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DAYS #130: Billie and John figure out their next move, Nick gives Jordan a warning





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


Billie pulls John aside into the alley behing Club TBD. Looking behind her left and right to ensure no one is around to hear, she speaks to him softly so as not to draw attention to herself, but with a great intensity.


BILLIE: We need a new plan to stop Jordan and Sheryl. Like...yesterday.


John holds his hand up in a stopping motion, trying to get Billie to cool off.


JOHN: Woah, woah, woah, calm down. Okay, Shane told me the virus was halted, so what's gone down since then?


Billie sighs, trying to retain a cool exterior as she relays the news onto John.


BILLIE: Well, you know about the board meeting today, obviously.
JOHN: Yeah. That's why I'm back in town.
BILLIE: Well, Justin told me that Nick Fallon is using it as an opportunity to blackmail the board into giving him control over Titan.


John looks at Billie, incredulous, and, quite franky, amused. He responds, trying to hold back his laughter.


JOHN: Wait, what? He's a lab tech for MadWorld.
BILLIE: The lead one. I mean, he HAS come up with some real moneymaking formulas for us. Particularly in the new skin care line, no question, but...(sigh) John, he's got something on each member of the board. And he's prepared to use it.


John suddenly looks concerned. He sighs, contemplating what that could mean for him, and the rest of the board.





Inside Jordan's office at University Hospital, Jordan is signing some paperwork, and hears the knock. She responds without raising her head.


JORDAN: Come in.


Nick opens the door to Jordan's office, and smiles like the Cheshire Cat. Jordan looks up, trying to hide the fear in her eyes.


NICK: Hey Jordan! It's been awhile. 


Nick steps inside Jordan's office, and closes the door brusquely behind him.


NICK: Let's talk.


Jordan looks on, the fear plain in her face despite her best efforts.




Will sits across from Kate at Club TBD, as Kate sips her martini. Will grasps his scotch on the rocks tightly, worry about what his grandmother is about to tell him.


WILL: Okay...lay it on me. What's happening at Titan that I need hard liquor at 1pm?


Kate breathes in, taking a moment to find the right wording before laying the truth on Will.


KATE: Nick Fallon is going to use every bit of dirt he's been able to scrounge up about the Titan board to gain control of Titan today at the board meeting. And that includes what happened at the river.


Will's face drops as he takes in the news.







Sheryl sits at her computer, with headphones on. She hits "rewind" on the program playing the video of Valerie's interview with Nurse Crystal Clarke. Listening closely, she studies the cadence of Crystal's words. She mouths the sounds of Crystal's words, letting some slip out loud, not hearing the sound of the door opening behind her.


SHERYL: ...thaaaynk yew, Dr. Graaaant.


As Jerome steps into the room, he overhears Sheryl's overpronounciation of the southern accent, and observes her as she leans back in her chair, eyes closed. He tries to hold in his laughter as he listens in.


SHERYL: Ya know you're a reeeeally niiice...


Sheryl opens her eyes to see Jerome standing over her, giggling to himself. Sheryl's expression changes immediately to a sour one as she rips her headphones off her head, turning angrily to face a still-hysterical Jerome.


SHERYL: Dammit, Jerome. Don't scare me like that!
JEROME: (in between laughs) You know, you...you are...you, heeeee you need to spend some time in Georgia 'cos you not gone convince nobody like that!


Jerome continues to laugh as he sets down the plastic bag containing the supplies Sheryl requested. Sheryl almost immediately snatches them from the table, as Jerome tries to contain himself.


SHERYL: Ughhh...did you find everything I asked for?


Cooling down, Jerome clears his throat before responding.


JEROME: Yeah, I uh...(clears throat) I got the hair dye, the applicators, everything.
SHERYL: Excellent.
JEROME: I just hope you're not trying to trick anyone just yet. You need to take your time and practice before we do this.


Sheryl turns to look at Jerome, annoyed.


SHERYL: What do you think I've been doing. And quite honestly, I thought I was doing a damn good job, considering.


Jerome starts to laugh again at Sheryl but contains himself successfully before continuing.


JEROME: You uh...you know, for someone that lived in Birmingham so long, you really picked nothing up.


Sheryl rolls her eyes at her accomplice. She grabs her headphones, preparing to put them back on.


SHERYL: I think I've heard everything I need to.
JEROME: That's fine. Look, I gotta get going anyway, so...


Sheryl stops herself, turning back Jerome's way.


SHERYL: Why? What the hell do YOU have to do?


Jerome gives his best mockingly upper crust demeanour in response.


JEROME: I happen to have a previous engagement with a young lady.


Sheryl rolls her eyes, leaning back as she puts her headphones back on.


SHERYL: (sigh) Typical. I'd tell you not to get attached, but I know you're allergic to attachment, so have fun.


As she finishes her statement, she slaps the spacebar on her laptop, triggering the playback on the video. Jerome stops a moment, before shaking his head in amusement and walking out of the hotel room.




John looks at Billie as they walk through Town Square together, a contemplative look on his face.


JOHN: So, really...we have no recourse but to go along with this.
BILLIE: For now.


Billie and John stop as Billie turns to face John.


BILLIE: Mom thinks that going along with Nick will be an opportunity for her.
JOHN: I don't see how.
BILLIE: Okay, come on. It's my mom. If she sees an opening to take power, she'll take it.


John nods, understanding Billie's point.


JOHN: Fair enough.
BILLIE: But I think it's misguided, especially if it damages the company. I mean...how long is Nick going to run Titan into the ground before we get a chance to stop him.
JOHN: You're probably right. But, okay, back up a little, going along with Nick...how's this tie into Jordan and Sheryl?


