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All the guests at the Harbor Club are clapping at Donna’s announcement, and she looks around smiling, but her smile quickly turns to a frown when she locks eyes with Reginald, who is at the entrance giving his round of applause. Meanwhile, Allen notices the change of expression on Donna’s face. He looks back and also notices Reginald at the door. Allen flashes back to when Nicole said that she wanted to let go. Donna turns her attention back to the crows and smiles again. Amanda, who is sitting next to Allen, also notices that Allen sees Reginald…and she tries to distract him.

Amanda: Maybe we should leave.

Allen (turning to Amanda): You ready to go home?

Amanda: Yes.

Allen: It’s still early.

Amanda: I’m feeling tired.

Allen looks back at the entrance and notices that Reginald is gone.

Amanda: I want some alone time with my man.

Allen: You’re so sweet. I’ll get our coats.

Grant and Paulina walk in, are escorted to their table, and are served a glass of red wine each. Carl Hutchins walks up to them.

Carl: Paulina my dear.

Paulina: Carl hi.

Carl: Tell me that you didn’t come here with Grant.

Paulina: I did.

Carl: Is this a date or something?

Iris walks up to them, and she’s wearing the same dress as Paulina.

Iris: It is Carl. After everything Grant has done, she goes out on a date with him. Paulina’s always been desperate, especially when it comes to being a Cory. Oh, your dress looks better on me.

Paulina gets up and approaches Iris face to face.

Paulina: You could wear the most elegant dress and you’d still look like garbage you selfish, greedy bitch.

Tyrone approaches Donna…

Tyrone: Congratulations.

Donna: Thank you. What time’s Marley getting here? I haven’t seen her or Kirkland.

Tyrone: I was busy getting the charges dropped against Allen so I ran late. Marley was gonna meet me here. I don’t know what’s taking her so long.

Tyrone leaves Donna and runs into Allen.

Tyrone: You seen Marley?

Allen (hurriedly): No.

Tyrone answers his cell phone.

Tyrone: Montgomery. Oh no. I’ll be right there.

Donna runs up to Tyrone.

Donna: What’s wrong? Is it Marley?

Tyrone: She’s in the hospital. She was in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Vicky and Jake sit at their table.

Jake: I can’t get that image out of my head Vick.

Vicky: You really need to let it go. Stacey said she’s never been to LA, and you’ve never been there.

Jake: Maybe LA wasn’t the place I saw her.

Vicky: That’s because you didn’t see her at all.

Vicky answers her cell phone.

Vicky: Oh my God.

Jake: What is it?

Vicky: Kirkland’s in the hospital.




Paulina and Iris face off

Iris: You are so jealous. You want everything that I’ve got. You’ve been trying for so many to make yourself belong with the Corys and anyone with money, but you never will.

Paulina (smiles): Oh you may have gotten control of Cory Publishing, but I somehow think your house of cards is gonna come crashing to the ground, and when you’re down, I’m gonna be there kicking you.

Iris: My daddy’s company is where it belongs, and nobody is going to take it from me. You might go out with people like Grant, but you’re always gonna be trailer park trash.

Paulina takes her glass of red wine and splashes it on Iris.

Iris: You ruined my dress you bitch!

Paulina: Now it’s as ugly as you are.

Carl smiles but steps between them.

Carl: Alright that’s enough ladies.

Grant (to Paulina): I gotta get to the hospital. Kirkland’s been hurt.

Paulina: I’m coming with you.


Jake and Vicky arrive and Charlie approaches them.

Charlie: Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon.

Jake: What happened?

Vicky: Were you with Kirkland?

Charlie: He was supposed to pick me up, but I went to his hotel room and I found him unconscious. Looks like somebody beat him up.

Grant arrives with Paulina, and Jake approaches Grant.

Jake: I ought to beat the hell out of you. Come on Grant. All this for a mayor’s seat. Your own son?

Grant: What happened to Kirkland?

Vicky: Charlie found him beaten in his hotel room. Did you have something to do with this?

Grant: Of course not. I would never do this to my son!

Jake: You’re capable of anything when it comes to politics.

Vicky: If you had something to do with this, I will make you pay. What room is he in Charlie?

Charlie: Over here.

Charlie directs Vicky, Jake, Grant and Paulina to Kirkland’s room. Meanwhile, Marley is resting in her room, and Tyrone and Donna arrive.

Marley: I’m glad you two got here. Just the people I wanna see.


Amanda runs into Rachel.

Rachel: Amanda honey what’s going on?

Amanda: Have you seen Allen? He went to get our coats about twenty minutes ago.

Rachel: Maybe he just went to the bathroom.

Amanda: Oh my God. I gotta stop him.


Reginald walks in and notices something…

Reginald: Someone’s been in here.

Reginald calls the front desk with his back to the open door.

Reginald: Who the hell has been in my room? I don’t give a damn WHO was cleaning! Don’t you know I could buy this damn hotel and have you fired!

Reginald notices his laptop with the slideshow of the pictures of Tyrone and Donna. He then looks at the dossier on Grant, and he picks up his cell phone.

Reginald: Time for me to make some calls.

Allen arrives and slams the door.

Allen: Put that damn phone down!



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Action-packed episode! Good story movement, great range of characters. The Paulina/Iris scenes were sublime.

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