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DAYS #27: The Press Conference Part 3: Sheryl and Jordan are caught red-handed!




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Jordan gets off the elevator at Titan HQ, looking around somewhat frantically for Sheryl, hoping not to be seen. The office is relatively empty given the hour, and the press conference means that many Titan execs are at the Town Square, prepping for the big show to come. Sheryl turns the corner at that moment and collects Jordan, hastily pulling her over to the doorway of an executive office.

JORDAN: (whispering) How do you even have access to this?

Sheryl holds up a keycard.

SHERYL: It's amazing what sleeping with your boss can do, isn't it?

JORDAN: You're...what?

SHERYL: Oh, come on. You act like I've never done something like that before. Get real.

JORDAN: So you stole it?

Sheryl makes an irritated face at Jordan, and wordlessly turns around to open the door to the office. Jordan looks around her to make sure they're alone before stepping inside.


Percy and Nick step into Horton Town Square, looking over where the press conference will take place. Nick takes Percy to one side.

NICK: So...you know the plan?

PERCY: Indeed I do!

NICK: Alright. You stay here with Nicole. I'm off to work, but I'll be streaming the press conference on my phone. If I find anything pertinent on the Titan servers, I'll pass it on to you and you break it there. Got it?

PERCY: Absolutely, Nicholas. I do have one small question.

NICK: Okay, shoot.

PERCY: What happens if Titan is not, in fact, connected to this EnerNext deal?

NICK: Something tells me you don't have to worry about that.

Nick winks before heading off to the Titan offices. Percy looks on with a look of concern.




Kate sighs heavily after having explained her fixation on Jordan to Billie, and what led her to the discovery that Jordan isn't who she says she is. She sits down on the sofa across from Billie, who is sitting, tight-lipped on the chaise in Kate's living room. Kate waits a moment before finally taking Billie's silence as a cue.

KATE: Well?

BILLIE: Well, Mom, what do you want me to say? Oh Mom, I'm so glad you've spent the entire year sticking your nose into your ex's new girlfriend? Because that's totally not the exact reason that I left Salem in the first place.

KATE: Billie, all I'm trying to do is protect Rafe.

BILLIE: Yes, but you are the one who set up this entire situation to begin with.

KATE: And that's why I'm trying so hard to solve this problem. It's my fault Rafe's in this mess and I feel responsible for getting him out of it.

BILLIE: Oh Mom, you're so noble. Would you like a medal?

Kate's increasingly exasperated by Billie's tone. She takes a second before replying, looking to the ceiling and counting to three in her head.

KATE: Okay, Billie...I get it. I inserted myself in a situation that was likely none of my business. But it was to protect Rafe. And judging by what I've uncovered, I'd say I made the right decision.

BILLIE: Maybe you have...but it's happy side effect of doing something for all the wrong reasons. And one day, that's gonna come back to bite you. And you might be fighting that battle alone.


Theresa paces her living room as Kim sits down, tears forming in her eyes. Theresa isn't crying, but her eyes are pained, recalling her past in LA.

THERESA: You know...I did want to trust you. I did want to be that good daughter you hoped I'd be. I tried. You know, for the longest time, I was actually grateful to Phillip. He did so much good for you. All the time you were in therapy after we moved back to LA. Your reintergration. He was just....so good. I was little but...I knew what was going on. He helped hold you together on the days when you couldn't. I wanted that one day. I knew it.

KIM: But Theresa...I mean...I know...I know I never asked you about it--

THERESA: You know, that's the worst part. I've never thought you cared. You always would change the subject or ask me something inane to make it sound like you cared but you weren't really listening. I just gave up. So come on. What do you wanna know, Mom?

Kim looks up at Theresa, as she clutches a pillow on the sofa. Kim shakes her head slowly.

KIM: I...when did it start? What...what happened?

Theresa stares straight ahead of her towards the window. She walks slowly over to it and looks out on the city. She laughs a small laugh, more one of recognizing the situational irony than of actual humour.

THERESA: You know...that's the first time you've ever asked that. All the times over these past years...I wanted you to ask me that more than anything. Legitimately, that's the one question I hoped you'd ask. You never did.

Kim looks to the ground before her, ashamed to even look up at her daughter. She reluctantly responds, reiterating her question.

KIM: Well...tell me now. If you're able to...I mean...if you want to tell me. I'm listening. When did it all start?

