely spent. "Mmmm..that was good..." - Dixie. "That was good Dixie....wow.....you're a freak you know that, but in a good way. You wanted this so bad and we did it.....just loving" - Tad. "Well..what's not to want, you know? You're not so bad yourself." - Dixie. Tad and Dixie got up, changed clothes, freshened up and headed to the kitchen, finishing up on dinner but then heard a knock on the door. Dixie stayed back in the kitchen, wanting him to let them in. Tad walked over to the door and opened it. It was Kathy,Jenny and Opal. "Hey you guys come on in!" - Tad. "Is she here daddy!? Is momma here!?" - Kathy. "You wanna know if she's here?" - Tad. The girls both nod their heads. "Yes!" - Jenny. "Well the two of you are in for the greatest luck in your life" - Opal. "Close your eyes" The two of them close their eyes. "You girls ready!?" - Opal. "Here she comes!" - Tad. Jenny and Kathy open their eyes and see Dixie!Jenny runs over and hugs her.Stroking Jenny's hair Dixie glanced up and got teary eyed all the more when she saw Kathy looking on nervously. Opal, catching sight of this, walked up and bent over to Jenny's level. "C'mon peanut..lets' go see what's cookin huh?" - Opal. She offered, but Jenny pouted and snuggled closer to Dixie, not wanting to move from her spot. "Aw go on sweetie..don't worry I'm not going anyplace.I promise..I'll even seal it with this.. Eskimo kiss!" - Dixie. Giggling she leaned closer and budded her nose with Jenny's.Convinced enough to let Opal take her to the kitchen, leaving her and Tad alone with Kathy. Dixie smiled tearfully, as Kathy nervously approached her, sitting near her on the rug. "Hi sunshine.." - Dixie. "Hi...so, you..you're my momma?" - Kathy. "Yeah..I am...My sweet girl..." - Dixie. She sighed, stroking her hair as she memorized her daughter's face, but spotted a tear running down her cheek.Wiping it away she moved closer, concerned. "What is it baby..?" - Dixie. "Nothing I..I just.." - Kathy. "C'mere sweetie.." - Dixie. She said softly, before Kathy quickly climbed onto her lap, wrapping her arms around her neck. "Shhhh..it's okay, I'm here Katie..it's alright.." - Dixie. Dixie choked out, holding her daughter close as she rubbed her back. "I love you Momma.." - Kathy. Kathy sniffled, as Dixie finally broke, smiling through her tears. "I love you too sunshine, more than the stars and the moon." - Dixie. "Hey, it's alright swetheart, mommy and I are, the two of us are here with you for the rest of the days of our lives" -Tad. "You mean that daddy?" - Kathy. "Yes sunshine, together forever" - Tad. "Kathy..listen baby, if you have..any questions you wanna ask me or, things you wanna talk about, I want you to know you can always talk to me, okay? About anything." - Dixie. "Well..maybe there's some stuff but..do we have to talk about it now? I..I'm kinda hungry." - Kathy. "Well good, so am I" - Dixie. Tad, Dixie, Jenny, Kathy and Opal all ate dinner and desert. After Tad and Dixie finished eating with the girls and watched a movie with them, finally after a few choruses of You Are My Sunshine, they were both asleep upstairs including Opal. Cuddling up beside Tad on the couch, Dixie smiled at her husband. "Sweetie, I just wanted to say thanks. You gave me a second chance, you brought me back, and we've had a lot of fun. I just..want you to know I'll be around, whenever you, really need me. I'll find a way back to you." - Dixie. She promised, before curling up next to him and closing her eyes, in need of a good nights sleep.
