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ANOTHER WORLD 181 Kirkland and Charlie's wedding day Part 5




Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding day Part 5

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs


CAR - Rachelblogentry-14971-0-09761400-1410747483_th and Carlblogentry-14971-0-86472300-1410747503_th are being driven…

Rachel: I wonder how she got away from us.

Carl: We were careful.

Rachel: We left her only for a few minutes.

Carl: It reminds me of when you and I took care of Perry. He was an adventurous lad. We had to watch him every single second. If we turned our backs, he would disappear.

Rachel pauses and looks at Carl a little puzzled at his mention of Perry.

Rachel: Cory was a pretty obedient kid. Elizabeth was the wanderer.

Carl: We’ll find Michele.

Rachel: I have a pretty good idea of where she went.

Carl: If she’s gone to Tops and tries to tell them who she is, nobody’s gonna recognize her.

Rachel: Reginald certainly had plans to keep Michele away from the McKinnons, that’s why he changed her face. Hopefully we can get there before she does, so we can tell her family.


TOPS - Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-43340100-1410747537_th and Charlieblogentry-14971-0-55610000-1410747554_th are slow dancing, as they gaze into each other’s eyes..

Kirkland: Mrs. Harrison.

Charlie: That’s me.

Kirkland: How are you feeling?

Charlie: Alive; happy; overjoyed. Today’s just perfect.

Kirkland: Just one thing missing.

Charlie: What’s that? That I haven’t thrown the bouquet yet?

Kirkland: No. My sister Michele. I wish she was alive to see this.

Charlie: Her spirit is here.

Kirkland: You ready to throw the bouquet?

Charlie: Yep.

Kirkland: You gotta stand over there where my mom is.


Micheleblogentry-14971-0-49547700-1410747608_th emerges from behind a large plant and decides to follow Bridget into the crowd of dancing guests, but stops when Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-15830200-1410747628_th joins Coryblogentry-14971-0-42933900-1410747654_th on the dance floor.

Bridget: I got that feeling again.

Cory: The one you were talking about at the church?

Bridget: Yep. It’s like I feel Michele. Almost as if she’s here.

Cory: Of course she’s here. Kirkland’s getting married. Your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa are all here. Steven’s back in town. Michele wouldn’t miss this day at all.

A dejected Michele backs away, turns around, and goes to the elevator. Vickyblogentry-14971-0-87190900-1410747684_th comes up behind her.

Vicky: Hi. Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?

Michele is seemingly frozen, as she hears her mother’s voice for the first time in a very long time, and turns around to face Vicky, and is shocked to see Vicky.

Vicky: Hello? I asked you a question. This is a private party.

Kirkland interrupts the encounter by tapping Vicky on her left shoulder. Vicky turns around.

Vicky: Kirkland what’s up?

Kirkland: Mom you gotta move out the way for a second. Charlie’s about to throw the bouquet.

Vicky: Of course honey. I’m sorry I was just talking to…

Vicky turns back around and no longer sees Michele. Vicky blows it off and goes back to her seat as Charlie takes her place. Some women, including Staceyblogentry-14971-0-26628600-1410747736_th, Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-79011200-1410747765_th, Paulinablogentry-14971-0-74068000-1410747792_th, Donnablogentry-14971-0-40062700-1410747814_th, and Amandablogentry-14971-0-87262500-1410747839_th take their places as Charlie goes to where Vicky was so she can throw the bouquet.

Charlie: Are you guys ready?

The women scream “yeah” seemingly all at once. Meanwhile, Cory and Bridget are together.

Cory: Aren’t you gonna try to catch the bouquet?

Bridget: No. I’m right where I wanna be.

Charlie turns her back to the crowd and counts to three. She tosses the bouquet backward, and Paulina catches it. Paulina looks surprised as the women clap for her. Vicky walks up to Paulina as Jack rejoins Paulina.

Vicky: Looks like someone’s gonna get maaaarried.

Paulina: Oh Vicky don’t be silly.

Vicky: I think Joe would want you to move on.

Jack: I agree.

Paulina: These are so beautiful. I need to put these in water.

Jack: That means I’ll have to take you home. Let me go call my daughter.

Meanwhile, Donna finds Vicky...

Vicky: Why didn’t you catch the bouquet?

Donna: I certainly don’t need to catch flowers to get married Victoria. Have you heard from Tyrone and Marley?

Vicky: Marley’s not feeling well so Tyrone stayed home with her.

Donna: Right. Bed rest.