THERESA: I was 7. You had gone back to Salem when we thought Uncle Roman had died. It kept going until I was 16, and that's when I finally had to tell you. You were going away to Europe for a conference, and you were going with that friend of yours. Andrew was going away with his friends for a week to Seattle and I just...I couldn't let you leave us alone. Something just snapped in me.

Theresa thinks back, flashing back to sitting down on the bed in her mom's room, explaining to Kim what happened with Phillip. And Kim's anger and disbelief in return.

THERESA: And you didn't believe me. You didn't believe a word of it. Because I'd become such a bad kid that you just figured I was making up stories.

Theresa finally turns around to face Kim. She looks Kim dead in the eyes.

THERESA: And that's when I tracked her down.

Kim's face clearly expresses that she's made some kind of connection with what Theresa's said and something Kim's previously aware of.


Sami looks over at Abby, concern on her face, as they continue to talk at Club TBD.

SAMI: Abby, did I...say something wrong? I'm sorry if something I said got to you, or...

ABBY: No no no, it's okay. I just...You know...had goals and now...

SAMI: Well...look, you were always a good writer...we are looking for a junior assistant in our PR department. If you wanted to apply for it--

ABBY: Sami, I don't want a sympathy handout.

SAMI: Abby! This isn't a handout. I know you're capable of some amazing stuff, just like your father. Look at this as a chance for you to really shine in a job you're good at.

ABBY: It is...a really good job...but...

SAMI: Then yes. I can draw up the paperwork as soon as possible, but first I need to go talk to EJ about it, once I do that, I'll have you sign on. And I'm not gonna take 'no' for an answer. Because you need a job and there's not likely gonna be a better job than this. If I do say so myself, we're a pretty damn good company to work for.

Abby's at a loss for words what with Sami's generosity. She struggles to respond, and with Sami's motormouth, it's hard to get a word in edgewise anyway. So Abby stands, dons a polite white smile, and nods heartily at Sami's offer.

ABBY: I...uh....thanks, Sami.

SAMI: Don't mention it. You're an awesome person, and a hard worker, and I'd know. You don't need a reference if I've seen you work already. RIght?

ABBY: Right.

Sami leans over and gives Abby a hug, as though they've been friends for years. Abby is dumfounded.

SAMI: Look, I've kind of had a frantic week so I gotta go. Uh...I'll see you soon, Abby.

ABBY: Yeah, you too, Sami.

Sami takes off hurriedly. Abby stands by the bar, dumfounded, before suddenly realizing how closely she'd be working with EJ.

ABBY: Oh God, this is gonna get awkward really fast.


Sheryl boots up one of Titan's computers and inserts a USB key into the drive.

JORDAN: Okay, Sheryl, do you not think this is incredibly risky?

SHERYL: Clearly dating this Rafe guy is making you soft, Jordan. Come on! What is it about Jordan Ridgeway that you can't turn her off and turn Kaylie Matthews back on.

JORDAN: Because Kaylie Matthews didn't care what anyone thought. Jordan Ridgeway is with a really great guy who doesn't need to know that I'm in cahoots with a woman who wants to bring down a multi-national conglomerate by any means neccessary.

NICK: Sounds like fun. Can I join you?

Nick's voice startles Jordan and Sheryl, as Nick enters the room, a wide 'gotcha' smile across his face. Jordan and Sheryl appear petrified that they've been caught.



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OMG what a cliffhanger. Wow. Love it. First off I want to say to Jorda STFU. I cannot stand this lady. I like sherly better she got balls.

I like how it seem you are feat more scene and characters in each of ur eps.

And now Abby about to work with EJ and Sami. This is not going to be good.

Oj the Theresea story is starting to confuse me, who is Philip? Kirakis? and what is this other woman? I can't tell if Thereseatia was sexaully assualte or what. I hope for some clarity on that.

Also like Billie's advice to kate and also hoe you clarified kate' motive for doing what she is doing. She feels she created this messs so she got to clean it up. nice

Great show.

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Alex I have to commend you on the wondeful emotional feeling that you put in to Kim and Thereasa. God Nick is a slime ball and uses every gate way he can get to ruin peoples lives and he just found another! Abigail... Abigail I do not even know where to go with her. Overall good episode today and good way of displaying a classic DAYS OF OUR LIVES episode!

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I'm wondering what happened to Theresa. GREAT BACKSTORY!!!

Nick would be the one to catch Sheryl and Jordan doing something illicit.

Enjoyed the scenes between Kate and Billie, and Sami offering Abigail a job, further exacerbating Abby's guilt.


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