  3. This is a new banner for AMC TF, my fan-fic. a>. Credit goes to R Sinclair.

  4. New episode of All My Children - The Future is up!Comments and feedback are welcomed! http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blog/124/entry-8560-all-my-children-the-future-episode-18/

  5. In Pine Valley Hospital, Dixie's eyes finally fluttered open, she was in another bed that felt larger and a lot more comfortable. Sitting up to her dismay though her legs were still weak, and if she hadn't known better she'd think they were detached completely. But the rest of her felt fine.Looking around she didn't see Tad, but didn't panic. She knew where she was, that she was being cared for. Til then though she decided to be patient, sick of being a drama queen. And reaching for a remote near her bed, flipped on a soap opera to get caught up in some other people's drama. "Mom?" Suddenly, she saw two people come in, it her son, J.R Chandler "Oh my...J...J.R?" " - Dixie "Mom...you're really here? Cliff says you're going to be fine" "She's right. Thank God, she's absolutely right" - Dixi The tears streaming down her face but feeling happier then she had in ages as she held her son's hand in her's. "You're alive...I thought we'd lost you again." - JR "J.R, I'm gonna be just fine, you hear? I was just so excited to be home this morning I skipped breakfast is all. But I'm fine sunshine, your 'ol mom isn't goin anyplace, I promise you" - Dixie Dixie said with a smile as she reached out and gave J.R a long overdue hug. "I love you Mom" - JR "Oh sunshine, I love you too, more then you'll ever know." - Dixie. Dixie said, flat out sobbing as she continued to hold J.R close for a few more moments, until he backed away from her nervously. "J.R, what is it?No, you know what, don't answer that. I have a pretty good idea of what's on your mind. God, I should've been better prepared for this!" - Dixie. "Mom, its okay, if you're not ready now, you can tell me later. It doesnt matter right now, you're here" -JR "J.R, first of all, I don't want you to think for a second that you were made into a fool here, and the same goes for everyone else in that waiting room with you that morning. None of you could've done anything to prevent what happened, from really happening. Joe, and all the other staff treating me were in the dark too. The only person who was involved here was Palmer.After he found out I was one of the Satin Slayer's victims, he jumped in and called every specialist he could find to save my life, he also managed to get his hands on someone with some type of antidote for the V-Tak, and actually sent someone with the drug in the ambulance with me to pose as an EMT. I was told the drug had flushed the V-tak out of my system before it could do any more damage. But it also was gonna slow my heart rate to the point my pulse was no longer detectable on the monitors, leading Joe to pronounce me dead.The only person in on the whole thing was the specialist Uncle Palmer had hired for me. He was in the hospital room the entire time, and managed to transfer me from PVH to this private clinic in Switzerland. It was a clinic Josh Madden had set up awhile back, his attempt to undo his father's misdeeds I suppose, even though the thing needed some pretty major funds to stay afloat. But anyways,Palmer knew Josh had the best teams of specialists and staff, and he also knew he was capable of taking risks as far as treatments and for taking on patients who otherwise wouldn't have had a prayer. Meanwhile, while I was at the clinic, Palmer had paid the funeral home off to fake my funeral. The reason at the time was to protect me from that nutjob Alexander Cambias and him possibly being able to finish the job. He'd hoped to let you all in on the joke when Cambias was in a padded cell, but turns out I wasn't having the best of luck getting out of Sleeping Beauty mode. Up until a few weeks ago, I've been comatose J.R. And Uncle Palmer was dead set on keeping me away until I made a full recovery. He knew he couldn't bear to see everyone suffering and worrying over me like that, plus he figured I'd be better off recovering in a stress free environment. But you have got to know J.R, if I had been in any way shape or form conscious, no matter how banged up or broken I was I would've demanded to get back to Pine Valley and heal there. When I came to I was grateful to be alive, but furious to find out all this time you'd gone on thinking I was dead. I wanted to get in touch with everyone the minute I opened my eyes, but I was too weak and too scared because there was still a chance I could slip back into the coma. When I found there was still a possibility of that, I was terrified to close my eyes for fear I wouldn't wake up, all I did was cry for what seemed like an eternity to keep my mind off things Palmer gave me an old photo album, I flipped through it so many times the thing darn near fell apart. Until finally the doctors told me I was in the clear. From then on it was physical therapy, as much as I needed before I had permission to hop a flight to Pine Valley. I got to town the night before last, and once I got over my jet lag I wandered around a bit before