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ANOTHER WORLD 106 Disagreements







Lindsay answers the door...

Lindsay (icily): Hi mom.

Stacey: May I come in?

Lindsay: I guess so.

Stacey: Where were you tonight?

Lindsay: I was with Greg.

Stacey: Gregory Hudson?

Lindsay (rolling her eyes and sighing): Yes mom.

Stacey: I was worried about you so I came to check on you.

Lindsay: I'm a big girl. I don't need a babysitter.

Stacey: You know what I'm getting sick and tired of your attitude.

Lindsay: Really mom? I'm getting tired of you trying to control my life.

Stacey: What happened to us? We used to be so close. It's like you can't even stand the sight of me. Every time we talk it turns into an argument.

Lindsay: Maybe it's because the two ton elephant in the room is the fact that you don't want me to tell Jake McKinnon that he's my biological father.

Stacey: We've been over this.

Lindsay: This is all about you and your stupid self-preservation.

Cass enters the living room...

Cass: Will you two stop?! I'm absolutely tired of the both of you constantly arguing. I'm taking Nicole to the hospital. She's not doing well.

AT THE BLAKESblogentry-14971-0-49807600-1357444727_thblogentry-14971-0-60619600-1357444747_th

Felicia and Mitch walk in...

Mitch (hanging up their coats, then pulls Felicia in close): It's time for our...nightcap.

He kisses Felicia but she doesn't kiss back...

Felicia: I'm tired.

Mitch: But you promised when we left the Harbor Club.

Felicia: May I ask you something?

Mitch: What is it dear?

Felicia: Did you go to KBAY the other day?

Mitch: Of course I did.

Felicia: Did you go anywhere else?

Mitch: I stopped at the Center to get a bite to eat. Why do you ask?

Felicia: How's Sharlene doing?

Mitch: Where is this coming from? We had a nice evening tonight and now you wanna pick a fight.

Felicia: Well forgive me for not being in the mood, especially since you conveniently didn't tell me that you were with Sharlene at the Center.

AT THE HUDSONSblogentry-14971-0-11376200-1357441545_thblogentry-14971-0-89628800-1357441576_thblogentry-14971-0-51516200-1357441586_thblogentry-14971-0-99898700-1357441615_th

John and Gregory are on the living room couch...

Gregory: Lindsay and I patched things up.

John: I guess your making up session was the reason why you didn't show up to the Harbor Club. You're all smiles. It seems like she makes you happy.

Gregory: She does.

John: So you...still want to be with her despite your doubts?

Gregory: Seems like you're the one with reservations dad, and what happens between Lindsay and me is not your concern.

John: I'm your father, and your well being will always be my concern.

Sharlene comes to the top of the stairs and listens....

John: I'll be honest with you, son. I don't think she's right for you. She was evasive about Stacey, and goodness knows what else she's hiding from you.

Gregory: You're one to talk. Weren't you lying to mom when you were having an affair with Felicia?

Sharlene walks back into her bedroom a bit upset...and walks up to the mirror. Sharlene sees Janice again.

Janice: Hi sis.





John: That was a long time ago. Your mother and I have gotten past it. That's a different situation than yours and Lindsay's.

Gregory: Lindsay came clean. She told me everything.

John: I've been around the block a lot longer than you have. Girls like Lindsay don't volunteer the truth. They only come clean after they're caught. I don't know what her objective is, but don't think that your love is going to stop her from getting what she wants.

Gregory: Lindsay and I love each other, and I'm gonna continue to see her, no matter how you feel about it.

In the bedroom, Sharlene is talking to "Janice" in the mirror...

Janice: Felicia broke up your marriage all those years ago, didn't she?

Sharlene: Those are the key words...'years ago'. Meaning it's in the past.

Janice: Seems like it's still affecting my nephew. You know all I want is what's best for you. I want you to be happy.

Sharlene: You want Carl Hutchins.

Janice: I'm your big sister. I want to make sure that you're happy. I can take care of Felicia if you want. I can make your life better. All you have to do is let me out. There are things that have to be done.

Sharlene (covering her head): No! Stop it!

Downstairs, Sharlene grabs her coat...

John: Honey are you alright? Where are you going at this time of night?

Sharlene: I'll be right back.

Outside, a flustered Sharlene makes a call on her cell phone...

Sharlene: It's me. She's getting stronger. I don't know how much longer I can hold her off. Please call me when you get this.


Mitch and Felicia talk as Mitch's cell phone on the coffee table says he has a voicemail.

Mitch: Honey it's not that big a deal. You're overreacting.

Felicia: Oh my God. You think I'm blowing this out of proportion or something? You didn't tell me you were going to have lunch with Sharlene.

Mitch: I ran into her, and we just had a cup of coffee. I never planned to meet her. Wait a second, Rachel told you.

Felicia: So what Rachel told me, that's not the point. YOU didn't tell me.

Felicia walks toward the bedroom in disgust.

Mitch: Come on we're not gonna end our evening like this, are we? This wasn't the nightcap we talked about at the Club,

Felicia throws a blanket and a pillow at Mitch.

Felicia: There's your nightcap, and you can have it on the sofa. Sweet dreams!

Felicia slams the bedroom door...


Cass and Stacey are waiting for the prognosis on Nicole...

Stacey: Did you call Donna?

Cass: I get voicemail. I tried to give her a glass of water, and she couldn't even hold it. She just dropped it.

A doctor walks up to them...

Cass: What happened?

Doctor: Nicole had a stroke.

Cass: When can she come back home.

Doctor: We've notified a family member. I don't recommend she go home.

Stacey: Are you suggesting a hospice?

Doctor: I've studied her records, and her cancer has progressed. She just needs to made comfortable.

Cass: What are you saying doctor?

Doctor: She's got a few weeks left.




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Poor Stacy. I wonder now if that truth will come out knowing she does not have long.

Loved Felicia front burner today. I can kinda understand her reaction but I felt like felicia coem on now u ver reacting just a bit. So that was great tension for them and I love how the Sharle story is still unfolding. Are we done with the gala?

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  • Members

Poor Nicole.

Love the Mitch/Felicia scene. And great dialogue for them and for others.

Surprised at how judgmental John is.

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