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DAYS #7: The End of Dannifer?




written by A. Washington-Beeby

story consultant: ML Cooks

JJ steps downstairs slowly to see where his mother is. Finding her studying papers in a folder in the foyer, he makes his way down delicately.

JJ: Uh...mom?

Jennifer stops immediately and turns to JJ with a smile.

JENNIFER: JJ! Good morning!

JJ: Yeah, good morning. Look, uh...are you in a hurry or do you have time to talk?

JENNIFER: No, I've got time...but honey, if this is about Daniel again, I don't want to hear about it--

JJ: Look, it is, but it's also about me, and I think you should hear me out.


Sonny & Will wake up in each other's arms. The sunshine hits Sonny's eyes and tempts him awake. After a big yawn, Sonny stares lovingly at Will for a moment. He drinks in the sleeping face of the man he loves. Eventually, he leans over and kisses him softly on the lips, which stirs Will from his sleep.

WILL: (groaning) Is it time...wake me up later.

SONNY: Come on, you lazy bum. We got things to do.

Will scratches his eyes and tries to rouse himself. Sonny hits him with a pillow.

WILL: OW! Hey!

SONNY: Come on!

Sonny gets up out of bed and heads for the doorway.

SONNY: We have something very important to do today!

WILL: How could I forget? Half priced brunch day at the club!

Sonny shoots Will an evil eye. Will giggles.

WILL: Sorry I had to.

SONNY: You're the worst.

WILL: (still laughing) I KNOW!

Sonny leans on the bed, looking lovingly at Will.

SONNY: I cannot wait to tell everyone we know that I'm marrying the greatest, sexiest guy on the planet.

WILL: You can't marry yourself, Sonny.

Sonny rolls his eyes with a smile.

SONNY: Oh my God, that was terrible.

Sonny and Will kiss.

WILL: You love my awful sense of humour.

SONNY: You're lucky I do.

Will & Sonny emerge from their bedroom to find Gabi on the couch, wide awake, bleary-eyed, holding Ari. They're immediately concerned for her.

SONNY: Gabi! Are you alright?

Gabi continues to stare straight ahead, as though she doesn't hear them.




Brady storms into the Kiriakis mansion, cocky as hell as per usual. Victor is waiting alone in the living room, as Maggie has left upon hearing the door, hoping to give Brady and Victor some time alone to hash things out.

BRADY: Alright, Grandad. What's all the angry phone calls and threats of search parties about?

VICTOR: Gee, I dunno. Might have something to do with the business you supposedly run. And yet, here I am, doing your job for you so you can go around town sulking and drinking all day.

BRADY: How many times do I have to tell you, Grandad. I do NOT have a drinking problem.

VICTOR: You're so full of crap it's coming out your eyeballs.

Brady throws up his hands and makes his way for the door.

BRADY: I don't need to hear this--

VICTOR: Oh yes you do. The board meeting's coming up. They want to know how we're going to get out of the financial mess we've been in since you took over. I've been trying to cover for you, but you need to pull a solution out and fast.

BRADY: What do you mean by that?

VICTOR I mean Titan TV bleeding money by the week, MadWorld and that nincompoup Nick Fallon and that ridiculous computer virus that wiped out the entire fall line, the magazines are all basically kaput, and the only deal that could possibly keep us solvent is languishing on the backburner, all because we can't buy the land we need. And where the Hell is the CEO? Getting drunk at 10am.

Brady pours himself a drink as Victor rants, essentially ignoring him.

BRADY: Are you quite done?

Victor's had enough. He grabs the drink from Brady's hand and smashes it against the opposite wall.

VICTOR: If you don't clean up your act before that board meeting next week, this gravy train is gonna reach the end of the line, and it won't be turning back.


Gabi finally responds to Sonny and Will, though she continues to look straight ahead. She trembles a bit as she does.

GABI: I had a nightmare. I couldn't sleep.

Will immediately sits down beside Gabi and tries to hug her. Gabi tenses and backs away slightly, before rationality returns to her and she shakes it off.

GABI: I'm sorry. I'm just...I'm jumpy.

SONNY: I can tell. Gabi, what's bothering you.

Gabi finally snaps out of it and looks to Will and Sonny.

GABI: It was about Nick. And it's got me thinking, and I don't know what to do.


Hope stands in Town Square, face to face with Aiden. She is displeased to see him, and is fighting back tears from her conversation with Bo over the phone.

HOPE: We've got to stop meeting like this.

AIDEN: We probably do.

HOPE: Well, if you'll excuse me.

Hope goes to walk away before she starts to cry, but Aiden, after hesitating, calls out to her.

AIDEN: I really don't know if I should ask you this but....are you alright?

Hope turns around with a sour expression. Her mascara running slightly.

AIDEN: Stupid question.

HOPE: Only slightly.

AIDEN: Look, I just wanted to ask.

HOPE: Well, I appreciate it, but you've made it more than clear the only person whose pain you're concerned about is your own. Excuse me.

Hope storms off. Aiden looks dejected but as though he expected Hope's reaction.


JJ turns to Jennifer, looking her full-on. Jennifer clearly looks uncomfortable, and would rather be discussing anything else but this.

JENNIFER: Look, JJ, I told you before, I am in no mood to talk about Daniel.

JJ: Mom, I'm serious. You need to know this. It's SO important that I tell you the whole truth.