Vicky: She sends her regards though.

Donna: Wow I can’t believe I’m gonna be a grandmother again soon. She’s almost due.

Vicky: Little Roman is gonna have all of his family there for him. His grandpa Michael, grandma Donna, Uncle Allen, Aunt Vicky…

Donna: And what about Uncle Jake?

Vicky: To be honest, I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out with him.

Back on Cory and Bridget…

Cory: Is that right?

Bridget: Yep...that’s right.

Cory: I’m...where I wanna be, too.

They gaze at each other for a moment, then they engage in a French kiss. Michele re-emerges from behind the large plant and sees Cory and Bridget kissing. She is dejected...and angered, as the elevator doors open. Michele goes into the elevator so she can leave.




Grantblogentry-14971-0-68004900-1410747945_th approaches Paulina, who is holding the bouquet.

Grant: Hello there.

Paulina: Hi Grant. Where’s your dad?

Grant: He’s not gonna make it. His flight got cancelled.

Paulina: Oh. I certainly didn’t think Spencer would miss his grandson’s wedding.

Grant: He sent his best, so are you enjoying your date with Jack?

Paulina: It’s not a date Grant. Just two friends going to a wedding.

Grant: I saw you and him at the church. There’s more than just a platonic friendship going on.

Paulina: Grant please this is not the time…

Grant: I felt that way about you. I still do.

Paulina: Grant---

Grant: I love you Paulina. I felt so bad for you and Dante, especially after Joe died.

Paulina: You don’t have to explain yourself.

Grant: There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about what I almost did to you and Dante.

Paulina: That was a long long time ago. We’re both different, and I’ve forgiven you for starting that fire.

Grant: You’ve always had a place in my heart, even though our lives went in very different directions.

Paulina: I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for us, but I...I don’t feel that way about you...Grant.

Grant: Paulina...please. Give me a chance to show you how happy you could be.

Jackblogentry-14971-0-03067600-1410747994_th walks up to them.

Jack: You heard the lady.

Grant: I was having a conversation with Paulina.

Jack: She doesn’t need you in her life, neither does Dante.

Grant: And that’s because you’re the alternative?

Jack: I’m not gonna let you hurt her again.

Grant: Just like you’re doing to your wife?

Jack goes face to face with Grant.

Jack: You shut up about Carly.

Jake gets between them to possibly prevent a fight.

Jake: Look guys I’m not gonna let you do this here; not at Kirkland’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Bridget and Cory walk up to Kirkland and Charlie.

Kirkland: Hey squirt.

Bridget: Congratulations. Both of you.

Charlie: Thank you. We’re family now.

Bridget: That’s right. Hey, Cory and I are leaving.

Charlie: Oh no. Are you sure you can’t stay?

Cory: I wanna be home in case my mom arrives.

Charlie: Is Carl, I mean my grandfather, coming home?

Cory: I don’t know. My mom hasn’t told me anything.

Kirkland: So you’re gonna take my sister home?

Cory: Yep.


AT THE MCKINNONS...Michele walks into the living room, and goes over to a mantle that has all the family pictures on it. She looks at Jake and Vicky’s picture, then at Kirkland’s picture. She then looks at Steven’s picture and smiles. She looks next at a picture of her holding a book up with her old face, then she sees Bridget’s picture, and frowns. She then has some flashbacks…

(EPISODE 13 at the McKinnons house)

Vicky: She’s going to Harvard in the fall.

Michele: Mom I didn’t decide yet.

Vicky: Oh I’m sorry. She’s trying to decide between Harvard or Columbia.

Donna: My scholarly granddaughter.


(EPISODE 179 at the McKinnons)

Michele: What’s going on? You guys keep looking at each other.

Rachel: You can’t…

Michele: Read? I can’t read? That’s impossible.

Carl: It could be a result of your brain injury. You may have to re-learn.

Michele: Learn how to read? I don’t have time for that! I was accepted to Harvard, now you’re telling me I might be illiterate?



Cory and Michele are at a table. Cory's hand is on top of Michele's.

Cory: You excited?

Michele: Yeah it's been like magic. I can't believe this is actually happening.

Cory: Yeah. Me neither. You're going to Harvard. I'm going to Boston University.

Michele: And we're going to the prom tomorrow.

Cory: I've loved you since eighth grade.

Michele: Have you?

Cory: Of course I have. You don't believe me?

Michele: If you give me a kiss, I might.


(EPISODE 14 - At the prom…)

Michele sees the water bottle on the table, and grabs it before Bridget can take it from her. She opens it and smells the vodka.