Billie looks around nervously, trying to make sure no one is listening.


BILLIE: I'm fairly certain that Nick was in cahoots with Jordan and Sheryl, but that Nick double-crossed them to gain power for herself. I mean...think about it. Nick's friend is that kooky owl watcher that EnerNext is trying to buy the land from for the oil sands project. They're like two peas in a pod. And we KNOW that that was Jordan and Sheryl's motive for coming to Salem.


John nods, taking in what Billie's saying, before thinking of something of his own.


JOHN: So you're thinking Nick's playing all of them?
BILLIE: It makes sense. If Nick can use these people to get what he wants under the guise of helping them, they'll all be willing to do his bidding until he throws them under the bus.

JOHN: And God knows who else he's already thrown to the wolves that we don't yet know about.
BILLIE: Exactly. Which is why I think we need to make sure Nick gets taken out. The sooner we get him put in his place, the better.




Will sets down his drink on the table after taking a big swig of it. He looks up at Kate, while still taking in the news of Nick's plans to take over Titan.


WILL: So...what does that mean for you, Mom and Gabi?


Kate swirls her martini about, looking down upon it as she casually explains the situation to her grandson.


KATE: Well..I'm not entirely sure. But it's in his best interests not to expose us. If only because we know for a fact he still wants to have a chance with Gabi. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to have it.

WILL: (sigh) Yeah, I know that a little too well. Gabi told us this morning that she'd been...drugging Nick to try to get him hooked onto his pills so that he'd go back to jail, but...apparently that backfired.


Kate nods knowingly. Will looks on, a bit surprised, before realizing the truth.


WILL: Wait...you...you knew about the pills.
KATE: I found out about it the other day. I know she's very stressed out about it, because Hope won't arrest him, but...I don't know what she expected. I mean, Hope's his cousin, for God's sake!
WILL: I know. (sigh) And it's getting worse.


Kate looks up at Will, suddenly even more worried.


KATE: What do you mean?


Will hesitates momentarily, sighing before responding to Kate, dreading her reaction.


WILL: EJ is so worried about Nick and his...state of mind that he bought Gabi a gun today.


Kate's eyes widen, suddenly horrified at the prospects of what could come of it.




Nick steps into Jordan's office and shuts the door quietly behind him. Jordan draws herself up in her chair, clearly very tense.


JORDAN: Wh-what do you want, Nick?


Nick laughs at Jordan's fear, stepping casually toward her.


NICK: Oh my GOD! RELAX, Jordan! I mean, come on, we're partners in all this, aren't we?
JORDAN: I don't know what you're talking about, Nick. Look, as far as Sheryl and her plans go, I am no longer associated with her, okay? So...
NICK: That's fine. But I expect she's still going to be trying to contact you.


Jordan looks up at Nick, trying to put on a steely reserve. Her voice continues to tremble slightly.


JORDAN: I'm sure she will. But I want nothing to do with her. So whatever you want from her, talk to her about it.


Jordan turns toward her computer, but Nick walks over, and sits down in the chair opposite Jordan's at her desk.


NICK: I don't think that'll be very easy. 


Jordan sighs, turning back toward Nick, exasperated.


JORDAN: Look, Nick, I've had a hard enough day today, so whatever you're trying to say, just spit it out, and go, okay?


Jordan tries hard to ignore Nick, turning back to her computer work, but Nick leans in and stares almost without blinking at her. His intense gaze makes Jordan extremely nervous.


NICK: Alright, I'll get right to the point. You know your little virus? I was the one who stopped it from going through last night. And the folks at Titan know that Sheryl's the one that was trying to put it there.


Jordan turns to look at Nick, contempt in her eyes as she tries to hold her emotions in.


JORDAN: And just how do they know that?


Nick smiles evilly, never moving his gaze, making Jordan even less comfortable.


NICK: I told them. See, I've been monitoring every little thing that's been going on in that building for months now. And I have the evidence to back up everything I claim. So Sheryl's probably on her way out of town as we speak. 


Nick lets out a little chuckle to himself before continuing, standing up to sit down on Jordan's desk, leaning in even closer to her, never once breaking their gaze.


NICK: At least she better be. 


Jordan sighs, worrying about her own fate now that Nick knows their connection. Nick puts his hand up to Jordan's chin, and casually caresses it, causing Jordan to flinch.


NICK: But don't worry. If you keep your nose out of where it doesn't belong...I'll let you keep your life here with your little boyfriend, the cop. Just remember...I know who you really are. So stay out of my way. 


Nick gets up from his perch on Jordan's desk and walks slowly out of Jordan's office.  Just before stepping out the door, Nick turns back toward Jordan with another ominous warning.


NICK: Oh, and if Sheryl does try to contact you...do me a favour and let her know about our little chat, yeah?


Jordan glares at Nick and he smirks, before turning around and leaving her office. As the door closes, Jordan sighs in relief. 


She looks down at her phone as sees another call from an unknown number. Jordan doesn't answer, contemplating whether to refuse the call or not.




Outside Jordan's office, Nick is hit with a sharp head pain yet again. Holding his hand up to his temple, he quickly opens his bag, digging to find his pills. 


Upon finding them, he stumbles down the hall toward the water fountain. As he approaches it, Maggie turns the corner and sees Nick struggling. She calls out to him.




Nick, in his haze, doesn't hear her. Maggie walks over, as Nick clasps both hands on his head, as the pain intensifies to an unbearable pressure.


MAGGIE: Nick! Are you okay?!




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