stopping into Confusion, and well, the rest is history!" - Dixie. "I can't believe Palmer didnt say anything to me about you being alive...that there was a chance you could make it....Mom you have to know, if I had known...I would have been right there at your side the whole time, in Switzerland or anywhere else. I wish I could have been there for you, to help you recover, so you wouldnt feel alone.I'm sorry you had to go through that alone.But it is so good to see you now" - JR. "Oh sunshine, it's so good to see you too." And listen to me, I don't want you feeling guilty about a thing. There was no way you could've known I was at that clinic. Everyone tending to me was sworn to secrecy, and besides that the place was basically in no mans land. Uncle Palmer may as well have stuck me in the Fortress of Solitude. J.R listen, I know you're angry at Palmer and you have every right to be. Believe me after I found out what he'd done I gave him the silent treatment for days. But he did what he believed was best at the time. He wanted to keep me away from the serial killer and afterwards just wanted me to make a full recovery. And given my conditions and the odds of my having a setback, he didn't want to worry everyone. And later on I realized he did do the right thing, he did have my and your best interests at heart. I know I wouldn't have wanted everyone watching and worrying over me, or to mourn for me again if the treatment didn't work or if I didn't wake up. I couldn't have lived with myself if you'd been put through that pain for a third time! As far as I'm concerned twice was two times too many!" Then Tad Martin, stepped into the hospital room and up next to Jr at Dixie's bedside. "Dixie...You're really here. Alive. it's a miracle" - Tad. "Oh, Tad." - Dixie. She whispered with a smile as Tad stroked her hair, before pulling out a handkerchief with his free hand to dry her eyes. "Oh like that's gonna do any good!J.R can tell ya I haven't stopped blubbering since he walked in the door, and I don't see myself quitting it anytime soon!" - Dixie. The three of them laughed it up. "You're not the only one who's been crying in here mom.And you're right mom, it has been 2 times too many. You cant do that to me again Mom" - JR. "Looks like I'm going to have to be the strong one here.This family reuinon isn't quite complete yet. But it will be, very soon, when you come home and hold your daughter in your arms. You remember Kathy? She's Kate. Dixie, we have our baby back" - Tad. "Oh my God, Kate!Kate is...is Kathy? No,wait, you don't mean. Kath..Kathy Mershon? Julia's little girl?" - Dixie. "Yes. Sweetheart, Julia died. We have a lot to catch up on. At any rate, it appears Adam knew who Kathy really was...for a while. All it took was me having a near death experience for him to come out with the truth. You know...When I was dying I saw you. It was you that convinced me to come back; that I was still needed here. You always save me.I hope you won't mind it being take out, I don't think you're quite up to Chicken Shack yet. So you'll just have to deal with me waiting on you hand and foot for a while." - Tad. "Oh I can definitely deal, I mean how could I possibly resist a gorgeous hunk of man catering to my every wish?" - Dixie. JR waves goodbye and leaves. Tad and Dixie snuggle and cuddle in the hospital bed, just enjoying themselves.
  6. New episode of All My Children - The Future is up!Comments and feedback are welcomed! http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blog/124/entry-8557-all-my-children-the-future-episode-17/

  7. It was in the mourning not only in PV but at Pine Valley Hospital also. In Dixie's room,she and Tad curled up alongside eachother asleep. Tad then woke up and kissed Dixie.Dixie stirred, rolling over a bit in bed only to see Tad smiling at her. And gave him one in return before he kissed her. "Wake up sleeping beauty. Good mourning" - Tad. "Mmmm...Good..I didn't dream you up after all" - Dixie. "You never dreamed of me. I'm here, this is real, just you and me" - Tad. "Ah..this is..lovely..alright..making a little progress here" She groaned, teeth clenched as Tad braced her back and held her up. But feeling determined, she moved away from him, and managed to sit upright with no help. "Dixie, are you sure about this?" - Tad. "Yes. Now let's just see..." - Dixie. Swinging her feet off the side of the bed, she gingerly put them on the ground and smiled. Then though when she tried to stand, her legs turned to jello and she couldn't keep her balance. "Whoa!" - Dixie She cried, and luckily Tad was right there to catch and hold her before she fell. "I got ya Dixie!Nice try there missy" - Tad. "O..Okay..too, too soon for that I guess." - Dixie. Dixie sighed looking defeated, as Tad set her back down on the bed, right as a wheelchair was brought in for her. "Well, seems my, chariot awaits. Where we headed sweetie? Someplace involving food?" - Dixie. "You guessed it, were going to the cafeteria for some breakfast. The nurse requires that you can eat something light, and i'll eat/share with you" - Tad. "Sounds perfect, so long as you do a little more of the sharing." - Dixie. "Don't worry about