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DAYS #9: Crisis Averted?




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Jennifer turns the handle to the records room, startling EJ and Abby, causing them to reclothe hastily. Jennifer is about to step in when a voice calls out her name.

LIAM: Jennifer!

Jennifer is pleased to see Liam, and her long face brightens up when she does.

JENNIFER: Liam! HI! How are you?

Jenn leans in and hugs Liam. Liam graciously kisses Jenn's hand. Jennifer is charmed, giving a muted smile.

LIAM: M'lady. I am well. What about you? You seem a little less...yourself than usual.

JENNIFER: Oh, it's...nothing. I just...I found out something about a friend and I need to go talk with him about it.

LIAM: Daniel, isn't it?

JENNIFER: (sighing) Yeah. Anyway, it's no big deal, I'm not going to let him ruin my day.


Inside Abby's office, EJ and Abby are panicked.

ABBY: (whispering) Your shirt. Here!

Abby throws EJ his shirt, he catches it and throws it on, while simultaneously trying to put his pants back on.

ABBY: (whispering) Can you fix my zipper, I can't reach--

EJ: Here, here, here.

EJ grabs her zipper, struggling to keep his pants from falling down.


LIAM: Well good, because I happen to be of the opinion that your day is about to get a whole lot brighter.


LIAM: Yes. I have taken it upon myself to reserve a quiet table for two at Chez Rouge for 8pm. Would that sound good to you?

JENNIFER: I think that is just what I needed.

LIAM: Excellent. Pick you up at 7:30?

JENNIFER: Absolutely, mi lord! (laughing)


Abby looks frantically around for a place to hide EJ. She points to the closet behind her.

ABBY: (whispering) Quick! In the supply closet. Fast, she's coming.

EJ runs into the supply closet, still buttoning up his shirt.


LIAM: Fantastic. Just keep that smile on your face for tonight. Look forward to it.

JENNIFER: Me too. Bye!

With a fresh smile on her face, Jenn steps into the records room, where Abby's makeshift office is located. She steps in just as Abigail shuts the door to the supply closet EJ is stashed in. Abby has a wide, awkward grin on her face as she stands right in front of the closet.


Jennifer is immediately suspicious.




Hope stands by the booth that Eric, Marlena, and Roman are sitting in. Roman motions for her to join them.

ROMAN: Come on, Hope. I think we need to have a talk about Bo for a sec.

HOPE: I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound so hostile.

MARLENA: Oh don't even think that. Look, honey, I know what you and Ciara are going through right now. It's awful. I can tell she's really having a hard time. But you are strong enough. And you have friends and family that'll help you get through until Bo's back.

ROMAN: Marlena's right. We all know Bo's working real hard to take down the DiMeras, and it's all to protect you and Ciara and Shawn D. You know how many years we been trying to take them down.

Hope's a bit exasperated, hearing the same things over and over.

HOPE: I know! I know I know I know. I understand it, especially being a cop and having gone undercover before. I know why he's doing this, I just...I just miss him. I don't get why he couldn't find SOME way to come home, even for Christmas. Something.

ERIC: Aunt Hope, I know he'll be back soon. Just...trust God's will is to see him back home to you. Safe and sound.

HOPE: I wish I had your faith. Truth is, I don't know if he's ever coming back.


Sami gets off the elevator at Titan HQ, making a beeline for Kate's office. She looks momentarily for Kate's secretary, before shrugging and charging into Kate's office. She's in a panicked fury, and shocks Kate with her brusque arrival.

SAMI: Think you're gonna throw us under the bus so soon, hm?

Kate, shocked and completely confused, gets up from her chair and folds her arms.

KATE: Sami, what in the hell are you talking about?

SAMI: I'm talking about the desperate phone calls you've been making to my father, demanding that he meet with you ASAP.

KATE: They have absolutely nothing to do with you or Nick Fallon, if that's what you're wondering.

Sami takes her purse off her shoulder and sits down in the office chair on the other side of Kate's desk.

SAMI: Oh yeah, then what is it?

KATE: It's none of your business, actually.

SAMI: So it's about Rafe and his pod woman, then?

Kate doesn't respond, but raises her eyebrows, insisting that she's saying nothing to Sami on the subject.

SAMI: It IS, isn't it? She's totally a serial killer hiding out, isn't she? I KNEW it! Nobody has that little personality, and I could tell those glasses weren't perscription, I mean--

KATE: SAMI! Enough! I am not getting into this with you. Not now.

Sami folds her arms and gives Kate an "I know I'm right" look.

KATE: I can't prove a damn thing about Jordan, and if I do know something, I really don't think you're the person I want to turn to first, considering how well you've handled this Nick situation so far.

SAMI: What do you mean by that? I handled that the best way I knew how.

KATE: Oh right! Miss "I don't feel a pulse, he must be dead". Let me ask you, is it really that hard to find a vein on someone that skinny?

SAMI: Oh come on, that was SO not my fault. His head must have been...swollen from being hit with a boulder or...something, I don't know.

KATE: That's exactly it, Sami. You don't know. And this time, you're gonna stay out of it. Completely.


Jordan and Sheryl meet by the pier. They are both bundled up for the cold, and are shivering from it. They recognize each other and step towards each other.


SHERYL: Hey. What's going on? You seemed really tense on the phone.

JORDAN: I'm starting to worry about Kate.

SHERYL: Weren't you always worried?

JORDAN: Well, yes. But I'm getting really worried now.

SHERYL: More like paranoid. Come on, there's no way she is going to pull our faces out of all the people that were protesting at that summit.

JORDAN: Yeah, but not everyone there stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bank and got away with it. I mean, seriously? We were all over the news in Canada.

SHERYL: Yes. In Canada. Have you seen how much Canadian news gets reported here? Zero. Zilch. Unless you're the mayor of Toronto, you're basically invisible to the wider world.

Sheryl and Jordan's conversation becomes more hushed, concerned that someone could sneak up at any time and listen in on them. They huddle in closer together.

JORDAN: Well, my point is, you need to be more careful. Especially around Lucas. You can't rush into this relationship with him, or he's going to catch onto what you're really up to.

SHERYL: Oh my God, Jordan. Come on. Lucas Horton is eating from the palm of my hand already. We are going to have everything we need in no time flat. Trust me.

JORDAN: You better be right. Or we are in real big danger. And we may not be able to squirm our way out this time.



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A great episode. We finally learn something about Jordan and i really enjoyed Sami's commet's about her glasses, to funny.

I am so glad Bo's abscene is being addressed I hope it has further ramifacations.

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  • Members

We all know Jordan Ridgeway's glasses are fake. At the very least she has contacts.

Bo's absence might really affect Hope in a big way. Hope you stay tuned!

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You have made Jordan more interesting than Gary and Chris have in a lot less time lol..

I could see Abby and EJ scrambling as you described it.

Enjoyed the dialogue also, especially Sami and Kate's exchanges

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