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Genoa City learns Spencer and Leslie are Roxanne's Parents!



Billy’s House. Victoria walks down the stairs and looks at Chloe’s seemingly life less body. She looks at the puddle of blood forming under her head. Meanwhile Billy begins to holler out from upstairs as he tries to break free of the ropes. Victoria kicks over Chloe’s body. Then Ronan walks in. He look at Victoria standing over Chloe’s body.

Ronan: Victoria, what happened? I got a call about screams coming from this house.

Victoria: I caught this tramp having sex with my husband. We had a disagreement. Now I need a cigarette.” She coolly walks past Ronan.thCACDIPI0.jpg

Ronan runs upstairs to see why Billy is screaming out. He sees Billy in a superman costume tied to the bed.

Ronan: Billy what have you done?

The Young and the Restless

Episode 110: Genoa City learns Roxanne is Leslie’s daughter!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: C. Nate Richardson ad Martin Saenz

At the Party

Leslie: Ashley you won’t be pressing charges on my daughter Roxanne.

Spencer shakes his head. Roxanne and Malcolm look at Leslie.

Ashley: Roxanne is your daughter?

Leslie: Yes.” Leslie looks at Roxanne.

Roxanne shakes her head at Leslie.

Roxanne: You are tripping.

Roxanne runs off. Devon follows.

Malcolm approaches Leslie

“Les what is going on?”

Leslie: Malcolm it’s true. I just found out Roxanne is the daughter I gave up for adoption many years ago.”

Malcolm: This is the secret you could not tell me? This is what has been eating up at you? Baby girl you could have told me” Malcolm hugs her. Then Spencer walks into his view. He pulls back from Leslie

“Wait a minute. Did Spencer now about this?”

Leslie turns away knowing the truth is going to piss him off.

Malcolm: Ahh hell naw Les!! How does he get to know and I don’t. I’m the one loving you.”

Leslie looks back at Malcolm as Spencer approaches the two.

Leslie: Malcolm, Spencer is Roxanne’s father.

Spencer: So now that you know you can lay off of Leslie. She’s going through a hard enough time as it is.”

Malcolm is speechless leaning Spencer fathered Leslie’s child.

Devon chases down Roxanne. Roxanne with tears in her eyes brushes Devon off.

Roxanne: Leave me alone Devon. I don’t want to be bothered!

Devon: Roxanne please don’t run off. I love you. We can deal with this.” Roxanne runs off into the edge of night and Devon stops chase. But what Devon doesn’t know is that Nate hasn’t given up on chasing Roxanne. Devon walks back into the party confused.

soctty2.jpgScotty is looking for Rafe, He walks out side and sees him. He approaches him.

Scotty: Rafe I can explain.

Rafe:thumbnailCA8MGVE2.jpg Explain what? Tell me who’s explaining Ted or Scotty?

Scotty: My name is Scotty Grainger. I told you my name was Ted because my mother doesn’t know I’m this way.

Rafe: What way is that?

Scotty: This Rafe. What you and I have. I love you.

Scotty pulls Rafe to a side wall so no one can see them.

Rafe brushes out of his hold.” I’m so pissed at you Scotty! How do you love me when the only thing you’ve done was lie to me from the first day we met!?”

Scotty: I don’t want my mother to know.

Rafe: I’m too old for this kind of game. If you can’t be who you are Scotty then I don’t want to be with you.

Scotty: No please, Don’t say that Rafe. I need you. I love you.” Scotty plants a kiss on Rafe. Fenmore walks around the corner and see the two men kissing. Fenmore takes a picture of Scotty and Rafe kissing. Scotty and Rafe both look at Fenmore. Fenmore takes off running and laughing.

Scotty: This can’t be happening.

Back at Billy’s

Ronan unties Billy. Billy puts his penis back inside his costume. He then runs down stairs to find Chloe. Ronan calls for an ambulance. Billy holds Chloe.

“Oh my god. What did Vicki do?” Billy kisses her.