that, the two of us can share" - Tad. After they got off the elevator to the cafeteria, and then over to their table, she took a sip of her orange juice before curling up on Tad's shoulder, and after he popped a slice of apple in her mouth. "How does that taste sweetheart? Good?" - Tad. "Mmm, tastes even better that way." - Dixie. She giggled, before picking up a piece of banana, but examined it carefully, getting a look from her husband. "Uh...Dixie...why are you looking at the banana slice? Is something wrong?" - Tad. "Sorry...had to make sure it was peanut butter free.You know it's too bad, I used to be a big fan of pancakes before they nearly killed me.We went way back, rememberToo bad that dish in particular had to set me back three years." - Dixie. "Oh...I see..." - Tad. Dixie admitted, before spearing a piece of French toast and dragging it in some syrup. "Anyways...do you um, make breakfasts for Kathy on the weekends like you used to for the boys and me? I remember the cereal and candy was your trademark...please tell me our baby's not hooked on that concoction." - Dixie. "No Dixie, I don't give her the candy and the cereal, just cereal baby but I do eat my cereal with sweets, healthy ones like power bars and Hershey's too. Mmmm....tasty. You should try it" - Tad. "Yeah...fine. I'll try that the day you try anything with no sugar or low cal written on the label." - Dixie. Dixie chuckled, before Tad pulled out the mirror. "Are you trying to tell me something here?" - Dixie. "See Dixie, this is your new color of straight red hair. It makes you look good,beautiful and fierce like never before" - Tad. "Fierce? You think I'm fierce?" - Dixie. "Yep" - Tad. She giggled, blushing almost as red as her hair. After the two talked for a couple of more hours, Dixie sighed, shaking her head before finishing her juice. "Can um...can we go back to the room, if you're finished and everything?" - Dixie. She asked, her accent poking through and was glad Tad nodded. Soon enough Tad and Dixie left the cafeteria and back to the room. Tad helped her back onto the bed. They didn't turn it down though and just curled up on top of the sheets holding eachother close. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finding a nice bench in a relatively quiet and low traffic part of The Miller's Falls State Park, smiling Frankie Hubbard took a seat, relaxed and put his iPod on before resting his eyes under his sunglasses. Someone then saw Frankie and walked up to him. It was Madison North, dressed in yoga, cropped pants, a pink muscle shirt and a pair of running tennis “Frankie Hubbard.” - Madison. She giggled.he giggled. When he didn’t say anything she slapped his knee and put her hands on her hips. He looked up. "Well, Madison North, funny seeing you out here too." - Frankie. Frankie smiled, taking off his shades. "So I didn't know you were a runner. Sure making me feel like a bum just, benching it up out here." - Frankie. Madison scoffed. “If you feel like a bum run with me.I mean what harm could it do. Your in shape… Right?Or are these just big front.” - Madison. Madison was thinking when she finally realized that she was still squeezing his arm. “Sorry!” - Madison. "Hey it's cool." - Frankie. “uh…I… Anyway, what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be at home with your wife or at the hospital saving lives?” - Madison. "Too nice a day to be cooped up at an empty house. Checked in with Randi earlier and she's got a ton of stuff going. And I saved enough lives for today. Time I saved my own a bit.Race ya to the curve in the path!" - Frankie. Madison smiled and laughed as she and Frankie decided to have a little jog.Finally he got to the finish and when he caught his breath, saw Madison standing there looking quite smug and satisfied. "Well, good thing it's really the exercise that counts.You however have not seen the last of me I'm afraid. Before the summer's up I'll have a victory under my belt. That's a promise" - Frankie. “That’s what all losers say. Oh, you did good. Just have to do it more often.A victory. Franklin Hubbard you are so on. Same time and same place" - Madison. "Sounds perfect. Looking forward to a rematch." - Frankie. The two shook hands. "But you know, any win in my book is worthy of a little celebrating. What would you say to a victory lunch between friends? Winner picks, loser treats?" Frankie. Well I did plan on curling up with a good movie, some pizza and sinful sweets, but I think I could put that hold.” - Madison. "Only if you're not too busy or something, wouldn't want you to be kept from anything important." - Frankie. "If your not busy. Well looks like we are both free. Uh… What do you say about BJ’s?” - Madison. "Sounds great! And hey for what it's worth, that was a very respectable backup plan you had. Only I tend to substitute pizza for Chinese, and a good movie for, the really terrible ones the critics can't stand that are only around to be mocked. Cheesy horror movies especially" - Frankie. Frankie and Madison head out to the park and go to BJ's to have lunch.
  8. Thanks and I never gave up, it was just college. And as for Tad and Dixie, I got some big plans for them including others.
