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DAYS #26: The Press Conference Part 2: Theresa vs. Kim




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nicole opens the file folder that holds all her research on EnerNext for Percy.

NICOLE: Alright!

Nick raises a finger, as if to ask a question meekly in a classroom.

NICK: Uhh...question.

Nicole continues to be short with Nick responding almost before he has a chance to finish his sentence.


Nick is taken aback by Nicole's impatience with him. He carries on, though he's treading carefully so as not to show any outward irritation with Nicole that could get Percy in trouble.

NICK: Do you have any of this documentation in electronic form? I...I ask because I feel like...as a technologically inclined person, I just...I find paper copies to be very...

NICOLE: Old hat?

NICK: Insecure.

NICOLE: Look here, felon--

NICK: Fallon--

NICOLE: Whatever! I like keeping hard copies in addition to keeping electronic copies on the cloud server. It's harder for people to deny inconvenient truths when they're on paper.

NICK: Understood.

NICOLE: Can I move on now?

NICK: Whenever you like.

NICOLE: Great! So I've been working on tracking down all the scientific data on projects like this, their effect on the local environments, plus, I managed to contact a local citizens' group who are planning to rally at the press conference today. They know your story, and I hear you may have some big support coming your way today.

PERCY: Brilliant! Are you saying there's hope for my home after all?

NICOLE: We'll see. The only thing I've had trouble tracking down is their business association.

PERCY: How so?

Nicole shuffles uncomfortably in her seat.

NICOLE: Well...word has it that EnerNext are entering into a partnership with a major conglomerate, but no one knows who.

Nick smirks, recalling the article he saw about Titan's deal with EnerNext.

NICK: Well, I wouldn't worry too much about that. I mean, surely they'll announce the deal at the press conference.

NICOLE: I don't like surprises. They did make mention of making a supplies deal awhile ago with Titan, but that deal was cancelled shortly thereafter because Titan was "moving in another direction", so I doubt EnerNext would get back into bed with them. And thank God, because if Titan were involved in this deal, I wouldn't have been presented with this story. And personally, I think we have a good shot at taking these bastards down.

Percy and Nick smile confidently at Nicole.




Kate is surprised to see Billie at her door, with all her luggage.

KATE: Well, sweetie, I wasn't expecting you so...early.

BILLIE: Yeah, you know how the ISA works. They like to keep people on their toes.

KATE: That's the understatement of the year.

Kate realizes she's keeping her daughter in the hallway.

KATE: Well, come in already. I'm sorry.

BILLIE: Thanks, Mom.

Billie brings in two suitcases and a tote bag with her, and another two bags linger in the hallway. Kate's eyes bug out at her luggage.

KATE: Uh...Billie?

BILLIE: Yeah, Mom?

KATE: How long are you planning on staying?

Billie heads back for the door to grab the last two bags.

BILLIE: As long as I'm needed. Could be a few weeks, could be a few months or more. You never know!

KATE: Well that's lovely. Uh...are they setting you up with accomodations or...?

BILLIE: Of course not! Mom, they need me to live with you so that you stay protected, since you're the informant and all that. Speaking of which, how did you figure out that Jordan Ridgeway was really Kaylie Matthews, anyway?

Kate suddenly remembers the root of her troubles with Billie before Billie left town the last time were rooted in Kate's manipulations and meddling. She tries now to cover her tracks.

KATE: I...well...it's a funny story.


Jordan wakes up in Rafe's arms. She stirs a bit before waking up to a text message. She looks over to a sleeping Rafe and, as quietly as possible checks the message. It's from Sheryl.

EN announcement 2day. Meet me @ titan hq

Jordan looks up, concerned about what Sheryl has in mind.


Brady shakes his head in disbelief at Victor's warning. He paces the Kiriakis living room.

BRADY: You know...I felt really good today. For the first time in a long time. I woke up...I felt good. I didn't have the baggage of the past couple years on my back. I didn't have the hurt. The humiliation. None of it. I felt like I could finally move forward. Thanks for taking that away from me, granddad.