“I love you Chloe and I’m so sorry. You can’t be dead. We have Delia.”

Ronan can only watch the sad scene from the top of the stairs. He’s in shock and in disbelief. Is Chloe really dead?thumbnailCAXRLFRZ.jpg


Tucker is pulled away from the drama at the party with a phone call on his cell phone. It's Iris.

Tucker: Good news darling’?

Iris: Yes. Kay’s office has been repainted, and all the visual and audio recording equipment has been installed in her office.

Tucker: So soon. I’m impressed. Now we can get his show on the road and take Kay out for good.” He hangs up with a huge smile on his face as he looks over at his mother.

Tucker: Out with the old and in with the new.LlsHDNXzQr2OtKzyC9GISg3777soapoprah.jpg

Avery then arrives at the party. She hands the DVD to a Glo Worm worker and gives her some instructions.

Meanwhile. Nate has caught up To Roxanne.

Nate: Slow down.

Roxanne turns around. ‘What?”

Nate: Come back to the party. We got to figure this out Rox.

Roxanne: That Leslie, the person I thought was stalking me is my mother. Is this even true? Why did it come out like that?

Nate grabs her and holds her tightly.

Roxanne just cries.

Nate: It’s ok. Let it out. I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere.

Roxanne: I don’t know what to do Nate. What if this is really true? Leslie my mother?

Nate: Let’s go back and figure this out. Let’s get some answers. You can’t run from this. You may have found your real mother. Please come back to the party. I’ll be right by your side.

Nate slowly walks Roxanne back to the party.

At the party. Avery grabs a microphone and gets the attention of the party. Leslie takes a keen interest as does Spencer.

Avery: I have a message from Victor Newman. He’s instructed me to play it here at the party.

The lights are dimmed. Then a big screen TV comes on. Its Victor Newman himself.

The party goers are stunned.

Victor: I’d like to tell you a story. About a lovely lady, named Leslie.”6a00d834516f7c69e200e54f70db498833--1.jpg6a00d834516f7c69e200e54f84faa38834-.jpgth.jpg

As the video plays Nate and Roxanne arrive back at the party. Devon sees this and is not to happy at all. He walks over to them.

Nate, Roxanne and the rest of the party look upon Leslie’s sexy past expose. As sexy stripper pictures are on the big screen they tell a story. The story shows Spencer as one of Leslie’s clients. Then we see a baby that Leslie gives up for adoption. Then at the end of the video is a DNA test. Stating Leslie and Spencer are Roxanne’s parents. The camera zooms onto the results for all to see. Genoa City is stunned. The video goes off.

Leslie: Why Avery?

Avery doesn’t say anything. She leaves the party.

Roxanne is crying.

The camera pans to the facial reactions of Leslie, Devon, Nate, Malcolm, Neil, Ashley, Abby, Spencer and most of all back to Roxanne.thumbnailCAERFBK3.jpg

Gloria then grabs the microphone.

“I have had enough of this outrageous show This party was to lift the spirits of everyone here in Genoa City. So It’s time I do just that. I have an announcement to make. If I may have you attention please.”

Gloria spots Keemo in the crowd.

Gloria: Keemo it’s time can you come up here?

As Keemo makes his way to the podium to Gloria Jack wonders what the hell is about to happen.

Gloria: Genoa City, I’d like you to meet the man who has helped make this night possible. My business partner and the love of my life and now my fiancée Keemo No Last Name.”

Keemo laughs and speaks into the microphone and says Abbott. It’s Keemo Abbott.”

Gloria: ABBOTT!!?

Jack walks up to them.

“What the hell is this Keemo?”

Keemo: Dad meet my fiancée Gloria.

Gloria and Jack look at each other in shock.

Jack: Over my dead body!Jack.jpgthCA9UZCGB.jpgthCAKEFVDS.jpg


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Is Fenmore still little? LOL

Poor Roxanne...and Victor's expose of Leslie...

I didn't know Iris set up all the cameras in Katherine's office.

Jack ain't gon let his son marry Gloria...LOL

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