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ANOTHER WORLD 107 The tension builds




The tension builds

Vickyblogentry-14971-0-71370900-1357684360_th is on her cell phone at the LOVE MANSION with Donnablogentry-14971-0-59260600-1357684346_th...

Vicky: Jake what are you talking about?

Jake: Bridget's not here. I don't have a good feeling about this.

Vicky: I'll be right there.

Donna: What's wrong?

Vicky: I'll tell you later. Don't go anywhere. I'll be back.

Vicky leaves and Donna looks at the gun in her purse.

Donna: There's something I have to do.



Rachel blogentry-14971-0-62102700-1357684385_thwalks downstairs to the foyer, with her coat on, and she has a flashback of her conversation earlier with Allen (episode 100)

Rachel: It’s time I paid Reginald Love a visit. He caused me to lose my company.

Rachel walks toward the door, but Cory blogentry-14971-0-40126500-1357684397_thcalls out for her from the living room doors.

Cory: Mom?

Rachel: Cory. You're up late.

Cory: And you're going OUT at this hour. Where?


Vicky arrives at the McKinnons and calls out for Jake...but no answer.


REGINALD'S SUITE - Reginald blogentry-14971-0-76642200-1357684439_thopens the door and Jake blogentry-14971-0-42797500-1357684460_thwalks in.

Jake: Where's my daughter?






Rachel: I just...feel like a walk on the grounds tonight.

Cory: Mom, it's cold, and it's almost twelve o'clock. Dad must be getting on your nerves.

Rachel: Son, with everything that's happened this week with Cory Publishing, and with Iris, I need to take a walk and clear my head.

Cory: I owe you an apology mom.

Rachel: What are you sorry about?

Cory: I know I've...given dad a hard time since he came back.

Rachel: He is very hurt by the way you've behaved toward him.

Cory: I don't mean to be like that. I just...I just gotta make sense of everything.

Rachel: Honey, your father has done questionable things in the past, as have I, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. He loves you and Elizabeth unconditionally, and that's what you need to hold on to.

Rachel pecks Cory on his cheek.

Rachel: I'll be right back.



Bridget blogentry-14971-0-47022500-1357684502_this there with one of Reginald's hired men.

Bridget: So you're not gonna let me call my parents?

Man: Nope.

Bridget: Why not?

Man: Sometimes the answer's just no.

Bridget: They're probably worried sick about me. Do you have kids?

Man: Is this an interview? Are you working on a school project or something?

Bridget: Well if I can't call my mom and dad, can I at least call my great-grandfather?

Man: Why do you want to call him?

Bridget: He's probably worried about me, too. They're gonna come looking for me you know.

Man: Oh I'm sure they will look, but will they find you? THAT'S the question.

Bridget: Well then since you're so confident that I'll never be found, can I at least call my great-grandfather.

Man: Sure go ahead.

Bridget dials Reginald's number under the man's watchful eye. Bridget tries to leave a message, but he snatches the phone from her.



Reginald: And why would I know where Bridget is?

Jake: Because unfortunately she likes you.

Reginald: Well Bridget is neither here, nor has she come here.

Jake: We came home from the Harbor Club and she was gone.

Reginald: Maybe she went out. She is eighteen now.

Vicky shows up.

Jake: You're awfully cavalier about this. You know something don't you?

Vicky: I thought I'd find you here. Grandfather you know something about where Bridget might be?

Reginald: Well both of the keystone parents are here. If you were any kind of mom and dad you would know where your daughter at this time of night. Bridget needs to be away from the both of you.

Vicky: Wow funny to hear you talk about parenting Reginald, especially after what you've done to my mother, Nicole, and Peter.

Reginald: Michele is dead because you both are unfit.

Vicky: Where's Bridget?

Reginald: IF I knew where Bridget was, do you think I'd tell you?

Jake: You're going down for kidnapping.

Reginald: You don't have any evidence Mr. Private Investigator.

Vicky notices a missed call on Reginald's cell phone on the table. She runs over and picks it up. Reginald tries to stop her, but Jake holds him back. Vicky calls the last number dialed...


Man: Yeah.

Bridget screams for help in the background.

Vicky: Bridget?

The man quickly hangs up.

Man: You shouldn't have done that.

The man pours chloroform on a cloth.

Bridget: No. Please...

The man goes to apply the cloth to Bridget, but suddenly he is knocked unconscious with a lamp post, and Bridget is shocked.

Bridget: Uncle Peter? How did you?

Peter blogentry-14971-0-58019300-1357684539_th: Don't ask. Just know I'm gonna get you back home.


Vicky: Oh my God. Where is my daughter?!

Reginald: I'm gonna be raising her from now on. You both are unfit.

Vicky: A jumpsuit is gonna fit you. Let's go to the police Jake.

Jake: If anything happens to my daughter, you're gonna pay...with your life!




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Whoo hoo, it's Peter! Holy crap, it's Peter! I can't believe it. I'm so glad we talked about him.

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