  9. My fan-fic All My Children - The Future is back! I posted a new episode. Comments and feedback are welcomed!

  10. At Krystal's, Jesse and Tad come inside as Krystal comes over and gives the two hugs. "Hey you two, glad you guys can come!Stopping by for lunch?" - Kyrstal "You betcha baby, me and Jesse are hungry enough to eat a horse" - Tad. "I guess you've been eating light food like grapes, apples, and bananas?" - Jesse. "Oh shut up Jesse" - Tad. The three laugh. "Well let me get you settled. Follow me guys, here's your table and a waiter will be by shortly. Enjoy" - Krystal. "Thanks" - Tad. Krystal leaves, then the waiter comes by asking what they would like to drink. The waiter comes back with their drink as Tad and Jesse begin to talk. "So, our team's making good progress on the investigation aren't we?" - Jesse. "Sure are, we have the suspects and clues. Wanna go over them?" - Tad. "Yeah. So first off we can scratch off Alexander Cambias, he wrote a book that says he didn't do it" - Jesse. "Right. Adrian and Charlie went to the Chandler Mansion and questioned, the maid, Winifred, she says that she may had seen someone that wasn't apart of staff the day Dixie died" - Tad. "Shouldn't there been extra security on that day?" - Jesse. "No one didn't know who entered but you know what,I wish my day was a little boring.I think its time for a vacation" - Tad. "Well Tad, I happen to know a nice quiet getaway in Zurich if you're interested." Dixie Cooney Martin chuckled as she tried to casually stroll into the bar, pretending her appearing there very much alive, was nothing out of the ordinary. "It's a single hospital room in a secluded clinic, perfect vacation spot, all the rage for people seeking boredom. Also being in a two year coma thanks to food poisoning, that'll get ya real well rested" - Dixie Dixie said shyly as she approached the bar, only to grip it tightly for support when she began feeling lightheaded, as the shocked, piercing stares from everyone in the room began taking their toll on her. That voice. It froze Tad to the spot. He tried to will himself not to turn and look toward it. As he turned, catching sight of the precious blue eyes that he'd seen a million times, his drink slipped from his hand, the glass crashing to the floor. "Dixie...?" - Tad. "T...Tad?Y..Yes?"" - Dixie. Thankfully that was all Tad needed to hear at the moment, because Dixie knew she was too exhausted to have to explain herself right then and there, and was relieved to be able to let her guard down and collapse into the secure arms of the love of her life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Pine Valley Hospital, Dixie is in her hospital room sleeping hearing the door open, Dixie stirred and her eyes fluttered open, before focusing on a man standing at the door. Who she prayed she wasn't dreaming up. "T...Taad? I..is it you?" - Dixie. "Yes it is Dixie, this ain't no dream sweat heart. It's me for real" - Tad. He walked over and gave her a kiss on the forehead and the lips too. Then Tad takes a seat next to her. "It's so good to see you again my love. The red hair on you is colorful and beautiful. You've changed since the last time...I saw you" - Tad. "I..it's..g..good to see you too. Real...real good.You..you've changed too." - Dixie. Reaching up she gently ran her hand through his thick sexy head of hair. "Must have..been stressed, huh? You got all gray hairs now..." - Dixie "You can say that again Dixie. But you do know everyone is gonna ask us questions and all. Like Ricky Ricardo used to say, we got a lot of explaining to do but all the guys and gals will understand" - Tad. "Mmm, I know people are gonna be confused and curious but...they'll get over it. Stranger things have happened in Pine Valley. - Dixie Tad gets in bed with Dixie and the two cuddle and snuggle, not leaving each other but holding each other tightly. "I..I love you so much. Just..promise me we, won't lose eachother again. Ever again" - Dixie. "Never again Dixie, we won't leave each other at all. We love each other too much and im ready to start over fresh and brand new. There are going to be ups and downs but in the end, we'll stand united and strong as ever.Nothing can stop us" - Tad. "Right...nothing." - Dixie. Smiling confidently, Dixie sat up a bit just to give him a real kiss on the lips, before exhaustion sank in. Curling back up using his chest as a pillow, she reached for his hand and linked his fingers with her's. "Mmmm, together forever." The two kissed and drifited off to sleep, the best in years
  11. Jamie Martin and Maggie Stone get together for their first date at The Roadside Diner. Jamie tells Maggie that at the time they met, it was all about sex, not love. Maggie assures Jamie that she'll show him everything that Maggie missed. What the two don't know is that Tim is outside the place watching them. Tim admits that he feels a bit jealous but loves Maggie too. Aidan and Kat are at a local resturant in Vieques, Puerto Rico, the place where they need to track down David Hayward. They see him talking to three other people as Aidan and Kat use newspapers to hid themselves so that they wont know that they're here. One of the three other men tell David about creating more drugs that can help people, not harm. Hayward assures the three men that none of this is illegal, it's legal but the other guys disagree. They need to make sure it'll be administered but David tells them it doesn't. The name of the drug will be called....proteus. Aidan and Kat get this all on tape recorders.
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