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ANOTHER WORLD 179 Kirkland and Charlie's wedding day Part 3



ANOTHER WORLD 179 Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding day Part 3

Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, DRW50


Micheleblogentry-14971-0-55903100-1408842269_th walks in slowly through the front door, looking around. Rachelblogentry-14971-0-34263800-1408842285_th and Carlblogentry-14971-0-29859400-1408842302_th are right behind her.

Rachel: How does it feel being back home?

Michele: It hasn’t changed that much since…

Carl: I’m sure your family will be thrilled once they learn of your return.

Michele: It feels so weird being back.

Rachel: How so?

Michele: I dunno. I don’t know how anyone’s doing. My parents; my sister; Cory. I wanna see Cory. Can you guys take me to see him?

Rachel and Carl look at each other, wondering if Michele seeing Cory would be a good idea.



Staceyblogentry-14971-0-92508000-1408842328_th and Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-08061700-1408842349_th are in the foyer as the guests file in.

Stacey: I’m gonna go help Felicia get ready.

After Stacey leaves, Gregoryblogentry-14971-0-49832100-1408842370_th shows up.

Gregory: Wow. Look at my girl.

Lindsay: Hey there handsome.

They kiss.

Gregory: When is this thing getting started?

Lindsay: Soon.

Gregory: I’m gonna...take my seat, and watch for you.

Jakeblogentry-14971-0-42088200-1408842423_th, Vickyblogentry-14971-0-11453000-1408842445_th, and Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-55450700-1408842468_th show up, and creates an awkward moment for the four of them.

Gregory: The McKinnons. How’s everybody?

Bridget and Vicky each shoot a dirty look at Lindsay.

Bridget: I’m going inside.

Vicky: Good idea.

Vicky leads the way but Bridget turns around..

Bridget: Dad aren’t you coming?

Jake: I wanna speak to Lindsay for a second.

Bridget: Why?

Jake: Bridget, go in with your mother.

Bridget: I have no clue why you would wanna speak with this liar.

Bridget goes inside the church area, leaving Jake and Lindsay alone.

Lindsay: I thought I’d be the last person you’d wanna talk to.

Jake: I’m gonna make this quick. Look Lindsay I...I don’t blame you for what Vicky and Stacey did. They conspired to keep the truth from me. Nothing’s gonna change the fact that you’re my daughter.

Lindsay: I hate how all that went down.

Jake: Well..we can’t change the past, but if you’re willing, we can try and forge some type of relationship.

Lindsay: That might not go over well with Bridget.

Jake: I think in time she’ll learn to accept you. When I think about it it’s…almost like a miracle. I lost one daughter, but I gained another.



Bridget spots Coryblogentry-14971-0-02877200-1408842519_th sitting in a pew left of the aisle, and sits next to him.

Bridget: Hey you.

Cory: Hey. You look great.

Bridget: Thank you. You, too.

The two smile at each other. Meanwhile, Johnblogentry-14971-0-32885000-1408842552_th and Sharleneblogentry-14971-0-03757300-1408842581_th are sitting in the same set of pews behind Bridget and Cory.

Sharlene: You’re gonna sit here? Kirkland’s family is sitting on the other side.

John: I wanna sit here with you...my wife.

John puts his right hand on Sharlene’s left thigh, and she scoots further to the right, creating a little space between them, causing John’s hand to be placed on the pew.

Sharlene: Suit yourself.

Gregory comes up to them, and sits between John and Sharlene.


AT THE ALTAR, Vicky is there with Grantblogentry-14971-0-36169700-1408842613_th and her two sons, Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-37458400-1408842638_th and Stevenblogentry-14971-0-75176300-1408842662_th.

Vicky: Aren’t you excited?

Grant: Of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be?

Steven: No fights. Not here, not today guys.

Kirkland: Thank you big bro. The voice of reason.

Vicky: We wouldn’t dream of doing something like that right now. At least I wouldn’t. What about you Grant?

Grant: I certainly wouldn’t entertain the thought of ruining my son’s day.

Steven: Where’s Jake?

Grant gets a call on his cell phone.

Kirkland: Dad really?

Grant: Sorry son I gotta take this.

Grant goes off into a private corner and answers his call.

Grant: Christy this isn’t a good time. The delivery’s been made? Good.



Lindsay: Wow. I certainly didn’t expect this from you.

Jake: As you’ll learn I can be full of surprises.

Lindsay: Pleasant ones I hope.

They hug, while Staceyblogentry-14971-0-48429100-1408842751_th and Feliciablogentry-14971-0-00466200-1408842780_th watch them.




Paulinablogentry-14971-0-38061300-1408842850_th, wearing a light fuchia spaghetti strapped dress, with white, open toed heels, opens the door, and it’s Jackblogentry-14971-0-98438800-1408842882_th, in a blue suit.

Paulina: Wow. Hi there.

Jack: Wow is the operative word here. You look great.

