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The drama continues!!


Mitch sips on his drink and Felicia sips on her club soda…

Felicia: This has turned out to be a great evening. I’m happy for Donna.

Mitch: As great as can be expected. Ready for a nightcap.

Felicia (smiling): Absolutely!

Mitch: I’ll get our coats.

Rachel walks up to Felicia…

Felicia: Rachel!

Rachel: How have you been?

They hug…

Rachel: It’s been a while.

Felicia: I know you’ve been busy with the Cory Publishing mess.

Rachel: I’m never too busy for my friends. You look so happy.

Felicia: I am. How are things with Carl?

Rachel: As well as can be expected. We’re dealing with Cory, and Iris poisoning his mind against Carl.

Felicia: She just doesn’t stop does she?

Rachel: No she doesn’t, but I will. Listen I saw Mitch the other day in the Center with Sharlene.

Felicia: Sharlene? What’s he doing with her?

Rachel: They looked like they were just having a chat. I saw her earlier and she seemed troubled.

Felicia: He said he was going to KBAY.

Rachel: Speaking of which, have you seen Donna?

Felicia: She…left with Tyrone.

HOSPITAL – Kirkland’s room

Jake, Vicky, Charlie, and Grant pay vigil to Kirkland

Vicky: Honey what happened?

Kirkland: I was robbed…outside the hotel.

Charlie: How did you get back to your room?

Kirkland: I must have stumbled back there, and I passed out when I got in.

Vicky: That’s it. You’re moving out of that hotel room and back to the house.

Jake: This was only a random act. I think Kirkland knows how to keep himself safe.

Grant: I agree. The area around the hotel is generally safe.

Vicky: I don’t care if it was Fort Knox…I want my son home! And first thing in the morning you’re checking out of that hotel and coming home.

Vicky walks out and Jake follows.

Kirkland: Charlie can you let me have some time alone with my dad?

Charlie: Are you gonna be alright?

Kirkland: I’ll be fine babe.

Charlie: I’m gonna go call my parents.

Charlie leaves Grant and Kirkland alone.

Kirkland: I lied to my mom and my girlfriend to protect you. It’s me and you now…

Grant: Son, did you see the person who did this?

Kirkland: Why dad? Are you afraid that they’ll incriminate you?

Grant: I would never have sent anyone to hurt you.

Kirkland: Are you really gonna stand there and lie? They came to my door asking for the folder with the information I had on you. When I refused they beat me up and took it.

Grant: I swear to you son, I didn’t send anyone to get the information from you.

Kirkland: Then who would’ve?

HOSPITAL – Marley’s room

Donna: YOU’RE the one we want to see. What happened Marley?

Marley: I think you know the answer to that Donna.

Tyrone: Are you feeling okay? You should’ve called me if you were feeling up to driving.

Marley: I saw it.

Donna: Saw what?

Marley: The little slideshow. You and my husband.

Tyrone: What….what are you talking about?

Marley: You think you can fool me? You two are having an affair.

Donna: You’ve gotta be kidding me. I would never do that to you Marley. And what slideshow.

Marley: I went to Reginald’s suite...to see if I could talk him into relinquishing his controlling interest in the Club.

Marley flashes back to walking up to Reginald’s suite. The maid has the door open because she left to get fresh linens. She calls out for Reginald, and realizes he’s not there. As she leaves, she notices Reginald’s laptop…and the pictures of Donna and Tyrone…and she runs out upset…


Marley: And you were both hugging in the Love Mansion…and one picture in the Center. And…and I remember seeing you hug in the mansion also. You two are having an affair.

Tyrone: You got to calm down Marley. We are NOT having an affair.

Donna: Reginald set this all up didn’t he?

Marley: Blame it on grandfather! It’s all his fault that you can’t control yourselves. Why would Reginald have pictures?

Donna (becoming angry): Because he wants to control our lives. THAT’S why he bought controlling interest in the Harbor Club; that’s why he passed you off as my sister; that’s why he took Nicole’s baby from her. He took Victoria away from us!

Tyrone and Marley become concerned…

Tyrone: Donna…what are you gonna do?

Donna: I’m…I’m going to cool off for a minute.

Tyrone: I’m staying with Marley.

Marley: No Tyrone, why don’t you go with her? You’re both hot in the pants anyway.

Donna walks outside the room and Tyrone stops her.

Tyrone: Donna?

Donna: I’m gonna put a stop to this madness.


Allen confronts Reginald

Reginald: I didn’t invite you here.

Allen: I don’t give a damn! You’re gonna help me.

Reginald: I’ve done enough for you. It’s time to stand on your own two feet.

