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DAYS #8: Heat of the Moment




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Jennifer steps off the elevator at University Hospital, making her way over to the desk at the Nurses' Station. Maxine is there to greet her.

MAXINE: Hey, honey. How are you this morning?

JENNIFER: Oh I'm alright. (sighs) Is Daniel in?

MAXINE: Yeah, I think I saw him head in early this morning. Why?

Maxine raises an eyebrow with a wry smile on her face. Jennifer shakes her head in warning.

JENNIFER: Don't get too excited, Maxine. We're not getting back together, I can guarantee you.

MAXINE: Now, come on, honey. You been saying that for weeks now. We all see how you feel about him.You gotta stop torturing yourselves like this.

JENNIFER: No, see...torture would be getting back together with him once again, only to have it fall apart again. I can't do it, Maxine. I just can't.

Jenn grabs her things and heads off, trying not to well up.

JENNIFER: If you'll excuse me.


Abigail turns to face EJ, who has just closed the door to the hospital records room, where Abby has taken up office. Abby and EJ can feel the tension between them and attempt to keep a distance.

ABBY: What do you want, EJ?

EJ: We need to talk seriously about this...thing that's going on between us.

ABBY: That's vague. I mean, come on, EJ, let's really lay this out there. We both want each other, but you're in love with Sami. I mean, everyone's only too happy to tell me about how much you love her. So tell me. Truthfully, if you love her so much, why are we sleeping together?




Eric is thoroughly exasperated with Sami's accusation directed at Nicole. Though he's doubting Nicole's motives, he isn't willing to entertain the thought that Sami might be right about her arch enemy.

ERIC: Sami, I think you better stop.

SAMI: WHY?! All Nicole wants to do is get in your pants, I don't see why I should have sugar coat it.

ERIC: SAMI, ENOUGH! Seriously!

At this moment, Roman's phone rings. It's Kate again, demanding Roman meet her immediately.

ROMAN: Kate, give me a second, okay?...It's incredibly important, yes...No I won't have time for a little bit. I'll let you know when I'm free, okay? Alright. Bye.

Roman puts down his phone. The family is suddenly hushed and paying attention. Sami's especially interested, considering her current situation with Kate, Gabi and Nick.

SAMI: What did SHE want?

ROMAN: Ahhh Kate's just freaking out about something. She really wants to tell me right away, so I told her I'd head down to the MadWorld offices soon as I can.

SAMI: Oh....geez. I...well I hope everything's okay. I should probably get going actually.

Sami gets up from her seat and grabs her purse and spring jacket. Eric gets up and Sami goes to give him a hug.

SAMI: Look, Eric. I love you, and I support whatever decision you make. Just...don't make a stupid one for the sake of...that...woman.

ERIC: I'm not. Don't worry.This decision is solely mine to make.

SAMI: Alright. I believe you. (laughs)...alright, I'll see you soon.

Sami leans over to kiss and hug Marlena & Roman.

SAMI: Bye mom, bye daddy.

ERIC: See you, Sami.

MARLENA: Goodbye, sweetheart.

ROMAN: See you in a bit, baby girl.

Sami scurries off quickly. It seems only slightly suspicious to the others, who are kind of desensitized to Sami's actions at this rate. High strung and dramatic are part and parcel of Sami Brady. Best just to get used to it.

MARLENA: (with a bit of a laugh) My God, my daughter's bullheaded sometimes.

ERIC: And easily distracted.

ROMAN: Well, when you're as busy as she is, it's not hard to understand why.

ERIC True.

Eric is served another coffee by their waitress.

ERIC: Uhhh...so? Any word from Bo yet?

ROMAN: Not quite yet. He's working with John and Shane on something though, it seems.

HOPE: Well that's more information than I've managed to get out of him. Good work, Roman.

Hope has enetered the room, still upset from Bo's phone call earlier.


Will and Sonny sit down in their living room on either side of Gabi, who is holding Ari.

WILL: Gabi, let me hold her for a sec.

GABI: No! No, Will. I want to hold her, please.

Will reaches out to take the baby from Gabi, but Gabi's protests stop him. He retreats awkwardly.

GABI: I just...holding her makes me feel...I dunno, a little safer right now.

SONNY: Okay, Gabi. What's wrong? You look so tired, you've obviously been up all night.

GABI: Well...the baby was crying...and so I got up out of bed and stayed with her.

WILL: Gabi, we're talking about your dream. What about Nick that's got you so spooked.

GABI: It's...it's nothing, he just...