Paulina: Thank you.

Jack: Are you ready?

The two go arm in arm to the car.


Carl: Maybe we should wait.

Rachel: Carl’s right. You have to give yourself some time to get back to your life. You’ve missed significant time with your family.

Michele: I’ll have plenty of time to do that. I really would like to see Cory.

Michele sees a tablet on the table and turns it on, but looks at it strangely.

Rachel: What are you looking at?

Michele: These words. I really can’t make them out. What does this say?

Carl and Rachel look at each other again.

Michele: What’s going on? You guys keep looking at each other.

Rachel: You can’t…

Michele: Read? I can’t read? That’s impossible.

Carl: It could be a result of your brain injury. You may have to re-learn.

Michele: Learn how to read? I don’t have time for that! I was accepted to Harvard, now you’re telling me I might be illiterate?

Rachel: Nobody’s saying that at all darling.

Carl: Once we reunite you with your parents, they should take you to a neurologist.



Jake: Felicia you look great.

Felicia: Thank you very much. I thought I wasn’t going to make it on time.

Stacey: Jake?

Jake looks at Stacey, and walks into the church. Stacey, a bit defeated, re-gathers herself, as Frankieblogentry-14971-0-83012300-1408842952_th, Cassblogentry-14971-0-46003000-1408842978_th, and Charlieblogentry-14971-0-28019600-1408843024_th join them.

Frankie: Hey. Well..this is it.


Meanwhile, Donnablogentry-14971-0-66211100-1408843052_th, Michaelblogentry-14971-0-81155700-1408843078_th, Allenblogentry-14971-0-80794600-1408843103_th walk up to the altar to greet Kirkland and Steven.

Donna: Steven, honey when did you even get here? It’s so good to see you honey.

Steven: I’ll explain later.

Michael: Hey kid.

Kirkland: Hey grandpa Michael.

Michael: Where’s Spencer?

Grant (interjecting): Dad’s on his way. His flight got delayed.

Allen: Congratulations cuz.

Kirkland: Thanks.

Donna: Well it feels like they’re gonna start soon. We should know when a wedding’s about to start.

Michael: Yeah we’ve been married four times.

Donna: Where’s Amanda?

Allen: She’s gonna meet us at the reception at Tops.

Michael: There he is. Minister Jones.

Minister Jones: Sorry I’m a bit late, but let’s get this thing going.

Donna, Michael, and Allen sit as the music begins to play. Grant thinks back to his conversation a few minutes ago about the “delivery” which puts a smile on his face, then he notices Jack and Paulina walk in together, and his smile turns quickly to a frown.

The double doors that connect the foyer and the front are opened, and Stacey is the first to walk down the aisle. Lindsay, Felicia, and Frankie do the same and take their places.

IN THE FOYER, Cass looks at Charlie smiling as the organist begins to play “Here Comes the Bride”. Cass sighs.

Cass: Time for me to give away my little girl. Are you ready?

Charlie: Yes dad. Sure am.

The guests stand up and marvel at how Charlie looks in her wedding dress, as Cass escorts her down the aisle. Cass sits down in left pew up front, and leaves Charlie standing opposite Kirkland, as the two prepare to finally be married.



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Gosh, Cary I think you might make me cry on every Charlie/Kirkland wedding episode. Christy and Grand... they are by far your two main mysterious character. Loved the history mention of Donna/Michael. When you Michele found out she could not read... that was so freaking sad. I felt bad for a fictional character. That stuff is real. Loved all these romantic scenes. These family/romantic scenes are really setting the tone for these wedding episodes. Overall, great job. Keep up the good work!

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Amaaaazing! This was a fabulous episode, Cary! Great on every level! The town comes together for the wedding, traditional soap style!

It's been years since I've seen stuff like this. I love every bit of it, the family moments between Jake and Lindsay, Paulina arriving with Jack, infuriating Grant.

I also am intrigued by Michele's illiteracy. This sounds like there's more than a simple brain injury at work here. Can't wait to see where you take that!


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Glad we seeing more fall out of The Whole Lindsay drama. It went away for a few weeks but thats cool, its right on time now. Man that scene was sharp. Bridget not feeling linds at all and it's gonna be a long time before she do. Now all they need is a man to fight over lol. I'm glad Jake reached out to Lindsay. and The casting is spot on for this role of Linds.

Loving how you pulling out all your strong stories and highlighting them during the wedding... Christy, Fefe and nem, Michele's return, and The Linds saga. Good strategy on ur part.

SPENCER Yes. Nice mention,

ANd Michele cant read, Oh my, Thats quite the twist. Im wondering if she will inadverently stop this wedding..

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Poor Michele. I wasn't expecting that. My heart broke for her. And Rachel and Carl are so caring toward her. Michele has lost everything.

I laughed when Sharlene moved to get further away from John.

All the tension between the family over Jake and Lindsay is just great.

I'm glad you're including all these family moments.

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