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  1. I am loving this show. It's so nice to see a show with true diversity not merely tokens. Even more the black female is a real lead character. She's not the best friend or sassy black chick. She is a complex character. Ichabod is a dream. Tom Mison has really brought this character to life. I adore the friendship he has with Abbie. Not quite shipping them but the chemistry is undeniable. What's even better is that the secondary characters are just as engaging and intriguing as the two leads. Jenny Mills is awesome. I wonder why she isn't the second witness. I want to know what Irving's deal is. I believe he knows a lot more than he's letting on. Poor Andy is in hell. Someone should have told him partnering up with a demon won't end well. Corbin needs more appearances. Luke is jealous of Ichabod. Seems he still hold a torch for Abbie. The only character I'm not interested in is Katrina. She's just there for me. Doesn't help that I don't see any chemistry with Ichabod. I wouldn't mind the show dropping her.
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