Gabi darts her eyes between Will and Sonny. She gets up to put Ari back in her crib.

GABI: Look, I know you guys just want me to say something bad about him, but it's not his fault. He just...he was going through things.

SONNY: So that gives him permission to rape you?

GABI: But he didn't, Sonny!

WILL: Gabi, he tried. He scared you to the point that you hit him in the head with a rock. Obviously you felt threatened by him enough--

GABI: Yeah, but that's not the point. If I hadn't....humiliated him in Town Square like that in front of all those people NONE of this would've happened.

Sonny can't believe what he's hearing. Desperate to try to get through to Gabi, he grabs her shoulders, Gabi recoils.

SONNY: Do you hear what you're saying right now? Gabi, he assaulted you!

GABI: Get your hands off me, Sonny. (backing away) Don't touch me. Please.

SONNY: I'm sorry. But I'm worried about you. I don't want Nick to hurt you again, or Will, or Ari.

GABI: I don't think he will.

WILL: Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about that.


Jennifer makes a beeline for Daniel's office, but is stopped in the hallway by Anne Milbauer.

ANNE: Ohhh! How nice to see you actually at work for once.

JENNIFER: (sighing) What do you want, Anne?

ANNE: To see you working more than an hour a day, continuously, I might add, since you tend to work about two-and-a-half cumulatively, but I hardly count that--

JENNIFER: I don't have time for this.

Jenn tries to walk away, Anne grabs her shoulder to stop her.

ANNE: Woah woah woah woah not so fast, sweetie. I need you to have your sweet little doe-eyed daughter sign something for me. We're going to be publicizing the digitization of hospital records, and she's working on those as we speak.

JENNIFER: Anything else?

ANNE: No, just get it back to me right away.

Jennifer stiffens and salutes Anne mockingly.

JENNIFER: Yes, Ma'am!

ANNE: Cute. Very cute.

Anne walks away, Jennifer laughs to herself at Anne's ridiculousness, she decides to take are of the signing off right away and backtracks to Abigail's temporary office.


EJ takes a moment to think before he responds to Abigail. Abigail folds her arms in impatience.

ABBY: Well? What is it, EJ? Why does this keep happening?

EJ: Look, Abigail--

ABBY: Stop! Don't...don't feed me your spin. I think you're still channeling your inner politician. And I don't want to hear it. I want truth.

EJ: What makes you think I haven't been totally upfront with you?

ABBY: Well, I don't know. Maybe it's something to do with why I had to be kept in the dark when Nick was missing. Maybe it's because I feel like the only reason you even slept with me in the first place was to shut me up and 'WHOOPS!' you actually enjoyed yourself.

EJ: That's not what it is.

ABBY: You've said that before. I'd like to believe it. But I walk away every time EJ, and I feel cheap, and used.

EJ: I'm sorry, Abigail. I truly am--

ABBY: ...And the worst part is...I know the second you and Samantha get over whatever you've been fighting about, I'm gonna be thrown out like yesterday's trash. Won't I?

EJ's anger boils over, he turns around, upset by her accusation.

EJ: NO! No you will not, dammit. I am attracted to you. You give me something I need, and you're a beautiful girl.

ABBY: Girl. Exactly, EJ. I'm not a woman to you. Sami's a woman though, isn't she?

Abby drapes her arms around EJ's neck, leaning in closer to him.

ABBY: Sami is grown up, she's everything you want in a woman. Sami can make you feel like no one else, can she?

EJ: Abigail, I--

ABBY: Shhh. Let me ask you something.

Abigail is merely an inch from EJ's lips. She whispers sensually to him.

ABBY: What if I'm more woman than you realize?

Abigail leans in to kiss EJ. He kisses back, and the fire ignites. EJ clears off Abigail's desk, and lays her down on it.

Outside, Jennifer fumbles with her purse, searching for her keycard, finding it, she buzzes herself in and turns the handle.



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I smiled when I saw Anne's name and that's because since episode one you've done a great job capturing all the characters and Anne was no exception. I love her quirks to Jenn.

It seems Gabi's almost rape is being addressed as an issue. I'm happy to see that. The writers on the show are really doing a terrible job with her character.

A little more on BO to. I do indeed like that.

I also like the direct conversation with EJ and Abby. It really was needed.

Maxine was also another one that you got done good. I hope she becomes less of a story proper or sounding more and become more of her own woman.

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  • Members

Maxine will have more of her own business to attend to soon. Gabi is a bit of a nutcase, let's all be honest about this.

Glad you guys liked that ending. It's just the start for those two.

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