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DAYS #6: Back To Work




written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Brady is heading back home from Theresa's when he receives a text from Sami that reads:

Get to the brady pub NOW!!! its important

Brady rolls his eyes at Sami's text and ignores it. He's about to put his phone away when he gets a call from Victor. He grumbles as he picks up.

BRADY: Grandad.

VICTOR: Brady Black, I was about five seconds away from calling a search party. Where in blue blazes have you been all night?

BRADY: Okay, grandad, I thought we agreed that I was going to be living alone like an adult and not having you guys keeping tabs on me.

VICTOR: Then start acting like one and do your damn job! Be here in ten minutes or I'll be signing your pink slip.

Brady responds calmly, feeling Victor is really grasping at straws now.

BRADY: You can't do that, Grandad. I'M the CEO.

VICTOR: OH? Just watch me!

Victor hangs up as Maggie walks into the Kiriakis living room where Victor is.

MAGGIE: Who was that?

VICTOR: Three guesses.

MAGGIE: Brady.

VICTOR: Dammit, Maggie. I'm so worried about him, and I feel like no matter what I do, it's the wrong thing.

MAGGIE: Maybe he needs some time away from work. Maybe...maybe you should step in and run Titan for awhile.

VICTOR: You've taken leave of your senses, woman! I want him to at least want to talk to me again before I die.

MAGGIE: Well, Victor, I don't know what to say. You let him move out, drop out of the program, I'm no longer his sponsor. Your solution to all of this seems to be to just let him do whatever he wants and not have to face his problem.

VICTOR: That's not what I'm trying to do at all. I want him to stay in charge at Titan because I thought the responsibility would be good for him...

Maggie senses a hesitation in Victor's voice. She presses on.

MAGGIE: But...?

VICTOR: Honestly? I'm not so sure anymore.




Nicole throws the envelope down on her desk in disdain. She has her hands on her hips as she stares Miles down, hoping he'll back off and give her another story.

NICOLE: What do I look like? Erin Brokovich?

MILES: Nicole! Come on! You're the perfect person for a story like this.

NICOLE: Are you kidding? What kind of television is a story like this gonna make? "Nocturnal Owl Watcher Being Forced From His Land By Big Oil!"

MILES: I don't see what the problem is! This Percy guy is quite a character. He'll be fantastic on television!

NICOLE: I thought I was working for Titan, not Greenpeace!

Nicole turns away, shaking her head, arms crossed.

MILES: Now come on, Nicole. You don't know ANYTHING about this story. Look into it. All I'm asking is that you look into it. Maybe you'll be surprised by what you come across.

NICOLE: And it's even more likely I'll wanna gouge my eyes out from boredom.

MILES: You know, you're walking on some pretty thin ice here. It's not like you have a job at the church to go back to.

Nicole's face tightens up as she realizes she's being railroaded into taking the story. She turns around quickly to face Miles.

NICOLE: I'll think about it. Now get out of my office, would you?

Miles gets up from behind Nicole's desk, holding his hands up as if to surrender.

MILES: Alright, alright! But I gotta say, you definitely have a much nicer chair than I do.

NICOLE: Office Supplier, right behind University Hospital. Get your own.

Nicole gives Miles and mocking smile as she waves him out the door.

MILES: Okay! But you give me an answer by tonight, you hear me?

NICOLE: Yeah, yeah. GOODBYE!

Nicole slumps in her chair after Miles closes the door, in disbelief at the story she's just been presented.

NICOLE: An owl watcher? Seriously, Miles?


Nick and Percy both enter the lab at MadWorld HQ, impressed by their surroundings.

NICK: HA! It's so nice to be back at work!

PERCY: I've never seen such a glorious monument to modern chemistry!

NICK: Oh trust me. You're gonna love every second of working here.

Nick places his laptop bag on a counter and pulls his laptop from his bag. Percy walks over to the same table.

NICK: Alright. So are you ready to do this?

PERCY: Ready, willing, and able!

Nick opens his laptop and begins working furiously on it, while explaining what's happening to Percy.

NICK: Alright. So first thing's first. We're gonna need to ingratiate ourselves to Kate. Make her trust us and our intentions. It's the only way we're going to be able to gain any access.

PERCY: Are you sure you'll be able to?

NICK: Well, there's two possibilities. Either I can use my savvy and get Kate to trust me, or you are gonna have to really use those investigative skills of yours and dig up something big against her. Either way, Kate Roberts will be eating from the palm of our hands.


SAMI: You cannot be serious!

ERIC: I am.

Sami is stood beside the booth at the Brady Pub where Marlena, Roman, and Eric have gathered to discuss Eric's resignation.

SAMI: They couldn't have come to a decision that fast. Are you serious? Because if they are, I am going to go down to St. Luke's and have a talk with that Father Poindexter or whatever his name is--



ERIC: Sit down and shut up for a second.

Sami frowns like a child and slumps down in the booth next to Marlena.

SAMI: Priests don't talk like that.

ERIC: I've resigned, I don't have to play nice anymore.

SAMI: That's not fair. You have to, you know, let me get used to it. Anyway, what happened?

ERIC: Well, I was just telling Mom and Dad that I had decided that it was best if I resigned. When Nicole and Daniel tracked down Dr. Chyka, they weren't able to find any evidence linking him to Kristen.

SAMI: Which means there's no evidence implicating that Kristen raped you.

Eric winces slightly at Sami's choice of words, he looks down in disappointment and in some degree, of shame.

ERIC: Exactly.

MARLENA: Wait, Eric. What do you mean?

ERIC: Well, Daniel and Nicole found out where Dr. Chyka's hideout was, and went off to find him without getting the police involved.

ROMAN: Which was stupid. Hope told me about this last night. Those two could've got themselves killed going up against that bastard by themsleves.

ERIC: I know, Dad. And I mean no disrespect, but Stefano's always had men hiding in the force. I mean, look at Benardi!

Roman shakes his head, completely understanding the situation.

ROMAN: I know, son. We've had a lot to deal with internally in the force when it comes to the DiMeras. I just...I feel like we could've done more if they'd come to us instead of going about it on their own.

MARLENA: Wait a minute. What is going on? What happened to the doctor?

ERIC: Well, Nicole was told to guard him and he escaped with the evidence.

SAMI: Of course. Of course she did.

ERIC: Sami, I don't want to hear it, okay?

SAMI: Oh come on, Eric. She's so transparent she might as well be made of plastic wrap. She knows if they don't get the evidence against Kristen, you'll be out of the priesthood, and she can't wait to pounce on you. And you know it.

Eric fights his rage at Sami's accusation, but a piece of him can't fight the sense of doubt.


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This dialogue is very very realistic...you got the characters down pat...I wonder what Nick and Percy have up their sleeves (Greetings) LOL

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I like how Nicole is about to investigate Percy. I know that will lead to something. I agree with Cary ,beebs really got the characters down really good.

Its nice to see Nick actually at work at a Corp. And Percy with him.

And Eric is having doubts about Nicole. Thanks to Sami's big mouth.

I really hope Brady gets it together. He's going through life as if there are no consequences. He too old to be acting like this.

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