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ANOTHER WORLD 105 Reginald's life is spared




Reginald’s life is spared


Allen is strangling Reginald….

Allen: I bet you want someone to come save your life now huh? This is how my mother’s feeling…

Reginald tries to scream, but he cannot, as Allen squeezes harder. Meanwhile, Amanda bangs on the door.

Amanda: Reginald! It’s Amanda Cory! Open up!

Reginald tries to get her attention, but he is losing breath as Allen continues to choke him, suddenly two Bay City Police Officers kick the door in, and subdue Allen. Reginald coughs and quickly gets himself a glass of water.

Reginald: Take him away! He tried to kill me!

The officers slap handcuffs on Allen, who looks at Amanda with surprise, and they take him away.

Reginald: I’m filing assault charges.

Amanda: You’re lucky I got here when I did. After everything you’ve done, I should have let him finish the job.


Cass and Frankie walk in…

Cass: I have to admit, it’s weird for us to walk into a place together that I’m not going to stay. I always remembered us living and being together.

Frankie: We were married. We had a family. Those are the times I remember.

Cass: We went through a lot…before and after we were married. But we’re right here.

Frankie: I had a great time with you tonight.

Cass: So did I.

There’s an awkward silence…

Frankie: How’s uh…Nicole?

Cass: She’s hanging in there. Not too good actually.

Frankie: For what it’s worth I’m sorry to hear that. I hope things take a turn for the better for her. I admire the fact that you are giving her a second chance.

Cass: Right. Well I’m gonna get home.

Frankie: Okay. Uh...Cass?

Cass: What is it?

Frankie: Thank you.

Cass: Anytime.

After Cass leaves, Frankie’s house phone rings and she answers it

Frankie: Yes…I’ll accept the charges. (beat) Hi. I know what you’re calling about, and I haven’t forgotten.


Vicky is standing in front of Donna in the doorway (Donna has a loaded gun in her purse)…

Donna: What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the hospital with Kirkland?

Vicky: Kirkland’s gonna be fine. I wanted to come by and see how you were doing. You seemed very angry when you left the room.

Donna: I’m still angry about daddy having controlling interest in the Club.

Vicky: Why don’t we go in and talk about it…over some herbal tea. Come on.




Allen lies on the bed and Amanda walks up to the bars.

Allen (looking at the ceiling): You called the cops didn’t you?

Amanda: I was trying to protect you.

Allen: How can you do that to me?

Amanda: I knew you exactly where you were going when I couldn’t find you at the club. I had to stop you from making a huge mistake.

Allen: This had nothing to do with you. You should’ve stayed out of it.

Amanda: I love you, and so it has everything to do with me.

Allen gets up and faces Amanda at the bars…

Allen: This wasn’t your call.

Amanda (lowering her voice): I heard you threaten Reginald’s life more than once. What was I supposed to do? When you disappeared, I knew exactly where to find you…and there you were. Your hands were around Reginald’s throat.

Allen: I begged him to help Nicole, and he flat turned me down. He deserves to die.


Vicky and Donna are sipping tea...

Donna: I’m gonna go to the kitchen.

Vicky: I’ll help you.

Donna: I don’t need a baby sitter. What’s going on?

Vicky: Well Marley and I were concerned when you stormed out of her room. You were very angry.

Donna: That’s because Marley thinks that Tyrone and I were having an affair.

Vicky: What? Wherever would she get that idea?

Donna: Marley said she saw slides on Reginald’s computer.

Vicky: Are you having an affair with Tyrone?

Donna: Absolutely not! I would never do that to Marley or Tyrone.

Vicky: So you think Reginald had pictures taken to make it look like it.

Donna: What do you think Vicky? He has spent our whole lives trying to ruin them, and control them.

Vicky: But why would Reginald need to have a stash of pictures making it look like you and Tyrone were messing around?

Donna: Because he’s a sadistic, evil bastard. I wish Bridget would see that.

Vicky gets a phone call….

Vicky: Jake.

Jake: Vicky you gotta get home. Something’s wrong.

Vicky: What happened?

Jake: Bridget’s not here.

Vicky: Where could possibly be this at this time of night?

Jake: I don’t know, but this house is a mess. She didn’t leave here voluntarily.


A man is on the phone...with Reginald.

Reginald: Did you do it?

Man: Yes it’s all done. We’re on our way to.

Reginald: You just make sure my great granddaughter has everything she needs. I will join you both soon.

Bridget appears…

Bridget: Where are we going?

Man: To Paris.

Bridget: I wanna call my parents.

Man: I can’t let you do that.

Bridget: Why?

Man: Your great-grandfather would be very unhappy.

Bridget: He wouldn’t take me away from my family. Not grandpa Reginald. He would never do this.


Reginald hangs up his cell phone and Grant walks in.

Reginald: Grant Harrison.

Grant: I should beat the hell out of you for what you did to Kirkland!

Reginald: Oh Kirkland’s gonna be fine, and we have some important things to discuss.

Grant: Is it your departure, because Bay City isn’t big enough for the both of us.

Reginald: I’m gonna have Bay City under my thumb, and you, too.

Grant: What is that supposed to mean?

Reginald: It means that I am willing to make a sizable donation to your campaign.

Grant: Why would I take any of your money?

Reginald: Because my funding will all but assure your election as mayor.

Grant: And if I don’t win?

Reginald: Let’s just say you’ll be in a place where you’ll be wary of picking up the soap.




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so reggie took his own grand daughter. how much lower is he going to go. it keeps building up and yet unraveling i love it. great episode again i cant wait for the next one

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That's poignant. I couldn't make Reginald a one dimensional villain. All people have weaknesses, and I think in his own twisted way he loves Bridget...thanks Carl

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