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Jack learns Keemo and Gloria are ENGAGED!!



thumbnailCAXRLFRZ.jpgParamedics rush Chloe into the ER. Olivia runs over to her. Ronan walks in as well.

Olivia: What do we got?

Paramedic: Possible bone fractures, head trauma and extremely weak vitals.

Olivia: Put her in OR one.” She then looks at Ronan.

“What happened Ronan?”

Billy then walks in. “It’s all my fault. Chloe may die because of me.”

Olivia: Let me go take care of her.” Olivia leaves.

Ronan walks over to Billy,

“You’re really in a mess now. How could you do this to Chloe? Cheating on your wife with the mother of your child? Your wife was in Japan going through a severe ordeal and how do you support her? An affair?”

Billy: Ronan who the hell are you? Grow some lips before you talk to me again. Now get the hell out my face.” Billy walks away to the chapel.yr_get_familiar_with_billy_mille-12.jpg

Back at Glo Worm.

Jack’s face is red as he looks at Keemo and Gloria.

Jack:Jack.jpg This is outrageous. I’m not going to stand for it. You and Gloria NEVER!

GloriathCA9UZCGB.jpg: Keemo you never told me you were an Abbott.

Keemo:thumbnail2.jpg I know. I sense you and my dad don’t get along?

Jack: That’s an understatement of the century. She was married to your grandfather. Gloria is the reason my dad is dead. She ruined his company, his reputation. Gloria is a gold digging slut and I will never allow her to get her claws in the Abbott family again.

Nikki: imagesCA8ORWACsoapoprah.jpgJack don’t do this.

Keemo: Watch your mouth Jack.

Jack then gets a text. “Oh my god!”

Nikki: What is it?

Jack: It’s Billy. We got to rush over to the hospital.” Nikki leaves with Jack.

Keemo looks at Gloria. She slaps him.

The Young and the Restless

Episode 111: Jack learns Keemo is engaged to Gloria

Written by ML COOKS

Creative Consults: C Nate Richardson, Martin Saenz


a894db85_zpsc0dd912f.jpgEsther arrives at the hospital. She walks over to the nurse’s station

“My daughter. Kate.. She’s been brought in. Is she ok?”

Nurse: Last name?

Esther: Chloe Valentine.

Nurse: She’s in surgery with Dr. Olivia Hastings. We don’t know any thing yet.”

Esther clutches her chest. Kay walks up to her and holds her.

“My daughter. Who did this to her. What happened?”

Ronan then walks over to her.

Kay:thCAJJMEER.jpg Ronan can you tell us what is going on?

Jack and Nikki arrive.

Jack: That’s what we want to know.

Billy then walks out from the chapel and sees the crowd gathering around Chloe’s room.

They all run to him.

Esther: Billy what have you done? What happened to Kate?

Billy, with tears forming gin his eyes looks at all of them.

“I messed up.”

Esther: What!?” She slaps him. Then punches him in his chest.

“What did you do to my baby girl Billy? I’ll kill you I swear to God! ” Everyone is stunned by Esters dramatic outburst. Kay tries to console her.

Jack: Billy what did you do?

Billy: Victoria walked in on me and Chloe.

Kay: Shame on you Billy Abbott!

Esther sinks to the ground in tears. “I told her to leave Billy alone.”

Nikki: (to Billy)What are you saying? Victoria walked in on you and Chloe having sex?

Billy: Yes.

Nikki takes her purse and slaps Billy in the face with it.

“You dirty Bastard! Your selfish. A rotten pig.

Jack: Nikki please back off.

Nikki: Your play boy brother betrayed my daughter. He hurt her. He is scum.

Esther: SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! My daughter Is fighting for her life in that room. And all you can do is worry about who hurt who’s feelings. What is wrong with you people? You rich people have no real emotion, no real sense of life. Look at how petty you are being this very moment. We all need to be praying that Chloe makes it. If you can’t do that then I don’t want any one of you here.

Everyone is stunned at Esther.

Nikki walks off to call Victoria. Her voice mail comes on.