VICTOR: I'm only telling you this for your own good. The board was deeply embarrassed by your presentation. We can't have our CEO going in front of a national audience like this. Especially when there's such potential for naysayers and protest groups at the press conference.

BRADY: You think I don't know that? You think I'm just an ostrich, burying his head in the sand and pretending nothing's going on around me? Grandad, I know what the stakes are.

VICTOR: Good. Keep them in your mind past the end of the press conference and we might be making some progress. I've got to get going to go over the details with EnerNext's president. I'll see you at the Town Square.

Victor slowly walks out of the room. Brady looks over at the bottles of alcohol in the corner of the room. He strongly considers heading over to it.


Theresa stands in her doorway, a mix of concern and anger at her mother crosses her face. Theresa tries to maintain a tough exterior, but she is clearly sweating at her mother's discovery.

THERESA: What are you doing with that?

KIM: It fell out of your bag last night, Theresa. Don't worry, I didn't steal any from you.

THERESA: Ugh. You're so hilarious, Mom.

Kim waits a moment for Theresa to say something or invite her in. When she doesn't, Kim prompts her.

KIM: Well? Are you going to invite me in or do I have to stand here with a bag of cocaine in my hand?

THERESA: SHHH! Mom! Get inside! God!

Theresa ushers her mom inside in a hurry before slamming the door behind her. Theresa leans against the door in something of a panic.

THERESA: Could you NOT go around talking like that where anyone can hear you? Have you never heard of discretion, Mom?

KIM: Theresa, if you're doing something you don't want your neighbours to hear about, then you shouldn't be doing what you're doing, anyway.

THERESA: You know, you can stop lecturing me any time now. You are the last person who has any right to try to talk to me about doing the right thing.

KIM: Dammit, Theresa. When are you going to let this go?

THERESA: Never. I will never let it go, Mom. You're gonna try to tell me that I should just forget that you completely betrayed my trust in the worst way possible? That you called me a liar at the worst possible moment, and for the worst possible reason? Are you out of your mind?

Kim looks down at the ground, she sighs heavily with regret.

KIM: I told you, Theresa. I'll never forgive myself for that. But you just don't understand what I had been through.

THERESA: I keep hearing about this. What you went through. Over and over. Don't you think that what your Uncle Eric did to you might actually make it easier to have believed me when it happened to me, Mom?

KIM: I know. I'm sorry, Theresa. I didn't know.

THERESA: No. No, you CHOSE to not know. You chose to pretend that nothing was happening because you were too busy latching onto a man with a history of doing skeezy, awful things to vulnerable women for money. And why? Because Dad was too busy with Aunt Kayla?

KIM: Theresa, I--

THERESA: Save it, Mom.

Theresa turns to walk away, but Kim grabs her by the shoulder.

KIM: Jeannie, just hear me out.

THERESA: NO! No, you are gonna hear ME out for once. For once in your pathetic, desperate life. You're gonna hear me out.



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I like how you speeded it up a little. A like the jokes Nicole cracked about Nick. I can see some emotional and wonderful scenes brewing with Kim and Theresa. Good job today!

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LOL Felon no Fallon I LOVE IT!!!!

O wow we got into the heart of Thersea finally, i kinda felt bad for her. Who is uncle Eric am i missing something? So Thersita was losted or exaully abused?? i cane see why she would be mad at kim. Good story at hand.

i really enjoyed the episode. everything moved for me.

I also like your epiode to episode continuation of scenes. They r briged very nicely.

Looking wd to this press confrence.

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Hey, ML. So as for 'Uncle Eric', he is "Father" Eric's namesake and Kim's uncle who abused her when she was young, causing the DID to emerge in 1992.

Thanks for the comments, both you and Casey. Glad you're enjoying!

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Great play on history there, and i see the EnerNext story building and building....

Again, I love what you've done with Sheryl and Jordan. I am actually interested in them and what they are going to do next...


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