Michele: No. You got drunk.

Cory: It's just punch. Bridget gave it to me.

Michele: Bridget didn't do this...

Michele flashes back to when Vicky told her that Bridget opened her first Harvard acceptance letter.

Michele: Did you open the letter?

Bridget: What are you talking about?

Michele: My first acceptance letter from Harvard. Did you open it?

Bridget: Yes! I did! You're happy now? You and mom must work for the same firm.

Michele: Why?

Bridget: Because they love you more than me! You're smart. You've got a boyfriend. What do I have?

Michele: My God you're jealous! That's why you were kissing my boyfriend!

Bridget: Now do I have your attention?

(EPISODE 181 at Tops)

Michele re-emerges from behind the large plant and sees Cory and Bridget kissing. She is dejected...and angered, as the elevator doors open.

Then she flashes back to the present…

She picks Bridget’s picture up, and looks at it some more. Michele’s anger grows as she keeps replaying in her mind what Bridget said (Now do I have your attention?) She screams throws the picture against the staircase, which breaks the glass on the picture as it falls to the floor. Next, she goes to the closet, gets a bat out, walks over to the door, and opens it. She looks to see if anyone’s there, then strikes the door with the bat as screams loudly, creating a dent in it. She follows that up by hitting the doorknob, causing it to fall off. Michele re-enters the living room, and hits the back of the couch with the bat. The couch falls on its front.


Meanwhile, outside, Bridget is backing up to the door as Cory holds as the two are unknowingly synchronizing their steps closer to the damaged door. They do not notice the door, and they do not notice that Michele, who no longer has the bat, hears Cory and Bridget. She opens the door slightly, and watches them.

Cory: You’re home.

Bridget: I don’t want this day to end.

Cory: It...doesn’t have to.

They French kiss, then they unlock lips as Bridget smiles.

Bridget: My parents aren’t gonna be home for a while.

Cory: Hmmm.

They face the door and notice the dent, and the missing doorknob.

Bridget: Oh my God.

Cory: Who did this to the door?

Bridget: Someone must have broken in.

Cory: Wait.

Cory pushes the front door open, and he and Bridget see the couch and chair turned over. They also see knocked over lamps, broken light bulbs, and broken glass.

Bridget: Call the police. Someone definitely broke in here.

As Cory takes out his cell phone and calls the police, Bridget slowly walks toward the staircase and picks up her portrait, which is still in the frame, in broken glass. Cory comes to Bridget.

Cory: Police are on their way.

Bridget shows him her picture with the broken glass portrait.

Bridget: Look at this. My picture.

Bridget then directs Cory to the mantle.

Cory: Everybody’s picture is still up there.

Bridget: Someone took my picture and threw it at the staircase. Why only my picture? Who would’ve done this? Who broke in here?

Michele emerges from the top of the staircase.

Michele: I did.

Cory and Bridget, unknowingly, see Michele.



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That was an amazing show! The build up through those scenes was absolutely amazing!!! All the old flashbacks, the things she saw between Cory/Bridget. And then she breaks stuff! I LOVED IT!!! I really felt the emotion with Paulina/Grant. It was played very well! Through out this wedding, you have managed to showcase family and romance extremely well! I love all these bonding scenes. I felt like I am really seeing a real set up for a wedding. Keep up the good work!!!

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  • WOW!!!!! GREAT CLIFHANGER!!! Michele is back and she is out for blood. The greatest joy was having read all those orginal scenes when your show first started. I remember them all.

Grant is not gonna win Pualina's heart unless he uses dirty tricks. Lina made that ver clear.

Too bad we couldn't see Spencer.

I can't wait for the next show to see this showdown between the girls. Your cliffhangers have been awe some Cary!!

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  • Members

This is gonna be SO good. I can't wait to see how it all goes down with Michelle and Bridget. You are creating SUCH an awesome story here, and I love love love it!

Everything at the wedding is still going strong. I am enjoying Jack vs. Grant, and Kirkland and Charlie's big day is SUCH an event. FANTASTIC work you've done with it. Such a classic soap wedding!

GREAT show!

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  • Members

Poor Michele. This is turning into Vicky/Marley - Marley perfect, illness and trauma made her go bad, while Vicky became good.

I felt so sad for both her and Bridget.

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  • Members

Not blowing smoke up your ass lol, I honestly got chills at the ending.

That whole episode was one amazing flow. Such awesome storyline weaving.

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