“Darling I don’t know what is going on but I really need you to get to memorial.” She hangs up and then calls Nick. Nick tells her he is on his way.


Back at Glo Worm. Keemo rubs his cheek.

Gloria: I cant believe this is happening. I’m engaged to an Abbott.

Keemo: I had no idea you were married to my granddad.

Gloria: Yea maybe you should have told me who you were. I knew Jack had a son but never knew his name or what he looked like. And its you. I can’t believe I’m in love with Jack Abbott’s son. This can’t be happening. What would your granddad think? I loved him with all my heart and when he died it nearly destroyed me. And how do I show my love to him? But sleeping and getting engaged to his Asian grandson.

Keemo: I really don’t know what to say. I didn’t plan this. I didn’t know who you were. I never knew my granddad got remarried after Dina. I didn’t think it would be possible.Gloria I never meant for this to happen. I love you.

Gloria: Please don’t say that to me. I’m getting sick to my stomach.” She leaves Glo Worm. Keemo calls after her.

Jill then walks up to Keemo.

“Well. Well well. You left me for Gloria. I thought you had better taste Keemo. Gloria is really the bottom of the barrel.

Keemo: You know what happened between us. Jack didn’t approve.

Jill: Jack isn’t going to approve of this engagement with Gloria either. I’ll be here for you.” She plants a kiss on his lips then leaves. Keemo just watches the door. He never expected his party to end up like this.

Tucker having watched the entire scene walks over to Keemo.

LlsHDNXzQr2OtKzyC9GISg3777soapoprah.jpgKeemo: Can I help you?

“I’m Tucker McCall.”

Keemo: Kay’s son. Ok nice to meet you. What can I do for you?

Tucker: I could not help but oversee how your dad reacted to you and Gloria. I wanted to tell you I support you. I support true love. And it looks like soon you may need an ally against your dad. Here is my card. You’ll know when the time is right to use it. In the mean time I wish you luck with Gloria.” Tucker walks away as Keemo looks at the info on the card.

Tucker: Check mate Jack. I’ll have your son on my team. And I’m going to really enjoy that.” He heads to the hospital to see what kind of damage he can do there.

Victoria arrives at the hospital and walks over to her mother.

Nikki: Darling what happened?

Victoria: Billy cheated on me. I walked in and saw him and Chloe having sex in our bed. So I lost control mother. Something came over me I was so hurt and angry. With out even thinking I attacked Chloe. I blacked out, I don’t remember to much of what happened.

Nikki holds her.

“What a way to come back to Genoa City. To find out your husband is cheating on you.”

Esther walks over to Nikki and Victoria.

Esther: What the hell did you do to my Chloe?

Victoria: It’s more like what she did to me. My family…. She was having sex with Billy in our home. OUR BED! That’s what your Chloe did.

Esther: I told them to stop this.

Nikki: Wait you knew about the affair? How long has this been going?

Esther: It’ doesn’t matter. Victoria should have never put her hands on my daughter.

Victoria: Your daughter should keep her legs closed to married men.

Esther slaps Victoria. Nikki pushes Esther back. Jack intervenes as does Kay. Kay pulls Esther aside.

Nikki: You better get your maid in order Katherine.

Kay: Nikki she is upset. We don’t need your cheer leading and instigating. Everyone is hurt and stunned here. You calm down.

Nikki: Hand Newman back to my family then go to hell!”


Then Olivia come out of the Operating Room. Everyone gathers round to hear news on Chloe.

Olivia: I’m so sorry” She says as a tear forming in her eye.

Esther breaks down and hollers out and cries her out.

“NO!. Not Chloe. NO! God WHY?…. Why my daughter.”

Everyone looks at Victoria. Billy is stunned as well.

Esther looks at Victoria. “ You killed my daughter!!!”thumbnailCAXRLFRZ.jpg

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Liked the ER scene when Chloe was being rushed in...

The end is classic soap cliffhanger...

I like Billy's remark to Ronan. Ronan could use some Restylane (lip collagen injections lol)..

Good one

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