JENNIFER: What? What do you even mean, JJ?

JJ: Look, just...come to the living room with me for a sec, okay?

JENNIFER: Okay, but I'm running late so--

JJ: Mom, this is too important. It can't wait.

Jennifer throws her hands up, admitting defeat.

JENNIFER: Alright, lead the way.

JJ and Jenn walk into the living room and sit down on the sofa.

JJ: Okay...(clearing his throat), so remember the night...well...obviously you remember the night Theresa OD'd.

JENNIFER: How could I forget?

JJ: Well, you see...look, you can't....you have to promise me you won't tell anyone this, okay?

JENNIFER: Oh God, JJ. What is it?

JJ: Mom, promise me.

JENNIFER: OKAY! Okay, I will. I promise. JJ are you in trouble again?

JJ: No. Mom, I swear. I've been....100% honest with you in everything else, I just...I screwed up. Okay?

JENNIFER: What do you mean?

JJ: The night Theresa OD'd. I was there.

JENNIFER: What? JJ? What are you talking about?

JJ: Okay, Daniel....Daniel was not there with her that night. She invited me over. I was...I was into her and so I went over there. She...she told me she had this drug that she wanted to try out, but she was already wasted so she overdid it. I swear, I barely had any, but she...Theresa...she drank it all and...and fast. She passed out, and I didn't know what to do.

Jennifer is too stunned to even move. JJ just looks dead ahead, recalling the events of that night.

JJ: I just kept replaying over and over in my head....that judge. Warning me that he's going to make an example out of me. The thought of me in that prison cell. I couldn't do it. I couldn't deal with that. So I called Daniel.

JENNIFER: Daniel? Why didn't you call 911, JJ--

JJ: I couldn't. I couldn't, Mom. They would've hauled me in. Daniel came in like....5 minutes. He saved her life. He told me to leave. I wanted to help but he wouldn't let me. He insisted I keep quiet about it. Even to you, even after my sentencing he didn't want me to say anything to you in case my sentencing was reversed. But....I just couldn't keep quiet anymore.

JJ takes Jennifer's hands and looks into her eyes.

JJ: He loves you, Mom. He never slept with Theresa. He wouldn't do that.

Jennifer mulls over everything JJ's told her. She takes a deep breath and thinks before she finally speaks.

JENNIFER: My God, JJ. I just...I wish you'd told me. Why didn't you tell me?

JJ: He thought it was safer if you were called as a witness, or were questioned. It was safer to have you hate him than to have to keep this secret.

JENNIFER: I don't....I would have done it for you.

JJ: But don't you see--

JENNIFER: No, no I don't, JJ.

Jennifer's now fighting off tears, she pulls JJ in for a hug.

JENNIFER: Look, I'm so so glad you finally told me. And I know you've been trying so hard. I'm so proud of you, and how far you've come. But...I don't think there's a chance for Daniel and I anymore, even after what you just told me.

JJ: Seriously?

JENNIFER: No, honey.

Jennifer wipes away her tears and gets up, grabbing her handbag.

JENNIFER: Look, I've gotta get to the hospital.

JJ: Mom, just promise me you'll talk to him. I just want to see you happy. And I know that he made you happy.

JENNIFER: You're so sweet. But I'll be fine. With or without Daniel. I promise.

Jennifer gives JJ another big hug and sets off to work. JJ is left frustrated at home.


Abby gets off the elevator at Salem University Hospital and heads to the Nurses' Station. Picking up some files, she's spotted by Maxine, who waves to her.

ABBY: Oh, hey Maxine.

MAXINE: Hey honey, how you feeling?

ABBY: Oh, I'm alright.

MAXINE: Sure you are. By the looks of you, you have not slept a full eight hours in a week.

ABBY: You've been talking to my mom again, haven't you?

MAXINE: Now, you know your mom keeps tabs on you. She's just worried about you, that's all.

ABBY: Well, she has nothing to worry about and neither do you. But thanks.

EJ emerges from the board room, Abigail doesn't spot him as he exits from a door behind her. He lingers and feigns looking over some paperwork, but is listening in.

MAXINE: Alright. Well, look. Here's the first of the files to begin digitizing. We set you up with a temporary office by the records room so you can have some peace and quiet while you work.

ABBY: Oh my God! That's amazing!

MAXINE: You better thank your Aunt Kayla for that. She pushed for that for you.

ABBY: That's so sweet. I'll have to thank her when I see her next. Anyway, I better get to work.

MAXINE: Alright, honey. See you. And get some sleep!

Abby walks away from the Nurses Station, heading for her office. EJ quickly tucks away around a corner.

ABBY: (laughing) I will!

Abby unlocks the records room door with her keycard, and steps inside. Fully focused on the folder in front of her, she doesn't notice the door stops from fully closing by EJ, who sneaks inside behind her and closes the door behind him. His booming voice shocks Abigail.

EJ: Abigail. We need to talk, right now.



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I cannot stand Brady. Hes a bum, a loser. and just so irritating SO glad Victor got tough with him. Brady really needs some sense beaten into him.

Every time I see Abby the only words that come to mind are nasty ass tramp. I like this cliffhanger kuz u don't now if they really gonna talk or if he gone pound her cakes again.

As always u got the characters down to a tee. ESP Maxine whom I just adore.

Another great one. Be nice to see you branch out into you own stories.

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