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DAYS #10: Awkward Arrivals




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Sami won't take no for an answer, and continues to prod Kate for information on Jordan.

SAMI: Come on, Kate. You can't leave me in the dark about this.

KATE: Ohh yes I can. In fact, I consider it my responsibility to keep you in the dark about this, because until this information is public, I cannot run the risk of you shooting your mouth off to anyone in the heat of the moment...

SAMI: Hey--

KATE: ...Which you are rather infamous for, even you will admit.

Sami glares at Kate, not willing to admit Kate's right, but knowing she probably is. Roman knocks on Kate's door at this moment, pushing open the door, which is already slightly ajar.

ROMAN: You don't have a secretary anymore?

KATE: Don't ask.

Roman raises his hands as he steps in.

ROMAN: I won't. Hey Sami.

Sami hesitates to leave. Kate motions her to the door. Sami knows Kate won't talk for now, and grabs her things to leave Kate's office.

SAMI: Fine, Kate. But remember something. I was married to Rafe. And despite what you might think, I want him to be happy more than anything else. If you change your mind, call me.

Sami walks out, putting her hand on her dad's shoulder as she steps out. Roman closes the door behind her.

ROMAN: Alright, Kate. What's this all about? And it better be good.




Jennifer stands in the doorway of Abby's makeshift office, looking at Abby, who is leaning against the closet door. Jenn already feels like something's going on. Little does she realize EJ is hiding in the closet.

JENNIFER: That's an awfully wide grin for someone who's been so moody lately.

ABBY: Oh my GOSH, Mom. Can you believe it? They gave me my own little office so I could work on the digitization project in peace!

Abby runs over to Jennifer and gives her a happy hug. Mid-hug, you can see Abby's eyes pop out of her head, worried about her mother's presence, unsure how to allay her suspicion (which, by the look on Jenn's face, it hasn't.)

Once they separate from the hug, Jenn pulls the papers from her bag, and looks around the room, hoping to find some sort of clue as to what's going on.

JENNIFER: Uh...yeah. Great, honey. Uhmmm...look. Sweetheart, Anne brought these for you. Some sort of thing about your new assignment. I think it's the confirmation of your usage of the records room as office space or something.

Abby takes the papers and looks them over hastily, grabbing a pen from her desk.

ABBY: Oh, great.

As Abby's about to sign, Jenn is confused that Abby isn't even really looking it over.

JENNIFER: Abigail, are you going to read that over first?

ABBY: What, mom? I believe you.

JENNIFER: Yeah, but I taught you better than to sign something without reading it over first. Especially something from Anne Milbauer.

Jennifer pauses, scans the room again quickly. Abby is on pins and needles, hoping Jenn doesn't think to look in the closet.

JENNIFER: You want me to leave, don't you?

ABBY: NO! Mom I don't, I just...I have a lot of work to get to.

JENNIFER: Yeah. Right. So why don't I believe you?

Abby looks incredibly uncomfortable now, unsure how to respond.


Percy stands in the doorway of his cottage in the woods. He is in a passionate debate with a 30-something man in a suit. The man represents a real estate company and Percy is enraged by his presence.

PERCY: I have resided at this abode for many a year, and purchased it with the express intent of leaving it to my grandchildren, so they may learn to enjoy the wildlife as I have. There is no question of sale for any price.

AGENT: Uh...but...sir. I mean, you'd be ....you'd be a fool to turn down a million bucks for a place like this...I mean...it's....not exactly the Ritz-Carlton.

PERCY: Good sir. If I have designs on emulating the Ritz-Carlton, one would assume I would take a somewhat more urban surrounding, no?

The estate agent looks back at Percy, completely dumfounded.

AGENT: $1 Million. Final offer.

PERCY: I would tell you what you could do with your million dollars, sir. However, I don't use that kind of language. Good day!

Percy slams the door in the agent's face, shaking his head at his persistance. Moments later, Percy gets a knock on the door. He turns around in anger and throws the door open, ready for a fight.

PERCY: I thought I told you a million times, NO SALE! Oh...

Nicole stands on the other side of the door, a look of confusion and terror on her face.