Allen: No…you’re gonna help me help my mother.


HOSPITAL – Marley’s room

Tyrone is with Marley…

Marley: I’ve never seen Donna like that.

Tyrone: Me neither.

Marley: It’s almost as if she’s at the height of her anger.

Tyrone: It’s your grandfather. She’s tired of his games.

Marley: I’m surprised you didn’t go after her.

Tyrone: Do you really I am having an affair with your mother?

Marley: I believe that you didn’t sleep with her. I do believe you were confiding in her when we were having problems.

Tyrone: You know what I’m sorry about that.

Marley: I would tell you to come to me, but I wasn’t making it easy was I?

Tyrone: We got past that. We’re having a baby now, and you gotta take it easy.

Marley: Why would Reginald take pictures of you and my mother?

Tyrone: We could have lost our baby behind this.

Vicky walks in.

Marley: I’m concerned about Donna.

Vicky: Marley are you alright?

Marley: I’m fine.

Vicky: How’s the baby?

Marley: We’re fine. Where’s Jake?

Vicky: He’s calling to check on Bridget. You mentioned Donna. What’s going on with mom?

Marley: She left here in a fit of anger…over grandfather.

Vicky: She’s still steaming about him having controlling interest in the Harbor Club.

Tyrone: Legally she can still get control.

Vicky: He bought out all the other investors.

Tyrone: The Club and all its investments…if Reginald dies.

Marley and Vicky’s eyes widen.

Marley: Vicky you’ve gotta go after her.

Vicky: I’ll check the mansion.

Tyrone: You think Donna’s gonna try to kill him?

Jake walks in.

Jake: Hey everybody. Vicky…

Vicky: There’s no time. I’ve gotta go check on Donna.

Jake: Bridget isn’t answering her phone. She hasn’t returned any of my text messages.

Vicky: What the hell is going on tonight? You go home and check on Bridget. I’ll check on Donna.


Reginald: And why should I do that now? You all told me you didn’t want my help.

Allen: She’s giving up. She doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Reginald: If only you two had let me help her, then she wouldn’t be in this situation.

Allen: If you hadn’t locked her up and had her drugged out of her mind, she probably wouldn’t have cancer.

Reginald: I’ve tried to make amends for what happened, and all you did was turn your noses up. You were too good for my help…and now all of a sudden you need me.

Reginald turns and sends a text message…

Allen: You can call a specialist in here. Please I’m begging you. Please help my mother.

Reginald: What’s that song? Too much…too little…too LATE!

Allen suddenly grabs Reginald by the collar, shoves him against the wall, and puts his right hand around Reginald’s neck...

Allen (squeezing Reginald’s neck): How does it feel you cold hearted son of a bitch? I bet you want somebody to save your life right now huh.

Allen squeezes harder and Reginald starts coughing and grasping for air.

Allen: I should kill you right now. Everything you did to me, my mother, and the rest of the family. I’m sure they’ll thank me.

Suddenly, BANG BANG BANG on the door!

Amanda: REGINALD! Open the door it’s Amanda Cory! It’s important!

HOSPITAL – Kirkland’s room..Grant has just received a text message….

Grant (looking at his cell phone): He did this?

Kirkland: Who? Did they just text you or something?

Grant: Your great grandfather Reginald. He wants to meet with me.


Donna moves off the living room wall, opens up a safe, and takes out a gun. She flashes back to a conversation with Cass (in episode 97) ….

Cass: The laws state that the next of kin gets all of Reginald's estate...

Donna (interrupting): In case of his death.

Cass: That's probably the only way you're going to get control of the Harbor Club.

Everyone looks at each other, and all are silent and Cass breaks it.

Cass: Donna? What are you thinking about it?

Donna: Umm....Nothing. Just that the world will be a better place without daddy in it.

Cass: You shouldn't be talking like that.

Donna: It's the truth! He has been tormenting us from the beginning. He separated Marley and me from Victoria. He also separated Allen from Nicole, and is the cause of her cancer. Now he wants to control the Harbor Club. Don't you think he's done enough? SOMEBODY has to put a stop to it, and if it's me, then so be it.

Donna flashes back to the present, her eyes welled up with angry tears, sniffles, and starts loading the chambers on her gun…puts in her purse...closes the safe, and puts the portrait back over it. Donna walks to the front door, opens it, and Vicky appears.

Vicky: Donna…where are you going?



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What a great episode. i loved the intensity and the buildign up to what seems is going to be a who don it. i cant wait to see it play out.

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Wonderful chapter. I'm so glad Marley hasn't lost the baby yet. Good story movement with everyone. Reginald has great taste in music.

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