NICOLE: Nicole Walker. Titan TV?

Percy steps back, slightly embarrassed.


Will and Sonny walk hand in hand through Horton Town Square. Some people stare, some grimace, most just ignore them and carry about their business. They're headed to the Brady Pub to meet with the family regarding their engagement.

SONNY: So? How you feeling about this?

WILL: I'm....actually really nervous!

SONNY: Seriously? Why?

WILL: It's just...I mean, marriage is different from being in a relationship, right? People are generally cool with that, but...marriage has been such a touchy thing lately.

SONNY: Yeah but...you know, that's changing fast. I mean....look at some of the people staring at us right now.

As Sonny points it out, at least a couple people look away quickly. Will looks all around.

WILL: I don't get what that meant...besides making me self-conscious?

SONNY: (with a laugh) No, like...what I mean is, even a few years ago, I couldn't have walked through town square hand in hand without everyone fixated on us, and people making rude comments. Things, they're changing, Will. Every day. And part of it is us. We're helping change it. Just remember that.

Sonny leans in and kisses Will, and they embrace, unaware of who's behind them.

NICK: Remember what?

Sonny and Will are startled out of their hug, and turn to face Nick, obviously displeased by his presence.


Marlena and Hope walk out of the Brady Pub together, with Eric remaining inside for the moment. Hope is still feeling lousy over Bo's continued absence. Marlena puts her arm around Hope's shoulders in comfort.

MARLENA: You know what?

HOPE: What?

MARLENA: I have a feeling about Bo, and John, and Shane.

HOPE: Oh you do?

MARLENA: Well, to be fair, John sent me a letter. Abe gave it to me last night.

HOPE: Oh really? I figured with all the divorce proceedings he was...you know...uninterested.

MARLENA: Well...we'll have to see about that divorce.

Hope cracks a smile at the news.

HOPE: Does this mean what I think it means?

MARLENA: Well...we'll have to see. Basically, I'm willing to give it another try if he is. And that letter gives me hope that...John may have finally come to terms with what happened with Kristen.

HOPE: Well, I'd hate see Kristen win anything out of all this mayhem she caused. I've got my fingers crossed. Now...what about this feeling?

MARLENA: Well...the way they're talking in the letter, I have a feeling that they may be coming home real soon.

A voice is heard from the alley behind them.

KIM: If ONLY I were as sure as you, Marlena.

Marlena and Hope turn quickly to see who's talking. Kim looks back, and has a look of uncertainty on her face.


Kate paces back and forth as she begins to tell her story to Roman.

KATE: Well, first thing's first...I'm sure you've met Rafe's physiotherapist, Jordan Ridgeway.

ROMAN: That I have, and I think she's a mighty sweet girl.

Kate stops her pacing momentarily and rolls her eyes at Roman's statement. She carries on pacing as she begins to speak again.

KATE: Well, first thing I need to tell you, you have to keep quiet about for various reasons that are not relevant.

ROMAN: Alright, you have my word.

KATE: Great. You see, I hired Jordan to care for Rafe as a sort of...shall we say, a donation to the hospital. Everything was approved by Kayla, there's no funny business going on there.

ROMAN: Alright, but what's the problem then?

KATE: The problem is, I started to look into this woman. At first I'll admit, I was just being nosy and she wasn't exactly warm to me, but then I found Jordan to be incredibly shady about the details of her past. Or indeed any of her past because, according to my PI, she didn't exist before three years ago.

ROMAN: Alright. But I don't see anything wrong with someone changing their name. What's this got to do with me?

Kate comes around the other side of the desk and sits down on the edge of her desk. She grabs the file containing her and Sheryl's mugshot and the accompanying newspaper clipping.

KATE: A lot, when you're dealing with a pair of international fugitives.


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Very nice little side story for Percy!

I also like Will and Sonny's scene and how you addressed their gay relationship in public. I felt Days missed the ball on that one esp for Will.

Nice to see Kim I hope hope she brought a switch or a wire hanger to beat Theresea's ass

I like the ending. THey story is really picking up esp with Jordan.

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